Friday, August 31, 2012

Ting Ting: Lost her life for three

It was supposed to be a joyous day.

I already had a headline for a new blog post and a Facebook status update in my head.

We knew Ting Ting would give birth earlier today.

Well she did.  To three beautiful puppies.

But she died instead.

When I reached her nest, she was soaked in blood and very much lifeless.

My dad was shocked as he just saw her breathing hard a few minutes ago.  She was still warm when I stroked her.

That's the third one this year.  And there's only so much I can take.

But what broke our hearts the most is her orphaned newborns.  They were sucking on their dead mother.

And when we took her away to be buried, they were hungry and cold, squirming here and there, crying and looking for their mom.

There's little chance for them to make it without their mom's milk and care.

Hence, we made a pact to make sure they make it, whether if it's only going to be for a day, a week, a month, or another 10 years.

We moved the pups to a new nest next to my room, so we can attend to them all the time.

We kept a warm bottle nearby so that they still can get warmth, minus the fur and tender loving care of a mother.  They would try to suck on it, thinking it's mom.

And as you can see, we have another one that looks like her first pup, Wan Wan and Ting Ting herself.

For now, we call him Wan Wan Number 2.

Now that Ting Ting is gone, we have to assume her role as mother.

And that means feeding them round the clock.

And making them poo and pee.  Yes, they can't go on their own for the first one to two weeks without the mother licking their genitals and butts.

I foresee a chaotic two weeks, plus the fear of losing them any time now.  It's going to be a lot of hardwork, but we're doing this for Ting Ting.  If she had to die to give life for these three pups, then we're gonna be damn sure to make that happen.

We ruled out her death was caused by excessive bleeding, probably from uterine rupture or early placental placement.  Well, that's what Google tells me anyway.  In her last whelping, her puppies didn't make it.  We did think of spaying her afterwards, but then we thought that maybe we should give her another try before spaying her for real.  Alas, when her puppies did make it, she herself couldn't.

She was still pregnant with another puppy when we buried her, so we'd like to think that in all our sorrow of losing one of our smartest, least problematic dog, we were still blessed to have three more, and so far they have survived for almost 12 hours and hopefully, counting.

Losing a dog makes me think of not getting any more dogs, 'coz they're just going to die earlier than you and take a piece of you away. :(

Rest in peace, Ting.  We'll take good care of your pups.  And we promise to bathe Wan Wan more often.


Calista Leah Liew said...

I am so upset reading your blog.. I know how it feels to lose a pet, n to go through it 3 times, it must be killing you inside.. It's gonna be a lot of hard work taking care of those pups, but i hope with all my heart they make it.. They're gonna bring so much joy to soften the blow of Ting Ting's death.. May she rest in peace.. She'll be remembered fondly, and immortalised in the cyber world.. *hugs*

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Calista Leah Liew: Yeah, we owe it to her. Thanks a lot :')

- XaXa - said...

Rest in peace TingTing..
condolences to u. i hope the pups will survive and bring 3times joy to u and family.

oh gosh, i actually cried reading ur post! i know exactly how u feel to lsoe a pet. when my cat Kiddy (and bulat, and dubuk: named because of her similarity to hyena), i couldnt even have the strength to buried them. and my mom had to do it, in tears!

be strong! and be stong pupss!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Xaxa: Thanks a lot dear. And sorry for your loss too :(. It's day two, and they're still kicking and alive :)

mary said...

Hey there... I shed a tear reading your post. I am so sorry for your lost. The pups and your other pets are so lucky, blessed to have you and your family in their life. I love what you are doing. God bless you.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Mary: Thanks dear. It means a lot to me :)

SuicideCandy said...

It's sad when you lose your pet. I felt the same way when I lost mine. Like you said, all dogs goes to heaven. So RIP Ting ting.

I'm sure that the pups will survive and bring happiness to you.