Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day Lovers! Hope you survive it!

The day of love has finally arrived!

Also, the day for disappointment for not getting those big ass flowers 'coz your poor darling can't afford it even though you have reminded him everyday to save up since last July, hence a stupid fight, hence a horrible, unnecessary break up.

Also, the day when singletons pretend to be happy by going out with their buddies, endlessly convincing strangers that they do not need anyone to feel happy, but later when they reach home, they weep quietly eating a bucket of ice cream, scrolling their Facebook for fellow Forever Aloners to not feel that bad about themselves.

Also, the annual only-in-Malaysia Christian bashing by certain dumb, ignorant quarters on how Valentine's is a Christian thing where God allows us to have dirty pre-marital sex for just this one special day, in order to prevent our Muslim friends from doing similarly.

So basically, it's the same shit all over again, year to year, yet here we are, posting about Valentine's Day - whether to wish our loved ones, to go all passive aggressive on things we didn't receive, to post quotes about how being single rocks, or to post news and "historical" links to prohibit others to not partake in this sinful Christian celebration.

14th February only happens once a year.  No wonder people go nuts about it.

So Happy Valentine's Day, people. 

*It means I care about people who read this blog, and I'm not going to preach Jesus' teaching nor do I intend to sleep with you.  Unless you're Ian Somerhalder. 

Hope there'll be no hearts broken by tonight.


Rungitom said...

Another year that I save my money from buying things for Valentine's Day. :P

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Tom: And that's how you be positive! :D

Bec said...

: I just hate it when some ignorant and dumb people associate VDay with religion, sex and Christianity. *sigh* Agree with @Rungitom. Can save money for todaayyy.. Ngeee~ :P

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Bec: uhuh...but ah, screw them. just another propaganda. more money for shopping then :D

Anonymous said...

Oh my, dogs can't eat chocolate!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Anon: so beware of breaking hearts! :D