Thursday, April 5, 2012

Serial Diggers

Can you spot a puppy in this photo?

No? Look closer.

And closer.

And now you woke Hershey up.

As you can see, that is one of the holes she is sleeping in.

We have serial diggers in our backyard.  They dig holes for them to sleep in, and also hide gems.

And on rainy days, mini ponds for them to play in.  Damn you cute little water dogs.

Sometimes we wish they would never grow up...and just sleep in bushes like they used to.


Rungitom said...

Hehehe, sleeping in holes..

Hihihi, look at the holes they made..

Look, sleeping in the bu.. d'awwwwww :))

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Tom: Adorable little monsters they are :D

TaQuiLa said...

oh how cute!

my baby puppy currently kena kurung suda. once telepas from the gate, habis anak ayam jiran kena makan. kesian ba anjing sa nda prenah nampak ayam ni..heh

by the way..auww so cute!

de engineur said...

Seriously, she's a serial digger. Even a pig won't dig that many holes.
If that was my backyard doggy would get rewarded with a nice piece of cane.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Haha...sama la my pups tu dulu. kena kasi lepas trus p kasi mati 7 ekor ayam ah T_T. Now kena ban sdh keluar dari kawasan pagar dorang. kasi blog gmbr puppy ko, mau tgk!

@de engineur:
Uh, there's kinda 5 of them. So yeaaah...We never catch them digging, so we can't really punish them later one when they're not digging coz it'd be pointless. We just hope they'll grow this habit out :/

chegu carol said...

hahaha banyak kolam! dogs do that every time they want to have 'comfy bed' to lie on. lucky our house compound where my dogs usually hang out are made of cement and tiles...selalu sia nampak dorang korek2 the floor but to no avail. kin ketawa juga nampak.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Carol: tu la tu! yeah, sometimes dorang pandai garu2 tu tiles kan? i wonder jg tu sometimes :D

~Adorable Alycia~ said...

awhhhh ur puppy was so cute sleeping in the plants....^o^

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Alycia: hehe. that was a looong time ago though :D