Sunday, May 13, 2012

My 11 Dogs Part 2

This is part 2 of me boring you with details of my dogs.  You gotta give some credit to me though, 'coz it seems like most blog updates in my reading list are about babies, babies and more babies.  Congrats to you hot  mommas! So here's me retaliating with my kind of babies, four legged, furry and twice as cute.

So Part 1 is about 6 of the first batch of my 11 dogs.

Part 2 will about the new babies. :D

Sookie gave birth to eight adorable, so-cute-you-can-die puppies, last July.  Oh, did I mention Toby and Cody are their fathers?  I say 'fathers' 'coz they took turns humping Sookie.

We reluctantly gave up two puppies for adoption.  And one died in a car accident, Gabby.  I've written about him, so you can read all about him here, if you haven't done so.  Be warned, it's a tear jerker.  Unless you have no soul.

Then there were five.  Okay, they are now 10 months old, so you may find little resemblance of them with the term 'puppy'.  To me they'll always be puppies and it's easy to round them up by yelling 'puppiiiies' then 'dooogs'.  Oh, consider this as a puppy update too. 

First up, Chocolate @Choky.

And this is her today.

We call her Choky 'coz duh, she's the chocolatest of them all.  But she's short!

Wan Wan, the offspring of Bubut and Ting Ting is only 6 months old, yet he is almost as tall as her.  Methinks Bubut has something to do with this.

Anyways.  Among all of them, she has the coolest behaviour.  As in, she won't jump on you like mad.  She does however, when get excited, NIP YOU AT THE BUTT.  It's not so much as a bite, but more like a pinch.  She is very independent too.  She doesn't need to seek your approval, or to be showered with love.  When she wants love, she'll come to you.  Also, she knows/loves to play fetch too!  I completely forgotten about her when I mentioned about Bubut being the only dog who knows how to play fetch.  But of course, I can't leave the tennis ball unattended too long.  It'll be destroyed in a matter of seconds.

The next puppy is Puput.

You must be thinking, "Hey, I thought she gave this pup away?"  Well, at last minute her new owner couldn't adopt her for a good reason and we couldn't find other good candidates after that.  We decided to keep her.  Plus we grew to love her, during the period of finding her a new owner.  

This is her now:

We're glad we kept her 'coz she was the most alert one.  And she barks a lot too.  She will be the one who will start barking if she hears/sees something, then only the other pups would follow suit.  She makes an excellent watchdog.  She is however very submissive in nature.  She yelps in fear when the big dogs intimidate her, yet she's the one who goes to them and be all 'dominate me'.  Sometimes we think she's a masochist.  She's even submissive to the submissive Ting Ting.  When you stand next to her, she'll just roll over for a belly rub.  So cute.

Up next is Hershey.


Her skinny, lean built may have decreased her cute factor, but that doesn't mean she isn't as adorable and loving as when she was a puppy.  She's a kisser, always has, always will be.  That's how she got her name.


Now.  Forgive the grandma attire. Concentrate on cute puppy.

And she knows she's the favourite.

She'll be the first to ask for hugs, and wiggle onto my lap - like a boss.  And she is indeed the boss of the puppy pack.  Even though she is the smallest, she is the fiercest and dominant.  She also plays fetch - only she and Choky will run and fetch the ball.  The rest of the puppies would make an attempt, but give up the moment these two girls get ahead of them.

Her quirk is sleeping at various locations:

In a hole.
In a drain.
In Ting Ting's feeding cage.

And now, Mikey.

You might remember him (if you have followed this blog religiously) from the maggot incident.

Being separated from his mom for a week, he was rather small, compared to his growing siblings.  We seriously thought he wouldn't make it.  But being the little hero that he is, he did grow up to be a handsome pup.

Mikey is very hyperactive.  Has ADHD, you can say.  Meal time is the time when I get pounced, bumped, pushed, scratched and nipped.  HE JUST WON'T CALM DOWN until I get the chain on him.  For them, chain = food.  So until he isn't chained, he won't fucking rest.  Even when he injured his leg, and walks with a limp, he will still run and jump, albeit limping.

Besides that, he is absolutely lovable.  He will be all over you (note: 'climb') once you stay put.  Like food, he won't calm down till you show him some TLCs.  It's like food and love are his drugs.

Wiggling his way into my arms is his specialty.
Forever and ever.

The last of Sookie's pups, Raphael.

He is the biggest and fluffiest pup of them all.  Fluffy like a sheep.

And now he looks like a wolf.  You might say he is a wolf under sheep skin. :D

He's colossal.  And looks scary.  

But he's such a big, sweet, doofus.

It doesn't help either that he is as hyperactive as Mikey.  When he pounces at you for a hug, you could fall.

And he is SO FURRY!

We think he inherited his coat from his German Shepard grandpa.

He is also very impatient.  He will yowl and whine to get your attention to untie him after feeding time.  He'll only calm down if you pay attention to him.

Even though he is huge, he is submissive to the other dogs.  He would urinate all over when intimidated by his dads.  He even submits to Alpha female Hershey.  And also the tiny Ting Ting.

And last but not least, the last puppy of the pack, Wan Wan.

He is the love child of Bubut and Ting Ting.

Two loving parents and you get...This.

Okay I'm sorry, that was rude.  Hope you weren't eating while you're reading this.

This is him now.

He is a reversed ugly duckling (but many awesome readers think otherwise), hence our attempt to cutify him using a bow tie.  Unfortunately the bow time disappeared under the fur on his chest, so we just had to put it on his head.  He looked so much better.  A bit gay though, but still better.

Being the youngest pup, he is of course the most stubborn one.  Sometimes we think he is deaf when he doesn't listen to our instruction.  Well, we kinda spoil him more till he kinda forget his boundaries.  Hey, you'd do it to your youngest kid, right?

Every time it is meal time, he begs to be let in the house so just he could get his food earlier watch me prepare their food.

And when I turn my back around, he'll steal some of the food from the other dogs' bowls.

He really looks like he could use a bath all the time.  However, the problem is that he'll get dirty within minutes.  Especially on rainy days.  He will look like a rescued dog from a flood.

Plus he loves getting in wet bushes.  He does that every morning.  Only in the afternoon he'll look somewhat fluffy again when his fur dries.  So yeah, don't judge me for not bathing my dog too often.

So that's the story of my 11 dogs.

Sometimes, they can get a little out of hand. (I saw your 'you don't say' smirk)

But they do bring A LOT of joy into our boring human lives.

We might have room for just one more. :D


chegu carol said...

Sia scroll down first mau cari si Raphael. Hahaha...punya basar! I can only imagine. Masi kici pun berat apa lagi now that he's a grown up dog. Aduiii

I have 10 dogs now (one just died) but they aren't as big as yours. Only the barking part lah yg loud since mini pinscher is known for their loud and non-stop barking. So i can imagine pa macam havoc time ko mau kasi makan the dogs...besar2 and berat2...adoiiii

Amanda Christine Wong said...


Hehe...Oh, I should've added that when they pee, masih lagi berduduk mcm puppy :D. lepas kena kembiri nda pandai marking ni...hehe. Gila, kalo one mula barking, semua start barking. especially tgh malam. so i feel u! pasal makan i think sy besa sdh la. but itu la tu, kena tolak2, kena panjat2...habis badan sy penuh scratch n bite marks :/. oh, im sorry to hear about ur one dog that died..i can imagine...but u also have a cat now :D

Rungitom said...

Cuteness.... overload... XD

Amanda Christine Wong said...


You're welcome :D

SuicideCandy said...

wow! 11 dogs! and what a beautiful pack of dogs. Syiok oh tingu. hohoho.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Cynta: hehe. syok kan :D