Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Greatest Love After Your Parents...Are From Your Dogs


I know I'm getting imaginary high-fives now from all dog lovers, and well, I'm sure cat owners get as much love from their feline friends.  BUT DOGS JUST RULE MORE! Hah, I just had to say that.  Sorry cat lovers.

Besides being fiercely loyal, dogs will just love you forever, whether you're rich or poor, and regardless of who you are.  They will always think that you are the best person in the world, even though you are just plain horrible to humans.

Everyday, I'm inundated by affection from my dogs.  Their eyes just lit up every time they see me.  Heck, even my loved ones' eyes don't lit up when they see me.  Puny humans.  But my babies? All the time.

And with 10 dogs, I'm not so sure if you can imagine how it'd be when they decide to show their love ALTOGETHER at once.

When they were cute little munchkins, they were just fucking adorable with their little kisses.


I think I smelled like a dog for about a week after the little TLC incident.  But just like that, all stress and worries were gone.  Such are the mighty powers of canines.

So if you're feeling a little blue and lonely and loveless, get a dog.  They will worship the ground you walk.  After they poop and pee all over it though.  But of course, you gotta love them back.  They will love you more anyway.

More adorable photos before this shot here!

On a side note by the way, if you follow my blog closely you'd know that I have 11 dogs, but I mentioned 10 earlier.  I'm sad to announce that one of them got hit by a car recently, just like little Gabby.

He was my dad's favourite, and Toby's brother/partner in crime.

Rest in peace, Cody.

Now there'll be two wagging tails waiting for me at St. Peter's gate.


Miss Cookie Cream said...

I have 3 at home and the best is when all of them just come to you even after you have left them all alone. Agreed totally, they give the greatest love :) Loving them

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Miss Cookie Cream: They just shower you with infinite love, don't they!

Miss Cookie Cream said...

They so do :)

SuicideCandy said...

Yay! to all dog lovers. Only dogs can love you unconditionally.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Cynta: High five!