Monday, August 27, 2012

School Crap: Let's Talk About Sex?

For those who keep saying that being a teacher is easy, fuck you.

You don't have to deal with sexually active, baby-aborting, pregnant teenage pub girls.

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Which now begs the question, what is the role of the class teacher here?

One, do we confront and advice them? In which they'd definitely don't give a shit 'coz sex is awesome, abortion is not murder and working at a pub brings in a lot of dough.

Two, do we tell the higher authorities and parents? In which was done a gazillion times, and motivational camps ain't gonna cut it.

Or three, do we just ignore the issue? As they are pretty incorrigible.  Plus, their parents probably don't give a shit either, so why should we?

I'd like to do option 3 so bad it hurts, but I know there'd be foetus blood on my hands should anything happen.  Yeah, the years of conditioning towards being a role model when studying in a teacher training college actually worked, those mind game playing bastards.

Some advised that I do option number 2.  But then again, I feel like it would amount to nothing.  They'd probably just tell me to let their parents handle them.  And look where their kids at.  Not passing any judgment though.

Then there's option numero uno.  Ugh, do I have to? I'm too young to be a mom and talk about the birds and the bees.  It's not like they're gonna stop humping anyway.  Unless I show them grotesque videos of abortions and pictures of rotting vaginas.  Hm, now that's a thought to consider.

Oh yeah, being a teacher is a damn breeze.

So, what would you do?


Armstrong said...

If I were a teacher... I'd do option three as well. But only to a certain point. I'll focus on the students that are close to me, or should I say, that sees me as a friend / teacher. And give them advice instead of giving advice to all the students that I teach. One can only manage a number of students.

Like one of my teachers, although he doesn't talk about sex and stuff. but he shared his life experiences so that I can be grateful or all the things I have. And that worked on me. :) Not 100% la but I absorbed all the advice that I think is good and exclude the ones that doesn't suit me. Hehee.

Happy Tuesday, Amanda!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Armstrong: Haha. Is that so. Well, I'm not close with these problematic kids, so yeah. Happy tuesday to u too! :D

CJY said...

Problem with kids nowadays is that they don't think. When something bad happens, they panic and cry then come up with ridiculous decisions.
Tell them to do it "safely"? Since we can't stop them from humping, we can still stop the babies from popping out.

*The "grotesque videos of abortions and pictures of rotting vaginas" idea might actually work.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@CJY: Yeah, that's what I thought. Like, lay them out the choices for protection. But if other teachers know that i am 'promoting' sex then im dead. but what u gonna do, right? man, i cant brng myself to google 'vaginas eaten by cancer' :/

NC said...

3 words:

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Nc: Right? :/