Thursday, January 5, 2012

The First Week of Work: Of Sucky Things & The Event That Could've Killed Me

So for some schools, class started on the 4th of January, which is a Wednesday.

Starting your first day of work/school on a Wednesday is seriously odd.

Like, usually you will be full of vigour on your first day (which is usually a Monday).

But then it is NOT a Monday.  It's a Wednesday.

Registering that it is a Wednesday, you then think like a Wednesday.

Wednesday = Half way through the week =Can't wait for Friday = Woohoo!

Then you lost all vigour, and now the only thing you can think of is OMAIGOD I CAN'T WAIT FOR FRIDAY TO COME.

Hence that was exactly how I felt about my first day of work of 2012.

I know some of you teachers are pretty weirded out 'bout this fact too.

 My first week of work already sucked.

Sucky Thing #1

Not only that I was on I-can't-wait-for-Friday-to-come mode, I was disappointed when I wasn't given the class I was supposed to get.

I had an agreement with my boss.  I get the two last classes, but I get to teach the two best ones.  Which will keep me sane.  So it's a pretty fine deal to me.

But then I didn't get the Form 4 Science class.  Instead I got one of the last half last classes.

Now I have three weak classes, and one just okay (half failures) class. 

Motivation = 0

I know some teachers got worse - all weak classes, remove classes etc, and I have nothing to complain about my first world problem.

The thing is, I have prepared awesome lessons and activities for these kids who are able to comprehend English.  I have so much in store for them, and we're gonna have so much fun.

But I'm not so sure with my this class now :/

I know I should have more faith in them, but I'm just afraid I'm setting myself up for dissappointment.

Then again, I managed to pick myself up and got my self-affirmation on by the end of the day.

The road to awesomeness is paved with thorns one needs to thread.  Yes, you can quote me on that.

Sucky Thing #2

On the second day of work, it was announced that we have replacement class this Saturday.

The very first Saturday of apocalypstic 2012.

Luckily it's just the Cross Country thing we had to to before our Sport's Day starts in two weeks time. *holy god the abomination that is sport's week!*

But still, so uncool.

Sucky + Dangerous Thing #3

My 'ol manual '88 Pajero went FULLY AUTO on my way back home from work.

As I blared Super Heavy's Miracle Worker, something even louder came from my engine as I dropped gear to turn on a roundabout.  You know your music is loud when you can hardly listen to your voice as you sing along badly to it.  But my engine roared louder than that.

It felt like my car was gonna explode at the roundabout opposite the hospital.  Which was quite convenient had anything happened to me, if you think about it.

But I survived the roundabout without any epic explosion, and as I shifted to the fourth gear, the angry roar stopped.  However, as I lifted my right foot from the accelerator, hey what do you know, the car didn't slow down but kept moving at 60 kilometres per hour!


It could hardly slow down when I braked and once I reached the other roundabouts and dropped gear, (there were like four more roundabouts before reaching my home, WTF) it roared again like it was gonna cough me out from the car.

It went even crazier when I was reaching home, as it was a gravel road going uphill, and I was on the first gear.

Reaching my compound, the tyres screeched like bitches and the brakes couldn't get it to a complete halt.

I had to turn off the engine while it was still moving towards its future crash site.

So I eventually reached home safely. 

Holy fuck things could've gotten way worse.

Luckily I had a plethora of religious items in my car. 

A mechanic will soon call in to see what the devil went wrong.  'Coz there's no way that monster can be driven to the workshop.  And I just sent my car for an overhaul.  Thank God for the RM97 salary raise.

 So basically that's my first week of 2012.

I got a demotivating class, I have to work this Saturday and I could've died. 

Notice that I have positive thoughts at the end of every sucky event?  There might still be hope for sunshine for me.

So how's your first week of 2012?


chegu carol said...

aduh punya bikin takut tu pajero ko manda! but since u survived the journey, macam sia mau terketawa pula imagine how your face look like during that moment the engine turned evil and when it went on a steady auto pilot mode :D

apa2 pun all the best cigu!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Carol: astaga kay, berdegup2 ba jantung sy! i was like, "mati la ni mati la ni"...when i reached home baru dapat bernafas :/

Birthmark said...

Sounds like the throttle cable's jammed.

Get it fixed wei. Vehicles auto-cruise is still an imperfect feature with the current available technologies. :P

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Birthmark: I know. can't believe my car got high teched!

ilostapple said...

nice man

Amanda Christine Wong said...

ilostapple: thanks man

Rungitom said...

Your car okay nao? I hope that somehow you can turn the sucky things to awesome things, cheers! :)

New home!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Tom: its ok already. i think. but yeah, here's to a not too sucky second week! p/s: new site! no wonder never got updates anymore.

Richard Nelson Sokial said...

Have you read Stephen King's "Christine"? It's about a car that kills people.

Jokes aside, you have an entertaining blog. Cheers!


Amanda Christine Wong said...

Richard: Yeah, i think i heard of it. damn car went all christine on me then. Thanks for dropping by Rich! :)