Saturday, May 5, 2012

My 11 Dogs Part 1

I have 11 dogs.  People say it's a lot, and it's crazy to keep so many dogs.

But at least I don't sound like The Crazy Cat Lady.  I just sound like that cool person who loves dogs :D. No offence, cat lovers!

Anyways.  When we moved to our new home, which has a huge unfenced compound,we NEED dogs.

And now that we have 11 of them, accumulated over the 2 years living in our new home, (okay, now it sounds cray cray), I'd like to make a formal introduction of them to you as if your life depends on it.  Well, we had 12, but one died in a car accident.  Can't use the term 12 apostles anymore :(.  Rest in peace, Gabby.

Meet our first dog (since we moved in), Bubut.

He's a Japanese Spitz mix Terrier or any dog with short legs, long hair and pointy ears.

If you remember, I posted about him about his balls.  Nothing gross though, just some cottony delight :D.

Being the first pup to ever move in (even before us!- the builders kept him company), he is the Alpha of the pack.  Despite his small size and short legs, he is one fierce canine when guarding his territory.  The other bigger dogs submit to him, and according to several testimonies, he is the most feared one when he barks at people he doesn't know.  Somehow people get scared he'll just nip at their foot because of his shortness.

His one trait that makes him different from all the other dogs is he detest dirt, or anything wet and mushy.  If you call him to come towards you, but there's a puddle of water in front of you, he'd go around it.  If you throw a ball and it lands on wet grass or mud, he'd think twice whether to fetch it or not.  With that being said, another unique trait of him is he LOVES playing fetch.  Unlike the Labs who destroy every tennis ball they get their paws on, Bubut would come running back with the ball/stick in a frenzy delight for more.  And I didn't even teach him how to play fetch.

However, his nickname is Grumpy Old Man.  Being the oldest, he is also the grumpiest.  He'd growl at the twins (more on them after this) and frequently display his dominance.  Sometimes, no, most of the time it is annoying because a fight would ensue over the tiniest thing, say, the twins want a belly rub.  He just can't stand any attention given to the twins.  He also doesn't play with other dogs.  Only with humans.  He probably thinks he is one.

These are the twins that Bubut dislikes the most, Cody and Toby, left and right respectively.

They are Doberman Labrador mixes.  We got them after a month or two.  We figured that we could use real guard dogs, big and mean looking.  Well, they didn't grow as big as we expected a Doberman would, but they do get the job done.  Besides barking the bejeezuz out of strangers, they'd follow us if we walk to our neighbour's house for parties (which is a nuisance and sometimes embarrassment when they bark at other guests because they feel the need to protect us), and only return home when we do.  They will also 'send us off' when we're driving out to the main road.

It was hard telling them apart initially, as besides having the exact same colour, their eyes are the exact greenish gold colour too.  With pink noses.  But we noticed that Toby has an extra toe on his hind legs (as you can squint at the photo above).

Though they look the same, but their characteristics are very different.  Cody is the playful type.  He may bark at you madly initially, but once he sniffs your butt, he'd want to play with you and rolls over for belly rubs.  If you stop rubbing his belly, he'll nudge you with his paw for more.

Toby however, is more reserved.  It takes time for him to warm up to you.  Even with us, initially.  We figured he was probably traumatised by a human when he was a puppy.  However, once he warms up to you, he'll be very clingy and whiny (you know, like humans).  He's also very afraid of thunders and lightning. He is also a fan of belly rubs.

However, these two fight A LOT.  And when they fight, Bubut has to 'take control' of the situation, which makes everything worse.  Mating season is the worst.  Everyone wants to mount Sookie.  It's a nightmare.  There was one time they fought so bad,  Toby's left ear was left dangling over his head.  Another half an inch torn, and he would lose his ear forever.  Hence we decided to snip their balls off.

They have fought with each other throughout their life growing up, till we stopped bothering 'coz we know they'd kiss and make up.  After a session of shredding each other, blood spluttering everywhere; they'd lick each other's wound by nightfall.  One time, Toby was almost bulldozed by a car, as in, the rear tyre was literally over his ribcage, but the driver managed to shift gear in time before his guts explode.  Toby was so traumatised by the event that he ran away to our neighbour's house.  He wouldn't return when we called him, but later that night, my mom saw Cody going over to our neighbours, and came back with his brother by his side.

In fact, they never fail to amaze us with their compassion and intelligence.  Every time we have a missing dog (remember, huge, unfenced compound?), and there we are, frantically calling out their names,  Toby and Cody would straight away go on a mission to find said lost dog/puppy.  And most of the time, they'd come back with the strayed dog/puppy.  Happened to Sookie, her eight puppies and also Wan Wan.  Bubut did it once too; after Toby and Cody rounded up the wandering puppies, and one was still missing, he went to look for the missing one and came back with it.  DOGS ARE JUST SUPER AMAZING.

However, their need for dominance over Sookie's pups is irritating.  When they intimidate the them, the puppies would pee all over in submission.  Hence, we call them The Disciplinarians.  But when things get out of hand, pack leader Bubut will make The Disciplinarians stop with the torture.  Like friggin humans.

The third K9 to join our family is Sookie.

I've talked about her before, and well, she is basically still the same as she were when she was a puppy.  Super active, super playful, super naughty, super clumsy, and super lovable.  They say that if you want to find a dog that stays a puppy forever, get a Lab.  I couldn't agree more.

Being the only female (at that time), she is the princess of the pack, until now.  The three males adore her, including Bubut.  When she was a puppy, she loved hanging out with the big dogs, even going down the roughly-made gabion at our backyard.  

The first time she got down, she wasn't able to climb back up.  I kid you not but my mom and I saw this with our own eyes - Toby pulled her ears, and Cody pushed her butt using his nose to help her get up to the ledge.  It was indeed a hallmark moment. They never intimidate her, or display aggression towards her (like towards her puppies).  They even allow her to steal their food.  In which if that happens with the other dogs,  fangs would be flying.  Bubut who is very possessive of humans and his tennis balls, would allow these things to her.  Bubut who only plays with humans, would allow Sookie play bite with him.  What a privileged dog.

Being the princess of the pack, it drives Toby and Cody mad every time we take her to the vet.  They would claw the paint off my car, and chase after the vehicle down the road until they cannot catch up.  When they have lost her (us), they'd come back and start howling as if they have lost Sookie forever.

Labs are known for their intelligence, so I decided to teach Sookie some tricks.  We never got passed 'sit' and 'hand'.  But when it comes to chaining her, or spraying a wound, she could smell our intention miles away, and miles away would she run away.

One horrible behaviour of her is that she hunts poultry for fun.  Every time her ancestral calling kicks in, she'd be gone for hours, only to come back with a dead chicken.  She doesn't eat 'em.  She just kills 'em.  Or maybe she just plays with it too hard and broke its neck.  I really hope it's the latter.  She even dropped one right at my mom's feet before, as if saying, "I love you, this is for you mommy!"  Oh, and she brought her puppies on a killing spree once - broke into the neighbours' chicken coop (which my neighbour swore she latched it up, which made her wonder how did they do it), and massacred 7 chickens.  BAD, BAD GIRL.

When it came to mating season, like I said earlier, a fight between these three studs would ensue.  Bubut, though the Alpha, never could mount her, much to his sexual frustration.  So we decided maybe we could use a smaller female dog.   

And that's when our fifth dog, Ting Ting came along.

I've also talked about her before, so I'll just add a few things about her.  She was only the size of a guinea pig when we got her, so she is the smallest among the pack.

Also being the smallest, she is also submissive towards the other dogs.  They don't intimidate her though, but she does allow herself to be dominated by the others.  However, when she's at the backyard with the 5 puppies, she's the bawse.  

She is very pampered and loves being pampered.  She is quite human-like, sometimes, with her snorting (you know, the kind where people clear their nose and throat to spit out mucus type of snort), and she groans when you say 'no' or ignores her.  Oh, and she sleeps like most humans do too.

 Okay, I'm sure you had enough reading to last you for a year and all my cat-lover readers are gone, so I think that's all for today.  Will continue Part 2 in another post :D.


Dora said...

Can't wait for part two! they are adorable! haha

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Dora: RIIIIGHT?! Soon, soon :D

Armstrong said...

OMGosh. 11 of them? Even 2 are a handful for me already wakaka.

I enjoy watching your 'fetch' clip. I miss my dog at kampung. Now he's gone already la. But still, I remember him clearly.
I played fetch with him too, but using slippers la. I had a few slippers back then. Balik-balik kena gigit kan haha. And there's one time where I wanted to troll him or something, and I threw an old slippers in the lake. Then to my surprised, he jump in and gave back the slipper. My friends and I was stunned haha.

Happy Monday, Amanda.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Haha...cute jg tu...u can't fool them ;p. HAPPY MONDAY!

Armstrong said...

Adui, sia baca balik kan. Punya banyak grammar salah. LOL.

tu ja.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Haha. mau jg ba ;p