Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Sad Day For Government Serving Teachers

Bet y'all have seen this circulating on Facebook:

This wise man has but withdrawn his letter, sincerely apologised and claimed that "the letter was solely of his doing and no one had directed him to do so."  Hero? Vigilante? Lone Ranger?

He justified his noble act that " his intention was to get teachers to focus on their work, which is to educate students." So, by his logic...Yeah, I need to someone to help me out here.

"“Probably my language was not proper." Aku nda tau ba macam mana mau cakap lagi ni.  Susah juga baini mau kasi faham cekgu-cekgu dari Tawau supaya dorang lagi fokus mengajar budak kita yang 100% ada IC.

"Sabah state education department director-general Muhiddin Yusin could not be reached for comments." Pretty convenient.

Quotes from here.

I don't want to comment much as I fear for my life and my children's life and their children's life that I would be labelled as a 'black', but I just need to say something.

The government is the people.  We serve the government, therefore we serve the people.  And we have the right to choose who represents the people better.  Whether it is the current one who is trying so hard to win the people's heart, or the one who is trying to prove to the people that they are simply better.

Also, I am sick of those people who say "If you don't like the government, quit la!  So ungrateful!"

I'm not quitting the government because the perks are awesome, whoever the ruling party be.  I believe they will do their best to provide what we the people need.  Whether it is the current government, or the opposition.  Sometimes they forget that if one day the opposition manages to gain 2/3 of the people's vote, that they WILL become the ruling party, THE government.  So what happens when they do? "Quit" THE government?  Argument = Invalid.

So yeah, this letter is beyond frustrating.  It is sad.

We have to teach the rakyat's kids, mark their papers, make sure they wear a tie, catch them playing truant, train them for competitions, and organise events for them.

Can't they just leave us out of this? Jeezuz.


m&m said...

i've been arguing about this letter (in fb) over some people who thinks nothing but politics, politics and politics.
they simply cannot tell the difference between The government and the Political party. whoever the ruling party is, still being called the government and we, as government servant need to serve despite whoever the ruling party is. on the other hand, we are free to choose whoever leader we want. just make sure we don't mix our political matter with our job as teacher.
i know the person who signed the letter, n by all means, he's so uninterested in all the political thingy..that i'm very sure of. i guess he had became the 'kambing hitam" in this matter.poor him. but yeah, nobody would want to hear about him. everybody are just busy to say whatever they want about the issue..hak bersuara la katakan kunun.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@M&M: That's why la. Their argument is totally invalid. Well, if that's the case then I pity him. OR could he be the one who leaked the letter? Will never know.

Lizeewong said...

Yeah. I kinda pity him too. It's so obvious that someone of a higher authority came up with that letter, not him. Kena threaten berabis la tu kan...but like you said, we will never know.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Lizee: I guess when the letter went viral, mesti kena tiau berabis tu kan...huhu