Thursday, August 23, 2012

Parenting Fail of the Day: Teacher cuts pupil's hair, mum files police report

While doing unproductive things on Facebook today, I stumbled upon a link which outraged the teacher inside me:

Quit squinting your eyes, just click here.
There are so many wrongs in this report that I just can't let a day go by before running my mouth about it.

I am a teacher and I take offence on behalf on the 'reported' teacher.  Bad Hair Cut Kid Momma might just "lodge a report" (I'm air-quoting it) for defaming her, but hey, she and other dumb parents need to get a reality check.  

"The mother, Madam Serene Ong, is outraged that the teacher did this just before a crucial exam, that it was done without her knowledge - and that it ruined the boy's $60 haircut."

What I'm totally reading here is that she is more concerned on wasting $60 on an impermissible haircut.

  "She claimed the teacher - Ms Belinda Cheng of Unity Primary - also threatened to deduct marks from the boy's exam if he refused to have his hair cut."

Hell I'd do that too! What if the kid decides to appear for an exam wearing a $200 skinny hipster jeans that was bought by his momma?  Should he be allowed to take the test?  I can already imagine the headline - "Pupil in hipster jeans denied exam, mum files police report."

"But, she said, Primary 6 pupils had been warned before about sporting long hair, and Ms Cheng had the right intentions.  The teacher cut the boys' hair as she wanted them to look neat," said Mrs Gill.

THE KID HAD BEEN WARNED.  THE KID HAD BEEN FUCKING WARNED. DAFUQ IS WRONG WITH PARENTS THESE DAYS? And you see, teachers are the one who gives a fuck on the appearance of their students.

"But Madam Ong said the teacher apologised to her and the three pupils yesterday."

Okay, so from now on, I will apologise to all the kids I demerit and punished for their wrongdoings because that's the way it should be.  Teachers should feel sorry for trying to educate kids and instill values in them.  Right, parents? RIGHT?

"He was crying, and told her that Ms Cheng, who is one of his form teachers, had cut his fringe and sideburns."

Well colour me surprise! I'm thinking of a word that rhymes with 'rat'.

"The teacher had no right to cut his hair," said Madam Ong."

Yeah, and the kid had EVERY right to go to school with long sideburns and fringes.  He has every right to break the school rules, no?

"She showed me no respect by not telling me that she was going to cut his hair beforehand," she said.  "Worse, she threatened to deduct his oral marks if he didn't agree to let her cut his hair.  It was an hour before his PSLE oral exam.  What if it had affected his performance?"

Well, what was Ms Cheng supposed to do?  Call her and say, "Hey, your kid badly needs a haircut, you think you can bring him to the hairdresser? By the way, his test starts an hour from now."  "What if it had affected his performance?" GOD. People just do not know about the consequences of their actions, do they? I need to suggest this to the Ministry of Education to create a new subject in school named Education of Action Consequences.

"She said she was so upset she made a police report and complained to the Ministry of Education that night."

For what crime?  Ugh, drama queen much?

"She said Ryan did not dare to step out of the house for two days "because he thought he looked funny."

Guess Momma didn't tell him that nobody gives a fuck 'coz he's only 12.

"Ms Cheng, she added, had also wasted the $60 she had spent on Ryan's hair just five days before the incident.  He has been going to a hairstylist at Reds Hairdressing for several years.  Madam Ong spent another $60 getting his hair restyled on Saturday."

Again, money seems to be the main problem here.  And hey, clever advertising there - hoping for a sponsor, maybe?

"She said the ministry told her to "forgive the teacher" and the police said she could seek legal advice."

NO! How can she ever forgive the teacher?! It's a $60 hair cut for crissake!  And it was a smart move for the cops, passing the dumb problem to someone else.

"Several principals contacted said the students sporting unkempt hair is a common problem they face.  But they felt Ms Cheng's approach of just chopping it off was outdated.  Doing this is like going back hundreds of years."

Ever wonder why kids these days are way horrible than before? We who were brought up under the 'outdated' iron fist regime turn out to be just fine.  But I guess this logic fails them.

Dear overprotective parents, please your brain sometimes.  Schools have rules and your kids are subject to the rules.  They break it, they face the consequences.  Unless your kids went blind or crippled because of batshit crazy teachers, then yes, you can lodge a report and sue their asses off.  I will even start an online petition for you to get those teachers sacked and the school demolished.  But if you and your kid can't follow the rules, by all means, homeschool them.  Don't blame the institution and the teachers who WANT to educate your kid.

So, any Bad Hair Cut Kid Momma supporters here?  Let me know why she's not crazy to lodge a police report, 'coz I just can't brain this.


kei-1 said...

I guess I should be glad that my students/their parents aren't this bitchy coz I've been causing uncountable number of kids getting a buzzcut hair, and physical torture as a hobby in my hostel.

A.G.P said...

It pissed me off! So pity the teacher...I guess people needs to re-think their statement that teacher's job is EASY since our country is flooded with ridiculous parents that are hard to handle!

chegu carol said...

What nonsense!

I blame the disciplinary policy we have in school. Do you know that teachers cannot simply cut students' hair? We have to go through certain procedures yada yada...Im tired of that you know. Banyak kali sudah budak panjang rambut we warned, warned and warned up to giving out letters to parents but with no avail. Kalau ikut hati, saya mau gunting saja tu rambut dorang. At least I did a favor to have their hair cut FOC especially those who couldn't afford a trip to the hair salon.

Kin panas ni.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@K: Hah! Well, just be careful, some day a brat might get into ur school. I don't wanna see u end up in the papers. But then again, wouldn't it be fun? :D

A.G.P.: So true! Parents are one of the causes of horrible students nowadays.

Carol: Betul ba ada policy yg memang cannot cut students' hair? Tu la, u warn no matter how many times pun teda guna. Why not just do it the easy way kan. Sdh la kena provide service FOC, bertabiat lagi parents. ish!

Anonymous said...

"She said Ryan did not dare to step out of the house for two days "because he thought he looked funny."...he looked funny and not dare to step outside the house, but he let the cameramen to take his picture n post it to a newspaper for everybody to see how funny is the haircut..stupid mum n son!!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Anon: Haha...true! Three photos some more, with no censor!

CJY said...

60 bucks get that kind of haircut and another 60 for restyling ah? I call any macha cut for me also look better weyh.
Back then students where got the guts to say no to teachers one? All afraid of the cane. Now cannot whack anymore, all start to climb onto teachers' heads and take a shit. Parents give support somemore. Aih.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

CJY: Yeah, ridonk, no? I wish we could go back to the 70s. Like, seriously.

Zen said...

I blame society. I blame the parents.

We're teaching ourselves (and our kids) to be vain. I mean, how vain is giving your kid a $60 haircut? And which hairstylist, in the right mind, would settle with a school-regulations compliant masterpiece when giving their clients a $60-worth haircut?

the committee in my school has recently proposed that the parents will be trimming their children's hair, personally.

hmmm, i think it might be a good idea to let the parents come to school and punish their own kids. or not....

p/s: i think the mom should file a complaint to the hairstylist. for $60, it still looks like shit.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Zen: Absolutely true. In my school, we just shave the kids' head. Not that they care anyway. They'll just grow it out again and wait for their next free appointment. Superflawed system. Anyway, yeah. The main problem here is actually the $60 haircut. Sue that bitch up Mdm Ong!

Santafire said...

that momma should home school her kid and he can keep his sideburns.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Santafire: Ha! Nice one.