Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Real Age Test Part 2

You should know by now that I am a vain creature.

I'd rather drop RM1K on beauty purposes than get a goddamn smart phone, and I'm becoming a fitness freak when I hated sports when in school.  I prefer the term 'fitness awareness'.

And now that I'm turning 26, I'm obsessed on looking the same as I was when I turned 18.  Okay, 21.  Once I get my acne problem fixed, I will probably drop another grand to find the elixir of youth.  I already did start on microdermabrasions which supposedly can erase wrinkles earlier last year (but stopped because of the acne treatment), so yeah, call me Snow White's Evil Queen 'coz I really am that cray cray.

And like the super MILF Evil Queen who keeps checking on her freaky mirror to find out who's the fairest, I took the Real Age Test again.  Only realising I just did it last year.

Aaaand guess what?

BOOYAH! I don't have to eat some bitch's heart!  (Seriously, go watch Snow White and The Huntsman already.)

The last year when I took the test, it also said that I was 7 years younger.

These were some of the positive comments:

I used to hate exercise, but since I noticed I was getting jiggly here and there and my thunder thighs scares scrawny men, and that this hot body has to stay hot till I'm a fucking grandma, I decided to hit the gym twice a week, and now, an added cardio routine with Zumba, also twice a week.  Also, there's a new obsession mini goal to gain sexy washboard abs.  Will post a million photos of it once goal is achieved.

Okay, actually I just ticked the box 'daily' for the question on how often I eat my veges.  Yet this site is so proud of me.  Daily, but not as much as meat...And that's where the negative comments come.

I'd like to tell whoever made that...

I love meat.  So never.  I'll eat a whole garden of veges but I don't think I will be able to substitute it with fake soya meat, EVER.  Probably only when I'm dying.  But for now, hell no.

There's a story behind this habit.  I used to eat like a tortoise when I was a kid.  It annoyed the hell out of my parents.  So I decided to prove them wrong.  Now I eat with the speed of a bullet train.  It's embarrassing sometimes, to be the first to finish my meal during gatherings or formal dining.  Unless the food is really shitty.

Somehow according to Brazilian logic (yes, the site is Brazilian), eating three times a day is not good.  But whatevs.  I don't snack in between meals, so I'd like to believe I'm living a healthy lifestyle.

In conclusion, I'm happy that I am still 7 years younger than my actual age and I'd like it to stay that way forever.

Some people are blessed to have perfect skin and excellent health and fitness, but some people have to work hard for it. Obviously, I'm the latter.  What about you?

P/s: Please, please lock me up in a cage and throw the key away in the sea me when I become insane enough to consider plastic surgery and botox.  That's your duty as readers.  Thank you in advance.


SuicideCandy said...

LOL! I love this post. Agree that we must try hard to preserve beauty. Mau cantik smpi tua.

chegu carol said...

i eat meat on daily basis. no meat, no life. hahahaha

Amanda Christine Wong said...


Hehe. Gotta work hard for it :D


Oh kawanku!