Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Beauty Pageants: Yay or Nay?

The Miss Earth Sabah 2012 audition came to town today.  

Friends had been egging me to join it.

Well, if I had gone to the gym a year ago instead of a month, my skin hadn't decided to turn 16 once again, and that my mom had forced braces onto my teeth when I was young, I would've jumped on the opportunity for all the glam and glitz of the pageant world.

I mean come on, it's Miss Earth.  The most prestigious pageant after Miss World and Miss Universe.

To some degree I do think I'm hot (totally pulling a Samantha Brick here), but I am aware that I am flawed and basically NOT beauty queen material.  Though some bias sources did suggest that I am a 7 in the beauty queen eligibility :D

Anyways.  It got me thinking.  Are beauty pageants really necessary?

Some say that pageants are full of dumb fake vain women who feed on attention.  These women would rather get skin cancer from tanning beds than "contribute to world peace".  Also, that pageants are demeaning to women, what with the parading of women to choose the best cattle of the herd.  And, that it promotes negative self image - women and teenage girls all over the world starve/go under the knife to fit into the ideal definition of beauty according to society/pageants.  And do you have to be beautiful to do charity?  Why can't we have a charity pageant instead?  The most charity one does wins the crown.  That would save a lot of hairspray.

But are beauty pageants really bad for society?  The whole paragraph above is what I do honestly think of pageants.  HOWEVER.  I do not think it is all bad.  I was once an Unduk Ngadau (Sabah's Harvest Festival Queen), so before you call me a hypocritical cow, beauty pageants do deserve some credit in shaping young women's life all over the world.

Despite all its superficiality, beauty pageants do help build confidence and self-esteem.  You will be standing on a stage in front of hundreds, if not thousands of people as you introduce yourself or answer questions.  You will be strutting down the runway, parading what you have - and there will be thousands of eyes looking at you, judging you ('coz most of the time people are evil and unkind to those who are better looking than them).  Your fans (and that means family and friends) would want you to do your best, but the majority would like to see you fall flat on your face.  And if you survive this turmoil, you will emerge a stronger person than your wimpy, pre-pageant-self days.  But of course, the douchettes would become bigger douchettes, but I'm only referring to those girls who never thought they were beautiful.

Besides that, once you hold the title of beauty queen, you have to live up to it, and that means you'll learn to take good care of your appearance, even if it means slapping on doughs of make-up even if you just need to run to the market to buy some tomatoes.  It includes taking care of your body, keeping fit and having less rubbish in it.  On the contrary, it does make one vain, but it does beat being Ms Frumpy, yes?

And finally, pageants are platforms for girls who want to model.  The Unduk Ngadau and Miss Earth Sabah are really the best platforms here in Sabah for them for instant publicity.

With that being said, I guess I'd say yay for beauty pageants, no matter how superficial and controversial it could get.  

So yeah, the Miss Earth Sabah 2012 audition in Keningau is still on till 12th April, so GO GET YOUR TASTE OF GLAM! Or if you need some self-esteem boost. Really.  It works.  True story.  Check out audition dates in Sandakan and Kota Kinabalu here:

Click for official Facebook page here

You know you want to :D

So, what are your thoughts on beauty pageants: yay or nay?


Momo said...

Yay for Manda as beauty queen!
You'll definitely get my vote should you join the competition, baybeh!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Momo: para 3 ;p

de engineur said...

I say go for it! The more obstacles u have to go thru, the more rewarding the experience will be. I know I wasn't answering the real question in this posting but I'll leave it that way.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

de engineur: yeaah...u didnt..but im passing anyway :)

chegu carol said...

Im a hypocrite if i say nay. hahaha...and u know how i treasure my dulu2 punya experience tu cos it was definitely an eye opener and boost self esteem for a 19 yo kampung girl me. :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@carol: hehe...i know. same here :D

Tora Aman said...

Haha I wish saya kana paksa join ni dulu2 [unduk ngadau]. kalau sia join ni mungkin sa punya confidence meletup2 suda. tapi, mungkin parents sa sedar juga sa x cantik. hahaha

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Tora Aman: haha...aiya, confidence boleh dapat tempat lain jg ba, tidak semestinya beauty pagent :D

Martin Lois said...

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