Sunday, April 1, 2012

Zumba: Partay Your Way to Fitness!

Okay, I may be a couple years too late to do a review on this, but what the hell.

For those only born yesterday, Zumba is a dance-fitness program, Latin-inspired.

But it's more like a dance party because it is SUPER FUN.  You will forget that you are actually exercising.

In Zumba, you basically dance to the hottest clubbing tracks.  The only thing missing is a Bacardi spilling over your hand.

Think aerobics + line dance + Latin dance.

But unlike aerobics, you won't be doing moves from the 80's.  There are lots of gyrating, crumping and popping.  Think  MTV's soft porn.

Unlike line dance, where you will be dancing the same moves facing all four walls of the room OVER AND OVER AGAIN, there is variety in Zumba dances.

And finally unlike Latin dance, Zumba is so much less complicated.  So don't be afraid if you have bad coordination.  I have bad leg-arm coordination, so if I can do it, you sure can too.  Unless you can't tell which is right to left.

But of course in your first class, you will be LOST.  But even when you're lost, just let the music sway you and dance with two feet like nobody's watching till you're back on track.  Seriously, nobody will look at you staggering like a tranquillizer-shot t-rex 'coz all eyes will be on the instructor.

See how everyone got it wrong.  Especially me, if you can find me.

And as for the instructors.  WOW.  Besides having banging bodies, they put all attention-seeking, bar-dancing gyrating clubbers to shame.  Yes, including me 'coz I used to think I'm the best dancer in the club when I'm drunk enough to dance on a bar.  Note used to.  And their energy! We were already seeing stars when we closed our eyes within the first hour of the session, but up till the warming down session, two hours later, they were still jumping around and shouting "WOOT!".  You'd think they were on some energy sustaining drugs.  And I'm about to say something lame - dance and music ARE their drugs.

As for the benefits?  Well, there are intense cardio and body toning going on.  But best of all, it doesn't feel like exercise so you won't be bargaining with yourself to not go this time.  You can read about the benefits in-depth here, and glowing testimonials on how people lost like 150 pounds or something just by Zumba-ing here.

Therefore, if you hate exercise but LOVE to party and figured you're not getting any younger and fitter, Zumba is meant for you party people.  Minus the hangover and stale stench of cigarettes.

I can't help thinking though what a super sonic blast Zumba would be if I down a couple of tequila shots before the workout :D

So, leave your aerobics and line dance classes to the uncool grannies and party your way to hotness with Zumba, NOW!

If you live in Keningau, there will be classes at Jackie Gym every Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 5.30 p.m. till 6.30 p.m.  The fee is RM50 for 6 classes per month, and RM10 for walk-ins.  


chegu carol said...

i only joined 3 classes and one party. even bought the zumba cargo pants. but that's it. lama suda tida pigi bcos the place is kinda far for me :P

im hoping ada zumbla class near donggongon soon as suggested.

and oh manda, tell you..go all sexy for zumba..go buy those zumba clothing. lagi ada semangat mau gelek. hahaha...motivation tu bah kan...

Armstrong said...

White shirt, black pants ;P

You know, the first time I heard about Zumba, in mind all I could think of is the song Numa Numa. I know, sot kans hahaa.

Wa siok o exercising not-alone. I guess with that way, motivation to exercise is on top huh.

I want to exercise as well. But only in my room. Buli ka tu? Wakakaa.

Happy Monday, Amanda.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Carol: D City Mall teda ka? Yeaah...the clothes are super hot! but super expensive too! but like u said, motivation kan. rugi la kalo beli mahal2 tapi nda p class dia. tgu tunggakan la :D

@Armstrong: Damn, u found me! Haha. Blh ba tu Armstrong. Ko p beli tu Wii. Ada game Zumba tu :D. Happy Monday! ^_^

chegu carol said...

city mall punya not lead by michelle koh..and i still think city mall's too far from my place ada this website yg jual zumba clothing cheaper than the one yg all the way from OZ tu...nanti sia tag in FB.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Carol: Oh ya kan, quite far jg tu. Ni difference p kk..heh. O ya ka? TAG! :D

Cynta said...

Ok, nanti sia pigi :P finally it's in Keningau!! hehehe

Joan said...

kamonnn..we Zumba!

Chegu..tag sa juga ah tu zumba clothing..i wanna see cheaper alternatives also. mahal gila de one from OZ

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Cynta: See you there! :D

@Joan: Yeaaaaah!

Yvonne Iman Felicianus said...

macam mau pegi.tunggu balik kgau tu gym sebelah mana tu ah?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Yvonne Iman Felicianus:
Satu baris kedai Rosemary, yg area Sabindo hotel tu? tu gym d atas. Ada signboard jg tu :D

TaQuiLa said... sangat jeles! nda pa..sabar sabar sabar

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Sheila: hehehe...almost there! :D

Lizeewong said...

Not surprised to see Zumba taking SABAH by storm. SIok gila kan. I absolutely love it! Joined religiously back in 2010 but after the quake, semua tergendala.

Btw, mcm possessed oh kan masa menari. You notice that? XD

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Lizee: Haha...ya ba! i wonder pa dlm fikiran tu instructor bila dia nmpk suma tu muka2 yg sdg focus tahap gaban...hehe. well, u're coming home soon jg kan. sambung d sabah la :D