Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dr Melinda Tong, Dermatologist: The Third Appointment

Earlier this week, I went for my third appointment with Skin Goddess Dr Melinda, after 6 weeks, since my second appointment.

This time, I sat near the door to the calling room and pricked my ears so that I won't mistakenly cut other people's line.

After waiting for about 15 minutes, I was called in.

She gushed on what a superstar I was (can't quite tell whether she's referring to me as a person, or was talking to my skin), as my skin has greatly improved.

Therefore, she prescribed me more of the Acnotin, but with alternate day doses, compared to daily ones.

And that was it.  I didn't have any questions for her, so the RM50 consultation lasted for about 2 minutes.  Damn.  But I did ask her on how long more should I be on the baby-malforming medicine, and what she answered bummed me.  I have to continue medication, albeit in lesser doses, say once a week, to probably once a month.  She added that I should just inform her if I decided to get knocked up (not her words exactly) so she can stop the medication.

Not exactly the coolest thing to hear, but if the medicine keeps me from looking like a troll, I guess that's the price I have to pay.

Looking at my weekly progress photos, I do think that it's probably all worth it.  What say you?

God, sorry you had to see this.  See how much difference makeup can do?

SUPER CLEAR FACE (minus the bloated, hung over face from awesome party the night before)

I'm so in love with my skin now that I even considered of not wearing any foundation to work, but I figured that it would be suicidal not to.  Kids can be tactless.

My next appointment will be in 2 months, so we'll see how miraculous this treatment is.

I do noticed that late night partying WILL make a pimple or two pop up, so to NOT ever have any acne ever again is quite impossible.  Unless I stop partying.  Which would be unheard of.

So for now, there won't be any emo post about how I hate my pimples 'coz I am officially pimple free. :D


room8five said...

Congrats! haha pimple free siok oh :D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Daniel: SANGAT!

memeljoan said...

memang nampak difference ooo...congrats!hehe

TaQuiLa said...

woweeeee..can see lots of different suda~!

cuba ko tanya tu dr, ada ka cream mo kasi tutup2 tu lubang2. i got mine ba quite a lot.. -.-

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@memeljoan: hehe..thanks!

@Sheila: oh ya kan, patut sy tny ba tu. my forehead pun menggurutu ni. nanti next appointment la i ask :D

Anonymous said...

Hey there Amanda! I have this scar problem due to mosquito bites & allergic. I'm thinking of laser treatment. Does Dr. Melinda clinic have that kind of service? BTW, your skin really improves a lot.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Hey there! Yes she does do laser

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply! Do you possibly know how much it cost for laser?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Yeahh..i don't.haha. But could be up to 1k or more..