Wednesday, August 15, 2012

5 Perks of Being A Teacher Even Though You Hate It

Okay, I never said I hate being a teacher, but I do know that I complain a lot.  Because seriously, there are just so many things to complain about being a teacher, one would think I fucking hate my job.

And that sometimes I forget to smell the roses while stepping on its thorns.  

Cheesy metaphor aside, I've been told countless times on how lucky I am to be a teacher.  When they lay out all the benefits at me, I feel like strangling them.  They just have no idea.  

I admit there are benefits, but since being a teacher is a hard-ass job, I'd rather call them 'consolations'.

But since I'm in such a good mood today (in which I'm sure all teachers in Malaysia know why), I'm ready to  commit to the fact that yes, being a teacher does have its perks! 

Here are the 5 Perks of Being A Teacher Even Though You Hate It which will make you non-teachers jello and hate me more, and for teachers to count their blessings when they have a retarded day:

1. Long holidays

We're off on weekends, so that means we can party on Friday nights, and we have two mid-term one-week long hols, one two-week long break in May, and a one-and-a-half-month long holidays at the end of the year.  That should be the only reason to suck all crappy things up.

2. 6-hour working time

We work on average 6 hours per day.  That means we can sleep in during the second or first half of the day.   Super sweet.

3. Side income opportunities

With that being said, if we choose not to be a Snorlax, we can generate extra income by giving tuitions, writing other people's thesis or strip teasing.  Not that I know anyone doing the last one.  But just basically anything.  Being in school too allows us to have a network with our colleagues.  Therefore promoting Thailand Milk Barley Rice Whatever Shit Beauty Miracle bar soaps would be so much easier, and multi-level marketing ripping-off scheme would work well on desperate-for-wealth-fast individuals.

4.  Variety

Being a teacher is everything but mundane.  The levels of self-fulfilment (when the objectives of our lessons are achieved) are different everyday, and so are the horrific battles.  We face hundreds of different individuals everyday, with different needs, motivations, problems and a bunch of other crap.  We don't necessarily stay in school forever; we're bound to be assigned "outstation" jobs outside of school.  Beats working in a cubicle a hundred times.

5. Mating material

Once a upon a time, people look down on teachers because they are paid so badly and just the thought of marrying one makes one cringes.  However, today, we become highly sought after due to Point 1, 2 and 3.  We can spend more time with our family, but mostly 'coz we can make a fucking sandwich for male chauvinists who marry us, all the time.  And wives of teachers can always keep an eye on them. And I mean ALWAYS.  So, being a teacher does make one a little hotter as a marrying material.

But of course, I can counter all the perks I mentioned above because I can be very pessimistic sometimes, but since today is a great day for all teachers, I shall let that pass.

Why is it a great day today?  Because we only work for 3 days this week as the Raya holidays loom.  More reasons to celebrate!

Now that I have successfully make you wanna strangle me, I'd like to wish all Muslim friends and readers a happy Raya celebration, and to all teachers, a happy fucking holiday :D

P/s: Am I missing any perks here? Add on!


Dora said...

We are lucky to have to go for school based experience before raya.. others got a whole week of school and I got 3 days only xD

Happy Holiday! :D

Sporadic Blogger said...

LOL really good one,the last one is so true as im a victim to being the marriage material especially in the Indian community....

Anonymous said...

wa amanda, perks 1,2 and 3 tak apply on teachers who teaches in SBP... waaaa (sedih)

Azhar Khan

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Dora: Really? Awesome!

@Sporadic Blogger: Hahaha...Hot stuff aye? :D

@Azhar: Haha...I know. What to do la azhar!

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