Friday, January 27, 2012

All Dogs Go to Heaven

If you have watched this animated movie when you were a kid, then you'll know and believe in your heart that all dogs do go to heaven.

Even when you are no longer seven, and you have bills to pay.

I lost a pup recently, and it was heart fucking wrenching.

I kept rewinding in my head the scene where I found him dead, every day since.

Til one morning, when I wake up, I didn't feel the need to relive the harrowing experience in my head anymore.

Your consolations and happy thoughts have helped me grieve through it.  Thanks.

"Heaven is the realm of eternal happiness. God, in his infinite wisdom, will certainly grant humans the company of their loved ones, even if one of those loved ones is a dog.  God can do anything when it involves the peace and serenity of his greatest creation, a human life. That’s probably why he gave us dogs in the first place." ~Robert P. Lockwood, Catholic New World columnist

And that's why I believe Gabby is now chasing rabbits and cherubims all day long and LOLing at his brothers and sisters who have to fight for bones thrown from the kitchen on earth.  It doesn't hurt that much when you keep that thought and faith in your head.

Though the Prebysterian church may beg to differ.

Thank God I'm Catholic.

Watch down on us, baby.  Till we meet again.


Lizeewong said...

Aww..That's a sweet tribute to Gabby. When I read your previous post, the exact same cartoon came to my mind. Am sure Gabby's in good hands :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Lizee: syok kan d cartoon. hehe.

nc said...

sorry about Gabby..
but i really like your entry, this one. becos i also always believe that ALL DOGS go to heaven. :)

Mimi said...

All dogs go to heaven!! Who cares what the other people say.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

nc: thanks :). n im sure cats too :D

Mimi: those who think otherwise never had dogs to love them unconditionally :D

Armstrong said...

So sorry to hear about your dear Gabby. So young.

Well, he is now among his brothers and sisters... laughing :D

Btw, nice to meet ya, blog walking here. I'm Arms. I like the way you write, so honest hehee. I like the one where you talked about teens blogging hahaa. I hope I don't write like they do. LOL. That would be the end of the world.

Talking about man's best friend, you certainly are a dog person. Do you by any chance, even the slightest, like cats? Or do you despise them? Wakakaa.

Oya, happy Monday! An hour then pulang!!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Hey there Arms! Nice to meet ya, sort of :D. Thanks, I believe he is in a happier place now. haha, don't worry, I won't judge ur writing. Maybe. hehe. Cats? Uh...naah. heh. Thanks for dropping by :). Happy monday!