Saturday, February 25, 2012

Absolutely Wicked HAS BEEN TROLOLOED!

Yes, we have been trolled.

I notice this when I updated my post recently.  This is a screencap from my Shoutbox.  And it was as recent as a week ago.  I have now disabled my Shoutbox because I'm afraid my readers would think I'm a bisexual sex maniac.

I'm sorry to ruin your fantasies readers, but as you can see the above, I don't do those shit.  But I have to admire this troll.  When I clicked 'my' name, it traced back to MY e-mail.  So he or she must've been my jilted or burned no.1 fan 'coz he or she knows my e-mail.

Bet you're wondering how I'm going to respond to this. Well, since it is Lent, sorry to disappoint you, 'coz I'm turning the other cheek.  I made a pact with God to be nicer this month.  So here's an open letter for him/her.

Dear Troll Who Assumed My Identity To Make Me Look Like A Nympho (thanks, but some people already see me as one, don't know where they get that idea from),

I have only three things to say to you. 

1. Thank you for the blog traffic.  You don't know how much it means to me.
2. You should know by now I'm a Grammar Nazi.  You can do better!
3. Find me on Facebook.  Add me. I'd like to us to be friends.  You are going to be first person to give a toast during my wedding reception.

Hope you're reading this.  And I hope I can hear from you soon :).

P/s: Shoutbox is crap.


Joan said...

the troll must be a very very very free person. and damn bored.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

sangat T_T