Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bad Essay: Of Restaurant Complaints and Technology

From now on, the Bad Essays series will be a thing in this blog.

If I have to go through hell marking papers, I'd better make something out of it like oh I don't know, higher blog traffic?

For every English language exam, students have to write two essays.  The first section is called Direction Writing as students are provided with guidelines.  The second section is called Continuous Writing - where ideas are conjured by students themselves.

In this series, I will read two essays from the same kid.  For the first section (Directed Writing), note that when you hear almost perfect sentence/comprehensible vocabulary, it means it came from the guideline.  You'll know it when you see it.

So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Derp's essays, who is actually a great sport and a funny kid in class.  Too bad his English is equally hilariously atrocious too.

In case you don't believe me.

[Click to enlarge]

I think I look forward to marking horrible essays from now on. :D

P/s:  In case you missed my last series ('coz you know, I think the world revolves around me):


chegu carol said...

Ok, this really cracked me up. Buduh oh!! Hahahaha...buli2 lagi dia kasi PS sama kau?? Tia tau mau marah ka mau ketawa oh...adoiiii

TaQuiLa said...

hehe...paling manang tu P/S di bawah la ba kan..

anyway, at least got stuff u can 'release' the tense la..or makin tensi ko di sana?

lek ko :P

Amanda Christine Wong said...


Ya baaa...lama2 cam kesian pla. haha


Betul2...hilang sdh tensi sy :D

nazifah said...

ahahahaha!mine too.its like reading comic.ada my student to tulis, today is monday day..lg gile....ahahaha!bile tah aja cmtu

Vibrantkitty said...

OMG, so speechless. O.o

Nurturing is only 1 part of the act. The other will have to depend on the receiving end. The genuine will persevere and seek success. God bless these kids.

Amanda Christine Wong said...


monday day = hari isnin? wahaha...poor kids. n poor us.



Armstrong said...

I'm at office now so I can't watch your video. Later will do ya.

I saw the picture and funny of course. But it's kids or people like this who stand out from the crowd. Just imagine when his English gets better, he would write good content or whatever. LOL apa sia cakap ni. You get my meaning kan hehee.

And from now on, I'll not to mess up my grammar when I comment on your blog. Wakakaa. jk.

Happy Wednesday, Cikgu Amanda ;)

Anonymous said...

I seriously cried a river of tears reading this post. That kid wrote pure...what's the word I'm looking for... Ah! Shit! Pure s-h-i-t. Great mother of ganja, there goes our future generation! I'm gonna go kill myself now. LOLOLOLOL!

Amanda Christine Wong said...


Haha! Don't die yet, there will be more! :D

Yen said...

andu ba..6 jak ko bagi manda? haha.

Amanda Christine Wong said...


Kira ok sdh tu :D