Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wan Wan: The Reversed Ugly Duckling

Remember my puppy, Wan Wan?

He is the epitome of a reverse ugly duckling.  You'll soon see why.

He went from this little cute panda cutie pie...

To this creature that looks like something a storm would drag in.


He used to be SUPER fluffy.  Like, all the fluffiness in the world is compacted in this little puppy.

But then his fur started growing waywardly.

Till I had to trim some hair off his face so that he could see properly.  

Also, we could style his hair as we please.


But then he started shedding MOST of his beautiful soft, shiny black and white fur.  Till he became like this:

Unfluffy, greyish and looks like he had been shaved from neck to down.

We checked for any skin disease, but he's perfectly fine.  If we had sold him for a RM1k when he was still cute, I'm sure his new owner would want a refund.

He even scared/hates himself when he saw himself in the mirror.

 He may not be the cutest dog in town any more, but he is still the cutest (and sneakiest) puppy ever in our eyes.

BTW, Ting Ting (Wan Wan's mom) is pregnant again.  And will give birth very, very soon. :D


chegu carol said...

productive betul si ting2...anyways, i still think wan2 is handsome lah :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Carol: The only bitch left kan. haha. Yay! ada jg org thinks he's good looking :D

NC said...

tp bagi saya, dia tatap cumil!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

NC: heheh..banyak peminat pla dia ni :D

Lizeewong said...

HAHAHA. Punya kiut dia barkinga at himself! NDa pun ugly duckling tu. Still looks very adorable to me. His face ba yg CUTE gila :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Lizee: haha..well okay, he is still cute la juga...but we always see him yg 'wet look' (because if dia masuk bush yg basah, trus dia pun basah habis -he's not waterproof like the labs) and his janggut kotor separuh mati...haha...