Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Merdeka 2012 Logo: Masterpiece

I'm sure most people especially netizens have seen our 2012 Merdeka logo.

I don't know what's the fuss about, but I think it is indeed a masterpiece.

Look at how intricate the design is.  It moved me to tears seeing how beautiful, and haunting this logo is.

Even the meanings of each logo was poignantly written.

Phrases like "kedaulatan dipertahankan".  'M' for "maju" and "makmur" 'coz we can afford the taxes imposed on us on cars that are cheaper overseas, and that we have never tried to kill each other.  "Janji Ditepati" for all the promises made (I'm positively sure that my kids will get the 1Malaysia Netbook during the second phase which was promised a month after the first batch got theirs.  Anytime now.)  The usage of the 1Malaysia logo that we will never get sick of because it's just fucking genius, and of course, hey, a new vocabulary is coined: Erdeka.  Bahasa Melayu teachers, please take note on this.

Just reading what these mystical symbols mean - I was like, immediately, the independence spirit of the Federation of Malaya reverberates within my soul.

I cannot imagine the amount of blood, sweat and tears poured to create this brilliant work of art.  The tutorial video below will.  Blow.  Your.  Mind.

And of course, with all great things, come great memes.

So, how would you describe the genius that is the Merdeka logo in just one word? :D


Birthmark said...


Yes. An insult to insults. Not only to us creatives and design professionals, but to the whole of Malaysia, and its people in general.

I'm surprised the designer, if any, would even dare to submit this to whoever that approved it.

Don't even get me started on his writer-partner that goreng out the creative rationale.

I wonder how fucking much they had smoked.

Most importantly, how much of the taxpayers' money had gone into designing this? Facebook 1Malaysia cost 1.8 mil. This? 180K, maybe. Ceiling price.

And wrong. This was not done in Photoshop. I bet it was Microsoft Words.

Yes. I'm angry. 'cause this tapped 2 of my spots - a taxpaying creative.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Birthmark: According to some source, it was done by a 3 month newbie on the job. But yeah, seriously. it's fugly and it costs a lot of money. Bet someone would step up and deny the fact that tax payers' money is used to pay the newbie. And uhuh, definitely Microsoft Word. To say he/she uses Photoshop is giving too much credit.

Birthmark said...

Seriouly lah... aiyo... fangry...

3-month newbie is not an excuse to produce shitty works. I've seen fresh grads/interns' work that can move mountain!

Unless 3 months in totality of handling Microsoft Words. Then I seriously will judge how they can even manage the country well...

Oh! I forgot. They can't.

moses said...

a work of a retard?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Birthmark: Hahaha...u know, maybe this work costed peanuts, (coz u know, santa's been really generous), hence the crappy job. he/she prolly got paid with one teh tarik and roti canai only.

@moses: Nice!

Caroline Lim said...

Mati la jugaaa!! Janji ditepati.. teda pun bunyi2 patriotik!

Joan said...

Janji Ditepati is nothing but a political propaganda. The days of true patriotism is long gone. My fave hari kebangsaan motto was " Jatidiri pengerak wawasan " - that sounded more patriotic than those Najib sounding motto.

Sa paling suka tu logo yang paling last yang ada rambut Rosmah Mansur tu. hahahaha.. extreme LOL!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Chee: hahaha...janji merdeka sdh ba tu...

@Joan: ya more lagi yg patriotik catchphrase, more like blackmailing punya ni. btw, yeah, it could've been worse - rosmah's hair! oh noes!

Zen said...

dude, i hate to imagine what it would be like in a school level celebration.

i also feel sorry for those who actually buy into this crap.
this is malaysia not BNation.

i swear this is getting worse and worse every year.

dont they ever think of the kids?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Zen: Nah, they only think of themselves. Fuck the next generation. Like, fuck that Sabah will be full of PTIs in 10 years time as well.