Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dr Melinda Tong, Dermatologist: The Second Appointment

So yesterday I went to visit Dr Melinda for my second appointment.  Click here if you haven't read about me gushing like a fangirl when I met her the first time.

I was so excited to meet her that I mistakenly heard my name being called, hence cutting the line of a very pissed off lady.  Of course, my face burnt with embarrassment when the doctor exclaimed, "You're not Helen Voo!"  I know it's not even remotely close and now you think I should get my ears checked but I blame the mumbling nurse.

As I entered her spacious office, she looked at my face (after brushing off my embarrassing act, of course )and said, "Are you wearing make-up now?" And by make-up she meant foundation.  She glanced at my file and continued, "M.A.C., right?"

It's pretty a no-brainer to wear foundation on a derm's appointment, no?

So beaming with pride, I told her no.

She couldn't believe  her eyes! And of course she thought I was bluffing.  Then she too beamed with pride on how her meds work and the cha-ching she'll be making for the rest of her life.  You could've shove your fist into my nostrils 'coz it was flaring with pride.

Of course, my forehead was not so clear yet, but my cheeks were porcelain, minus a few acne scars.  And my skin doesn't seem to produce sebum enough to suppy KFC for a year any more (Guinness Book of Record, anyone?)

I'm sure you're dying to see some before and after photos, so I will fulfil your dying wish.

Please bear with my naked face and the earlier photos of treatment.  And please don't run away when it gets ugly.

This is the first day on treatment:

Ok so you might think, "Hey, that's not so bad.  You could have just get over your vain self."  Well problem is I can't.  This is a first-world problem, people.

Week 2:

As you can see, some parts got better, and some got worse.  Acnes popping out on places I never had on before. Humongous and cystic.  Every man's dream.  This process is called purging.  The meds work first by pushing out all the crap out of my face.

Week 3:

By week three, the cystic acnes were slowly disappearing, but the fine grainy ones started colonising my skin.

Week 4:

It's clearing up! Albeit a few pimples still popping up in random places.

Week 5:


Even though I may have made my dermatologist cum a little with this amazing result, she decided to up my Acnotin dose and prescribe more antibiotics for another two weeks, to blast away the remaining motherfuckers.  Amour!

At this moment I still get little breakouts daily, but with the powerful Differin, it'll dry up the next day.  However the side effects of Acnotin is that it dries your lips.  Like, dried prune dry.  In which the petroleum jelly is god-sent.  With the lack of sebum, my face got a little sensitive.  For example, when I trimmed and shaved my eyebrows, my eye lid skin burns.  And the sensation last for a couple of hours.  Then I saw the warning sign on the Acnotin box - no masks, no scrubs, no facials, no peelings and no waxing.  You don't say.

Speaking of masks, scrubs and facials, I did ask her on how effective these pampering products are.  She was totally against it.  Including the so-called 'blemish balm', BB creams.  Simply because these things do nothing to our face but clog our pores.  But then again, for those who do these things and yet their skin is still as soft as a baby's butt, I see no harm.  All I know is I'll be saving lots of money on NOT doing these things.  A relaxing facial spa is still tempting though.

And oh, I'll be going to an island vacation soon (will totally make a big announcement and brag about it later), so she prescribed me some sunscreen pills.  I thought she was making an unfunny joke about 'eating' my sunblock.  Apparently, the sunscreen lotion that we slather on our bodies lasts for only about 20 minutes, especially if we're in water.  It would be a futile attempt to keep slathering on sunblock every 20 minutes like a dork.  Hence, she introduced me to oral sunscreen protection, which lasts for about 4 hours.  Since my skin will be peeling badly from the increased dose of Acnotin, I need every sun protection I can get.

My next appointment will be in six weeks.  So hopefully, by then, my skin will be so flawless, you'll worship me as an idol of perfect skin.


Daniel Chiam said...

Oh! sangat berkesan!

Looking good now...

Bec said...

Oh wow! looking forward for the final outcome! My face is full with those ugly acne scars. Huhu. Psst. Btw, looking forward to reading your next entry on the island trip. I'm an island freak! :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...


Sangat! Thanks! :D


Aw, you can totally fix that with microdermabrasion :D. Can't wait for the final outcome too! Uhuh, will totally blog about my upcoming island trip :D

Rungitom said...

Well this is the first time I heard "sunscreen pills" :D


chegu carol said...

the cheek area nampak sangat smooth sudah ni..buli tahan!...itu sunscreen pills, buli dpt over the counter ka?

Amanda Christine Wong said...


Me too! @_@


Uhuh uhuh :D. Hm, maybe? 'coz it's just impossible to make an appointment with her for just that.

TaQuiLa said...

u made it girl! nda sia-sia the pennies! hehehee

btw, i remembered some time around my wedding, si yon punya ajaran dia makan antibiotic to prevent the pimples.. which actually berkesan la..

ba, nda sabar sa tinguk !

floyd said...

I think the treatment works very well. You should claim for some advertorial fees or something from the clinic.

Amanda Christine Wong said...


TOTALLY! I should've done this loooong time ago! ngam la tu, kalo sy mau kawin sdh n jerawat sy balik tau la apa mau buat sdh :D


It does huh? Here's to hoping she (the doctor) stumbles upon this!