Monday, March 26, 2012

What Google Thinks Of Teachers

You've seen the frequently asked questions about teachers on Google.

Now here's what Google thinks of teachers.

And as for ENGLISH teachers?

Not so flattering, but this is my favourite:



Lizeewong said...

LOL! Yeah that sounds COOL. From this point onwards, I shall see myself as a Brain ninja hehehe.

But the other ones ba, punyala teruk. Retarded?? @_@

floyd said...

The Google answers have some merit. Not because teachers are what the 'search result' suggests but because these are what many 'feed' the search engine over the years. It's a numbers game there.

So what Google listed there is what people write/post (and probably think) in the world wide web.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Lizee: Yup, we're all brain ninjas inside :D. ikr? n i thought we english teachers are super cool :/

@floyd: Yeah, I know that ^_^