Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nur Feetri: Is the world bullying her or doing her a favour?

First of all, I apologise for the lack of post updates ('coz I think you'd really care).  A huge tree fell on our phone line causing us to be Internet-free for five fucking days.  Oh the painful, silent, void!  But we're back on now, hallelujah.

Being cut off from the world wide web for five excruciating days, I've missed out on a lot of awesome new videos, memes and parodies.

And speaking of parodies, a young girl, Nur Feetri has gone mad viral due to a video of her whining about her sore eyes while making weird facial expressions.

If you've been living in a cave, or a tree has fallen on your phone line too, then this is what you have missed:

Have you doused your eyes with cyanide and microwaved your brain to remove the image that you just watched? Good.  Let's move on.

Now, when the Internet approves of a video, which is always because it is really, really good, or really, really bad, it will go viral.  The citizens of the net unite for a cause, whether to express awe or distaste.

And when a video gets viral, you have parodies. 

Now, while half of the world is making fun of this girl, there are law-abiding, holier-than-thou people who defend the action of this girl.  I can't fathom why on earth would you condone the act of this girl with facial spasm, but some say that what we're doing is called cyber-bullying.

Or is it?

Is the world a big bully of self-expression or just doing her a favour to stop her from monkeying around? (yes, pun intended).

First of all, kids should know that the Internet can be the best place on earth, or it can be hell on earth.

It depends on what you do with it.  If they don't know this, parents should educate them on the pros and cons of the Internet, before allowing their kids to post photos of their under-developed boobs or dumb whiny videos.

Secondly, kids and basically everyone should be responsible for their actions, and be prepared to face any consequences from their actions.  This is what I always tell my kids.  That whatever they do, no matter how tiny it is, will have its effect, if not now, someday.

Thus, this girl should be prepared to face the consequences of her actions.  If she expected 1000 'likes' for her cutesy literally eye-soring video, than she should be prepared to face her eye-sored tormentors.

I don't condone the death threats thrown at her, but I do think she should know that the world doesn't revolve around her, and this can be a great lesson for her to be very careful on what she posts on the Internet next time.  She is a very young girl, and how would you feel as a parent if you see your kid posts dumb video of themselves, when you know that netizens can be really mean and that what you post online can never be unposted.  I would've banned my kid from using the Internet until she turns 40. 

Therefore, all the torments, the parodies and the memes rained on this very unfortunate and naive girl should serve as a valuable lesson for her and every expressive tween and teen out there who aren't aware of the consequences of posting stuff on the Internet.

I'm all about freedom of expression, but freedom has a price - there are lots of mean people who want to get you, so you better be strong enough to defend your expression.

But one thing's for sure - The Internet has spoken.  She has unintentionally attained one of the greatest achievement to obtain in the Internet.

She became a meme. 

So, what's your say? 


Caroline Lim said...

Haha..pemes truss!!

Shamimi Haniza said...

Yeah, they really need to THINK before upload or write anyting on the net. My school pun ad kes, fb punya pasal msk dlm assembly isnin n kecoh satu skolah. Huhu

chegu carol said...

i feel sorry for her but she has to bit her tongue and deal with it. kotoh! after all, this gonna be something to smile about when she's old enough to realize the stupidity she'd done when she was young...after all, there's the saying if you don't do stupid things when you're young, you'll have nothing to smile about when you are old. :P

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Chee: Ya ba!

@Mimi: Haha. I think that happened in my school too. Kids these days not only buat hal di school but online.

@Carol: Ya, totally true! For now she just have to suck it up. And just enjoy her fame while it lasts :D