Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Hiatus

It's December and I have much sightseeing, eating, shopping,partying and camwhoring to do.


and internationally.

Until then, aloha!

P/S: Guess the two places! Winners get a congratulatory remark from me! :D

Monday, November 28, 2011

Turning 25 Like A Rock Star

I wanted to have a great night to celebrate my Silver year.

We started out nice, fresh and clean.

Then things started to get out of hand...when we broke one of the glasses playing a drinking dice game...and another.  Two broken glasses in less than an hour.

The next thing I know, I was on stage.

Sung 'Happy Birthday' to, forced to chug a beer and down a shot, danced and almost fell flat in front of the whole bar.

And the rest of the night was a flurry blur.


I even flashed my butt to the band.  Thanks to my batshit crazy friends.  And I was too pissed drunk to even notice.  Luckily, I wasn't wearing granny panties.  And luckily, no incriminating photos/videos were taken.   I'd have to quit my job like, now.  That's how insane it got.

But best of all, I got to live my rock star dream.

It was an atrocious, drunken attempt, but still...Rockstar Achievement: Unlocked.

So all I wanted was a great night.


I'd turn 25 all over again.

Even if I forget how to smile properly.

*Photos courtesy of them awesomely retarded friends

Friday, November 25, 2011

Bad Essay: Confessions of A 16 Year Old Casanova

Actually, his Engris isn't the worst.

He is just the worst person to be in a relationship with.

A systematic bastard genius, nevertheless.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Something Cute To Help You Go Through This Week

And when I say cute, of course it means my puppy.

You're welcome.

Saturday, November 19, 2011



Time to relax, unwind, watch too much tv shows, play too much Tower Defense games, spend too much time with my dogs, party till black out, shop till I have to owe my dad (again), go sightseeing and take pictures to post on FB just to gloat, hang out with old buddies and NOT wake up at 5 in the morn!

It's gonna be a great holiday.

Minus the part where I need to spend my free time cracking my head on how to prepare my last classes for SPM next year, plan awesome activities for my ELS club, wash the clothes, feed the dogs, sweep and mop the floor and cook.  Ah screw it.

Happy holidays teachers!

Non-teachers, hang in there - your 1 week leave is almost near! :D

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cheapest Solution For A Slippery Cheap Phone

I am not a techie.

I don't go crazy for the latest iPhone7, Blueberry, and Androidholyfuckrobotsaremakingusslaves.

It's because my wallet's empty a week before my next salary comes in it just doesn't appeal nor occur to me to buy the latest gadgets fresh from China factories with a billion dollar corporation label on it.

I buy only what's practical, and what's practical for me is this phone:

It's a Samsung E2652W Champ.

I like it 'coz it's a dual sim card phone with WiFi features.  The only things I need.  I no longer have to lug two phones with me ('coz I have two numbers if you're a bit slow) and always miss calls and reply messages late when I forget to bring either phone with me.  Plus it's cheap. Below RM400 - for a fully touch screen phone.  And it's sleek too.  All in all, a sweet deal.


Being sleek AND cheap has its drawback.

It easily slips from your hand and down it goes into three pieces. 


It has no grip at all.  Eff.

Once, I was about to take a call while ordering my food at KFC and it just effing slipped out of my non-greasy hand.  One part landed near my feet, the other on the counter, and the last part almost went into the fried chicken grill rack.  The cashier kindly returned pieces of my handphone to me.  I bet her phone's waaay sophisticated than mine.  Because she gave me that smile.  Psh.  I bet she doesn't have a car loan.  Psh.

Even though I dropped it accidentally slips out of my hand and breaks apart all time, it still works well.  'Cept for the alarm.  It can creepily set off at midnight without me ever setting it.

So I just can't throw it out! 'Coz it still works.  Another principle I live by is to not waste things.  I'm still wearing my Maybelline eyeshadow which have expired 3 years ago 'coz there's still tones of it.  I need to get the sty on my eye checked though.

Back to my problem.  Since it is an el cheapo phone, they don't sell accessories for this type of phone, say a rubber casing, rubber side grip and whatnots.  Not even on Ebay.

So this is what I do:


Sunday, November 13, 2011


...Till I get married.


Don't tell me you almost believed that.  You're an idiot if you do.

What I wanted to say was...


I know fellow teachers would rejoice with me, but non-teachers would love, love to punch my face right now.


Well, you haters can put a sock in it 'coz we'll probably will be caged in our classrooms longer next year as some genius decide to extend our working hours to 9 whooping hours.

For those who say we deserve it because we 'only work half day' and we have gazillion holidays, well...

I can go on and on and on about the shit we've to put up with in class, at the staffroom and at home, but I choose not too.  My other fellow teachers can do that.  Here's what I can do and say:  FUCK YOU.

SO yes, back to my ecstatic mood before next year when somebody decides that in only 6 months, it is enough to tell whether students and teachers should spend 9 hours at school, I would like to reiterate that I have only 5 days left to wake up at 5 in the morning and probably have a hurricane of a week writing reports, completing datas and playing Angry Birds on my mom's tab during boring end-year meetings.

So yes, have a great final week teachers!

And good luck to all SPM candidates!

And suck it up non-teachers 'coz we gon' have a loooong holiday ahead :D

PS: I apologise to my loyal non-teacher readers if I you feel offended because I love you and I need your traffic (but I'm not sorry to haters.HAHA.)

PPS: IT'S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH TOO! I'll pm my home add to you for those who are on my Facebook :D

Oh yeah, oh yeah!

Monday, November 7, 2011

How To Feed 6 Hyperactive Puppies

When they were just a few weeks old, feeding time was a joy to due their adorableness.

Then they got bigger.

And bigger.

And they just won't stop growing.

Still totally adorable though.  But they can maul you.  Seriously.  They almost got my bro's jugular.  He could have bled to death.

So you can imagine the mayhem of feeding time now.

But not anymore.

'Coz we have a system now.

Chain.  Feed. Unchain.

Someday when on a whim you decide to get half a dozen of puppies, especially Labs or other hyperactive dogs, this may be your solution.

Behold, the miracle system of feeding six hungry little monsters.

FYI, we decided to keep Puput after all (her supposed couldn't take her due to an unfortunate event).

So more fun for us!

And chances of getting mauled.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Significantly Insignificant

Somebody got awarded this:

It was definitely not me.