Monday, December 31, 2012

7 Goals of 2013


Okay so I know in my last post I said I'd screw resolutions because I fucked most of it by the end of the year.

Well, when I think about it, I realised I still need to do few things this year so that my life would be more awesome, apart from living dangerously.

After all, I am hitting a very adult age of 27 in November.  Read 'in November'.  I'm still 26.  Therefore, I need to take care of myself so that I'll still look smokin'.  It's the dream.

Here we go:

1. Get fit and keep it that way

Throughout last year, I was sorta fit (compared to when I wasn't exercising at all because I hated sports) and I could almost see with all my pride and joy that little baby abs started forming.  Then Christmas came.   Aaand it's gone.  With willpower I may be able to get it back and it keep it away from the evils of holidays seasons.

2.  Drink less

In my attempt of getting fit and healthy, of course I need to drink less. Not quiting, just limiting it compared to my almost weekly night out last year.

3.  Wear less makeup

This is what my derms wants me to do if I want to continue to have flawless skin sans the liver-rotting medication.  So starting this year, I'll be wearing only loose powder as face makeup to work.  She wants me to quit putting stuff my face completely, but she has no idea how cruel kids these days can get.  Hopefully my new hair style would distract my students from making crude remarks on my less than flawless face.

4.  Don't go shopping till September

I'm going to shopping haven Bandung in September and I swear I'm going to buy the whole store.  Therefore I shouldn't waste my money to buy stuff here that I can get there for a fraction of the price.  Probably need to terminate my Paypal account too.

5.  Buy a smartphone that is way better than yours

Yes, it's time.  It's time not to feel like a loser with a phone that can only make calls and send texts and take grainy VGA quality photos.  And my new phone will be better than yours 'coz you bought it 2-3 years ago with a prehistoric operating system.

6. Read more books

Recently the Internet and the abundance of TV shows have replaced books as my entertainment.  I want to look sophisticated again, so will at least read 12 books this year.  At least.

7.  Be more creative as a teacher


In my second year of teaching, I focused a lot on exam-oriented lessons 'coz I though that's what they need. I can feel myself turning that teacher I vowed not to be.  Of course there were still lots of games and song activities, but this year, I think I'll make my students play more.  Except for the exam classes though.

So other than these 7 things to be done, I'm just gonna sail through life and see where it takes me.  No plans, no schedules, no pressure.

Who knows,  I might finally marry a handsome, nice, totally straight billionaire whom I met on a cruise in the Mediterranean seas.

So, do you have resolutions and goals, or are you just going to go enjoy life as it is?

Friday, December 28, 2012

Achievements and Failures of 2012

Hey there earthlings.  It's been a week since the doomsday that should have happened.

And here we are, still breathing and taking pleasure at Grumpy Cat posts.

But aren't you slightly disappointed it didn't happen?  I was.  I mean, I don't wish for a full blown apocalypse, but I'd really like to see the world go dark for three days.  I mean like, don't you think that it'd be cool?  Like, for once in your boring lifetime, something extraordinary happened?

Oh well.  We'll just wait for the Rapture then.

Anyways, the year will end in a few days.  Fuck us, right?

Earlier this year I made a list of things that I should do/achieve for 2012.

Let's see how I fared so far.

1. Drink eight glasses of water.

Hm.  Hmmm.  At first I kept count.  But then I stumbled upon an a trusty Internet article that we humans do not necessarily need to drink 8 glasses of water.  As we get our liquid from other source like fruits and stuff too.  Therefore, I do believe I have drunk enough water.  Even though it may not be exactly 8 glasses like a nerd.

2. Eat fruits every day.

Hm. Hmmm.  I did...but sometimes you run out of fruits and when you do, you'd think twice to go to the supermarket when you think of how jammed town would be.

3. Minimise bruises, scratches and mosquito bites.

I tried.  By God I tried.  But I'm just accident-prone.

4. Actually join my netball team.

Nope.  Didn't join them for training.  I think it's because of my tuition classes.  Yep, that's gotta be it.

5. Make my English Language Society kick ass.

Well, not really kick ass, but I did manage to give my kids a little project to do, organised by the British Council mentors.  Baby steps I say.

6.  Less rage in class.

I didn't go batshit crazy, but I did snap and left class without a word.  I failed this, didn't I?

7. Travel to two countries.

I only went to one! DOH!

8. Climb Mount Kinabalu...again!

There was a lot of talk on the subject matter but asses weren't moved.  Sometimes when you plan too much, nothing happens.  HUMANS.

9. Save enough money to buy a gizmo.

Is buying an apartment considered a gizmo?  It has switchable lights and ceiling fans.  No?  Well I bought an apartment.  Apartment wins against a stupid smartphone.

10. Complete/Continue 2011's resolution.

"Like achieving baby butt's skin and going to the gym regularly.  And to continue becoming awesome and doing awesome things so that I can be an awesomer person this year." Yup. NAILED IT.

Damn, I only achieved 4 out of 10.


That's it, no more resolutions for next year.  I'm just gonna live my life without any plans and let's see what shit I might end up doing/getting in.

Enjoy the last remaining days of the year people.  Get hammered responsibly.

So, did you achieve any of your resolutions that you have set for this year?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Just Another Christmas Post

Got wasted too early.  No time to write awesome Christmas-related posts.


Just want to wish all of you a wonderful Christmas.

And thank you for sticking around.



Thursday, December 20, 2012

Review: Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Caramel Brown Foam Color

Okay, so you might be thinking that you're lost, like, what happened to Amanda's blog, why did it turn into a shitty beauty blog, or did a beauty blogger hacked into her account and decide to use her name because she has like, an astounding number of 250 followers?

Well, to be honest, since I'm less angry at the world now, I'm kinda running out of things to bitch about.

Hence a review of something really petty like, hair dye.  I mean like, THE WORLD IS GOING TO END TOMORROW, AND HERE I AM TALKING ABOUT HAIR DYE?! It's absurd.

Moving on.

Right, so the last time I did something drastic to my hair was cut it into Miss Posh's infamous bob.  Then I pretty much let it grow, and trim it every now and then.  I had like, really boring black hair since I started working.  My boss doesn't allow teachers to dye their hair in fear of 'the kids copying their teachers'.  Eff.  I don't see my students who worship me walking around in 5 inch booties in school anyway, so his argument is invalid.  And it's killing me not to, as you're aware of my hair-story.

But since I have worked there for two years and been a good girl throughout, it's time to fuck the rules and bring out the peroxides!

Well, I'm threading slowly of course.

So here's the review!

Though I badly want to mess with my hair, I didn't want to spend a bomb on it either.  Well more like I have debts to pay off and other adult stuff like that, so yeah, I decided to dye my hair myself using those shampoo/foam colour dyes you can get at a drugstore e.g. Watson, not a meth lab.

I chose this:

I don't want to shock my boss with purple dip dye highlights yet, so I chose the most subtle colour, brown.  Also, I want it to look natural.  FOR NOW.

According to the box, you just have to mix the formula and put it on your hair and massage as if you're shampooing.  It will be in foam form, duh.

At first, there was barely any foam as it just disappears when you put it on your hair.  And since the bottle is small, I freaked out for a while thinking that it might not be enough and that I'll end up with a bad hair job and that I have to go to the salon to fix it while being chided by the hairstylist.

But it was more than enough.

I think I took a good 25 minutes to get this done as I almost passed out with the ammonia smell (exaggerating of course) and my scalp started to burn (also, an exaggerated statement).  Also, it doesn't stain your skin, like normal dyes would do.  'Coz it's foam.  Foam are fun stuff.

40 minutes later, a deep shampoo and conditioning and staining my bathroom and clogging the drain, this is how my RM32.90 dye job turned:

Yes, my original hair is dark brown under overexposed light.


It turned out perfect.

My boss is so not got to notice it at all!

For now.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Elixir of Youth

Recently I turned 26, which is well, no biggie.

Having your birth day at the end of the year makes you feel younger than your same-year peers 'coz it's like you're the last one to 'age'.

The sucky part of is, however, you only get to enjoy your new age for a very short time.

I just turned 26 last month, which means I only have a month to enjoy being 26.  'Coz next month, I have to get accustomed to introducing myself as 27, even though I just fucking turned 26.

So like, shit, I have to start telling people I'm 27 starting next month.

Now that I'm passing my 'mid-twenties' age, like every vain, insecure woman out there, I'm bent on looking for the fountain of youth.  Even though I'm pretty sure I still can pass off as a retarded 17 year old when I want to.

Right? RIGHT?!
I've been pouring over beauty magazines and spending a ridiculous amount of time online reading reviews of anti-ageing serums and whatnots.

Till my Wonder Woman dermatologist told me to quit putting crap on my face.  And that over the counter products, whether drugstore or high end, don't really contain the active ingredients for it to actually work.

Honestly, I was crushed.  Like every other lazy human being out there, I want a quick fix, and eating vegetables and drinking lots of water ain't gonna cut it for me.

So even though I was prohibited to do so, that didn't stop me from my quest.  I'd thought that maybe when my acne is cured (which it is, hallelujah) I'd secretly do all the things opposite to what she told me.  And that if I get breakouts again, I'd go running and crying back to her arms.  And apologise and ask for forgiveness for my disobedience.

That was the plan though.

Till I met her again yesterday, for my fifth appointment. 

As usual, she gushed on how beautiful I was (or rather, how successful she was in curing me) and this time, she reduced my unborn-baby-malfunctioning meds to a weekly intake.

Now that my acne is gone, she prescribed me some Vitamin A serum for my facial scars.

Which is AWESOME.  I no longer have to search for holy grail scar serums.

But what is much more awesome is...


The search is over!  I have found my elixir of youth!

Well, more like, prescribed.

Since humans are advised to use it under guidance, this serum must be the shit.


P/s: Will definitely do a review on this Medik8 Retinol 3 TR.  Hopefully it works though.  Bitch it has to got to work.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Officially Starts!

But first of all...

So we won't be seeing this date again.  And the point being?  We won't be seeing 11.11.11, 16.5.12, 4.7.1886 ever again either.  



We shared the joy with the students when the exam ended.

They looked so happy.

If only they knew what sad reality lies ahead of them.


Now that I'm finally free, I need to do some sorting and fixing.

Yep, the whole thing just collapsed.

It's either I have too many clothes or I just need a bigger wardrobe.

Yeah, I think I just need a bigger wardrobe.

Happy holidays exam invigilators! Your insane boredom is finally over! Less than 3 weeks till school starts! Fuck us, right?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kitchen Goddess: Nailed It

Been looking at some Nailed It memes.

Some of them pretty sum up my inability to do certain things in life.

Therefore, you can't use the "Woman, you belong in the kitchen" on me.  You'll be real sorry.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

25 Things I Did When I Was 25

This is a post entirely ripped off inspired by Kenny Sia's blog.

It does greatly pale in comparison to all the epic things the award winning, assumingly rich blogger did.  By the way we were born on the same day.  Hence the plagiarising.

But what the hell, I'm just a teacher from a small town who still lives with her parents, and this is my fucking story, the 25 things I did when I was 25.

Here we go!

1. Went to Penang.

Penang food FTW.

2. Went to Manukan Island.

Not the best island in the world, but it's the closest.

3. Went to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

A live cultural, historical class.  And oh, found the cheapest beer and cocktails here too.  You should go there for the beer.  I mean sightseeing.

4. Went to Krabi, Thailand.


5. Went to the 2012 Rainforest World Music Festival in Kuching.

It's like attending the largest party ever.  Awesomeness.

6. Lost five dogs.

Rest in peace Gabby, Cody, Ting Ting, Ting Ting II and Gabby II.  I have so many dogs waiting for me at the Pearly Gates.  

7. Gained one pup on the other hand.

Ting Ting's only surviving pup, who wouldn't be here hadn't we...

8. Nursed them orphaned puppies.

Waking up every two hours at night, stimulating them to poop and pee...Found a whole new respect for mothers.

9. Tried to vaccinate dogs myself.


10. Taught Form 1 students for the first time.

Was exactly what I taught.  For two hours.  And nope, they still couldn't get it, for the love of god.

11.  Lost it in class.

To kids who don't give a fuck about their future when you have tried so hard.

12. Became chief invigilator for STPM.

It was stressful at first.  But then I get to watch Running Man with my headphones on in an empty class while my minions do the boring job of staring into space for 3 hours.

13. Bonded with colleagues.

I feel bad talking about how awesome my colleagues are to friends who have horrible co-workers.  But I do it anyway.  Let me explain the disaster above.

14.  Dressed like a K-tard.

I was forced to join a fashion show during a Teacher's Day celebration at school.  And the theme I got was K-Pop.  See I'm a good sport and awesome like that.

15.  Became a student again.


16.  Quit after one class.

Probably the best decision I have ever made in such a very short period, after making a reckless one, in also a very short period.

17. Got locked out of the house for six hours.

Successfully de-ticked my dogs.  During tick season.  Painful, so painful.

18.  Car broke down enough times for me to let it go.

Will do so when whichever government slash down car taxes.

19. Fixed acne problem.


20.  Bought an apartment.

Also, was a spontaneous decision.

21. Finally made a new pair of glasses.

Figured if I can afford an apartment, I am capable of paying for a new pair of eyes.  And no, I'm not just being cute or a fucking hipster.  I really am visually impaired.

22. Went to the gym consistently.

And by consistently, I mean at least once a week. Hah.  Still got a 100 years to washboard abs.

23. Discovered the best drinking game ever.

The best part?  IT DOESN'T HAVE AN ENDING.

23.  Met best buds whom I haven't seen since forever.

As long as there are holidays and weddings, there we'll be.  On a normal working day, I could just rot by myself.

25. Partied hard.

So retardedly hard, photos can be used as blackmail.

And then I turned 26.