Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's the year of the dragon so...

...I would like to wish all readers a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

Still super busy with school/home/family/CNY related stuffs, so here's a fappable photo of yours truly for you, dear stalkers.

 May the Water Dragon bring us more moneh and happiness!

P/s: This is the only Chinese New Year related photo I can find for the purpose of this post, and not 'coz I narcistically find myself banging hot and that I just had to unnecessarily show it to you to fuel my vanity.


Dora said...

Happy Chinese New Year Amanda! :D

chegu carol said...

oh but you do look banging hot in this photo. what more with your roarring top and nude peep toe. cantek!

gong xi fa cai...banyak angpau?

V said...

Happy Chinese new year gorgeous!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Dora: Right back at ya! :D

Carol: teehee...baru mau p claim la ni :D. gong xi fa chai to u and ur family!

V: thaaanks!u too if u celebrate it :D