Thursday, January 19, 2012

One of The Benefits of Being a Teacher

As y'all know, people put a lot of expectations on teachers.  They expect teachers to solve every math problem, to know the meaning of all the words in the dictionary, to make every student score 20 As, to tame the wildest child, and to cure cancer.

This absolutely sucks, because no, we can't cure cancer nor do we necessarily know the meaning of the word 'fiduciary'.


Due to this insanely high expectations on teachers, we are put on a pedestal.

Meet a stranger, and tell them you're a teacher.  90% will go, "Oh wow, that's great", like you're a super hero or something.  But of course, they will not stop right there and will continue spewing crap like, 'And you work half day and have lots of holidays too, what a great job!"  And that's your cue to mentally strangle them.

Ok, back to happy thoughts on being put on a pedestal.  On the bright side, people tend to 'respect' teachers more as we are the 'moral compass' of society, and we are 'flawless' beings.  Note that I air quote those words.  So whatever bad things we do in the closet, say, smoke pot, watch child porn, or put kittens in vacuum bags, to outsiders, we 'look' like angels and we would never break the law.

Therefore, one of the benefits of being a teacher is getting away with the law.

Let me summarise my recent tale with them men in 'forms, Meme Style.

Click on picture to be directed to awesomer view

So next time you're about to be screwed by the traffic police/ police, just say you're a teacher. Or a nurse (I'm informed that they too get free passes, especially those in uniforms).

You will definitely be excused.  True story.


Lizeewong said...

I can totally relate to this! Happened to me a few years ago hehe :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Lizee: Works every time :D