Monday, January 2, 2012

10 Things to Achieve in 2012


Anyone still having a hang over? I'm swearing off alcohol...till my sweat stops reeking of scotch and don't gag looking at a Carlsberg poster.

Anyways, once again I'm doing the most cliche thing to be done on a new year.


Or to be more precise, things to achieve in 2012.

So here goes!

1. Drink eight glasses of water.

I think the cause of my acnes, eczemas, dragon skin and whatnots is because of lack of water.  And this is when I say to myself, "No shit, Sherlock!"  But it's just sooo hard to hit the eighth glass mark 'coz I don't drink water when I feel thirsty (like, why, right? And yes, I know that if you feel thirsty it means you're dehydrated.  So don't answer that), and secondly, I pee super frequent when I drink lots of water.  Like, every 15 minutes within an hour.  And it's annoying that I have to get my ass up and pull my pants down every 15 minutes.  BUT OKAY I WILL TRY TO DRINK 8 GLASSES OF WATER THIS YEAR. Ergh, I hate arguing with myself.

2. Eat fruits every day.

I now have at least a tiny portion of greens every time I eat, and now I'd like to have fruits every day.  It's not like I hate 'em.  It's just that if it's not in the fridge, then fine no problem, I will survive another day.  This year, if there ain't no fruits in the fridge, I will drag myself to the supermarket to buy some.  I promise.

3. Minimise bruises, scratches and mosquito bites.

 This is only the top

I admit I can be a klutz sometimes, and succumbing to the itches from mosquito bites is like reaching Nirvana.  Just blissful.  But then it leaves nasty scars on my legs.  Also, my dogs tend to stand on their two feet and paw me when they get excited. Within their soft padded furry paws are evil, eagle sharp talons.  Now my legs look like Kat Von D's tattoed legs.  Only ten times hideous.  I need to keep my nails short and always wear long pants when I'm with my adorable cerberuses.

4. Actually join my netball team.

I was elected as their manager, after the coach saw that I can't play shit.  They always ask me to join them for training though, in which I'm always reluctant to because I simply suck.  But since they are really cool people, I will support them even though they may never pass the ball to me, ever.

5. Make my English Language Society kick ass

 Something like this, but for an academic club

Since I was asked to helm the club without any warning early last year, I wasn't able to execute much of what I have planned in 5 minutes before the annual grand meeting.  So hopefully, my motivation and commitment will stay strong till we have our farewell end year partay.

6.  Less rage in class.

I know I'm an awesome, lovable teacher.  Like that nursery rhyme, when I'm nice, I'm really, really nice.  But when I'm bad, I'm Lucifer's abandoned child who knows not what love is.  So when faced with juvenile kids, I tend to grab them by the collar, throw their bags from the top floor, and rip their papers.  I need to be more of a poker faced mindfucker rather than a raging monster.

7. Travel to two countries.

I did it in 2011 and I wanna do it again this year! 

8. Climb Mount Kinabalu...again!

I almost died when I reached the peak last time in 2005.  But upon seeing the view, every suicidal step was worth it.  So I wanna scale one more time before I get old, fat, diseased and have kids.  Carol, wanna do it again? :D

9. Save enough money to buy a gizmo.

I particulary want this. 

Okay, I lied when I said expensive gadgets don't appeal to me.  Initially it didn't.  But then I had an epiphany when I had lunch with my friends at a restaurant.  The moment we sat down at our table, they whipped out their phones and started 'checking in'.  Total silence for about 5 minutes.  As for me, I whipped out my 'ol phone too, to get this - delete old messages, as to not look dumb and uncool staring into space, as everyone at the table bury their heads in their smartphones.  And this happens with every group of friends I hang out with.  So yeah, I need to get something cool to bring during group gatherings. No, something cooler, so that I can have a gadget-face-off and I'd win, hands motherfucking down.  Damn, I thought peer pressure only happens when we are a dumb teenager.

10. Complete/Continue 2011's resolution.

Like achieving baby butt's skin and going to the gym regularly.  And to continue becoming awesome and doing awesome things so that I can be an awesomer person this year.  And that's my number one resolution.  Of course, to have a heart of gold and a teleportation machine (eat that, techies).

So what's your number one 2012 resolution?


Cynta said...

All the best!! Yes, you can!! bah, i better stop before i used up all cliche phrases hahaha...

Btw, happy new year, Amanda!

chegu carol said...

bah if u have plans for climbing, just lemme know..kalau ngam timing and *ehem* budget, i sure wanna climb again.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Cynta: thanks! haha...betul tu. happy new year!

Kay: u're a machine! okay :D

Bec said...

hikhik.. We shared the first and second resolutions together..!! I really, really hope that I could actually doing them until the end of the year~ :)

AnnieMing said...

My #1 resolution: Get my old body back! Not the before-pregnancy punya body, but when I was still in the Uni.. *cross fingers*

Happy New Year to you Manda!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Bec: haha...yeah, good luck to us! :D

Annie: u have one year to do it - all the best! :D happy new year!

Rungitom said...

Mount Kinabalu is calling me again for a rematch, will climb again this year and make sure to reach the top.

Amanda Christine Wong said... mean you didn't make it the first time? well see u at the top then :D

Miss Jess_Lyne said...

When you get your smartphone, install Foursquare and look for me! hihihi

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Jess: hahah...will sure do! :D