Friday, March 30, 2012

Stillborn: Ting Ting's Puppies That Never Were

I made an announcement about two posts ago that Ting Ting is pregnant AND will be giving birth any time soon.

If you were on my Facebook, you would've known that none of her puppies survived this time.

She gave birth last Thursday, and yes I'm one week late in conveying you the sad news 'coz I needed to make sure Ting Ting would be fine within the first week of her horrible carcass birthing.

A couple of nights before her predicted due date, we confined Ting Ting in our house downstairs.  FYI, the last time she gave birth to Wan Wan, she kinda left her little blob of a newborn pup on the grass at our backyard enclosure, and went to her cage instead, whining.  Note that there were 6 monster puppies which would maul anything that moves at the enclosure.  Luckily my brother heard him loudly whimpering outside and managed to save him before the puppies got to their new-stuff-to-destroy and put him at the cage where Ting Ting was waiting.

So yeah, fearing Ting Ting would accidentally leave her newborns around again, we kept her in our house downstairs.

The night before her delivery, there were dark stains all over the tiles.  We brushed it off thinking it was from the ink leakage of the printer my brother was working on.

The next morning, there were more stains.  Fresh, dark green stains.

Ting Ting had given birth to two puppies.  But none of them were moving.  I didn't take any photos, so this is basically how her dead puppies looked like:

Except there were black, and had a white diamond patch on their chest.  And there Ting Ting was, licking her dead puppies, as if she didn't know her babies were dead.  It was indeed a sad morning for all of us.  Dejected, my mum decided to bury them then and there.

Later that noon as I got back from work, I saw Ting Ting under my brother's Kenari, still licking her puppy.  It seemed like she carried her one puppy out of her whelping box and brought it there.  And her other puppy is missing.

I thought that my brother hadn't buried them, or maybe she had dug her puppies out. When in fact, she gave birth to a THIRD dead puppy later that morning.

Once again, she kept on licking her puppy, as if that could revive it.  And there were already flies swarming around her, but she kept on licking and refused to budge.  It was too heartbreaking, I had to look away.  When my brother took her third puppy away to be buried, she whined and cried.  I had to lock her in the house so that she wouldn't follow my brother.

I then cleaned her up as she her rear was full of the dark green stains, the one we saw on the floor the previous night.  Something like this:

I found out later that when you see this, it is not a good sign, as the puppies could be dead.

After cleaning Ting Ting up, she was still whining like I've never heard her whine before.  It was this sad, forlorn kind of whine, as if we have given her a reality check that her babies are gone, and that was her mourning for her loss.  I petted her and scratched her stomach to calm her down, still whining.  I milked her out (as advised by the vet), and soon, she stopped whining and fell asleep.

We have no idea what could have caused her stillborn puppies.  It could be internal injury, infections, or the puppies were just too big for her.  She managed to be mated with one of the Labbermans, hence her pups with the white diamond patch like Mikey.  Plus there were three puppies, instead of one like her previous pregnancy.

Anyways.  We now learned that like human babies, not all puppies can survive whelping.  And that means we were blessed that Sookie gave birth to EIGHT healthy puppies.

And that Ting Ting made it the first time.

Also, that when giving birth to stillborn puppies, the mother could die.  And we are so thankful that Ting Ting is now up and barking at monkeys at our backyard (yes, we spotted a monkey!)

We have also decided to spay Ting Ting, as there would definitely be complications in her next term.  

So dear readers, there wouldn't be any more puppy stories for a long, long time.

Or maybe.


chegu carol said...

So sorry to hear about ting2's pups. my eldest female dog at home had also given birth to stillborn pups before. it was on her 3rd pregnancy. but after that, she successfully given birth to two more batches of pups before we decided that it was enough for her.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Carol: there might be a chance for her to give birth to healthy pups again huh...tgk la kalo mau kembiri ka tidak. heh

Emma Green said...

Oh dear! I have heard of other people's dogs who had that green discharge and they almost died. I think there was some sort of infection involved with it. I think spaying is probably the best option at this point, if you don't want to lose Ting Ting. She may go on to whelp another healthy litter, but it's definitely a big risk after she has had a history of something like this. Good luck, and glad she pulled through this okay!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Emma Green: Yeah. I really don't want to risk losing her. Thanks :)

Armstrong said...

Aw... poor Ting Ting. Maybe that's enough for her, right. Pat her for me ya :)

Happy weekend, Amanda.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Armstrong: Yeah, probably...And done :D. Happy weekend to you too!