Sunday, October 30, 2011


Attended KK Waterfront's Oktoberfest during the weekend.

We didn't drink much.

Only one mug per person.

I know this photo can cost my job, but screw it.  I traded shopping and movies for grading retarded papers the whole day.  I deserve this.  Damn it I deserve this.

No party photo is complete without the duck face

Best of all, we get to keep the big ass mug!

I heart Octobers now :D

Happiness comes in the form of bloating, piss-inducing beverage

Thursday, October 27, 2011

RM3000 For Birth Certificate?

This is article is taken from

Dear Editor,
I would like to share with you and to all Sabahans who are very concerned with the increasing numbers of foreigners in our beloved state, on a very shocking revelation pertaining the said issue. The numbers may be increasing, but what most of us do not know is, their children are becoming legal citizens of this country, incognito.
We found out about this when we went for our regular trip to a ‘rombengan’ where we listened in awful shock, the story of a Timorese-Tator lady, owner of one of the rombengan stalls, who got her child to have a legal birth certificate.

She and her husband are legal workers here. They have their passports and whatnots. They seem to be making quite a fortune here, too. Of course, they want their children to have a good life too. 

Sabah seems to be a good place to raise their kids. They have enough money to buy a way in for their kids in this country. And apparently, every foreigner who makes enough money will buy their kids the chance to be Malaysian.

With RM3000, they can get their kids to have a birth certificate. They would pay the locals deep in the rural area this amount of money to get them to bring their newborns to the registration department.

These foreigner babies would then be christened according to the locals’ family name. And their race? Would be according to that said locals. And just like that, these foreigner kids are legally local. How the registration department could allow such things, we would never know.

She didn’t end her story there. Probably when she started talking, she couldn’t stop. We just put on our best poker face in fear she’d stop when she realised we were extremely appalled. When their kids reach twelve, they then will seek the same local family for one more transaction. 

Another RM1,000 to bring their children to get their identification cards done. They now can go to school like the locals, and enjoy the benefits of the locals, despite having passport holder parents. And nine years later, they will be eligible to vote for the governing power that can fulfil their needs and protect their rights.

So now, their secret is out on the open. It may not be a well-known secret, but I really hope that can do its part in making sure the people are aware of such disgusting ‘transactions’.

I also hope that those people in power can do something about this horrific issue. We do not know how long this thing as has been going it, but one thing is for sure, if it continues; we, the locals will soon be outnumbered, and doomed.

Bad Regards,


I wanted to blog about this, but then again, I was afraid it would become a 'sensitive issue' and I'd be hunted down to take an oath that I was pissed drunk when I wrote it.  

But I'm pretty sure you damn right know who wrote this article. :D


Monday, October 24, 2011

Sausage The Riot Dog

Think your dog is a rebellious mutt?  Who protests being collared, shooed out of the house, or be given its medicines?

Well for those who don't know it yet, I'd like you to meet Loukanikos, or 'Sausage' in Greece.

He is Athen's world famous Riot Dog.

He is only a stray, but he's at almost every major protest in Greece since 2008.

But Sausage isn't the first Riot Dog in Greece.  He is the successor of the first Riot Dog, Kanellos.

Kanellos had been 'attending' riots since the 90's.  He appeared in photographs of general assembly of students in the occupied National Techical University of Athens, as a puppy.  Can't imagine how awfully cute that would had been.  But he died in 2008 of possibly old age.

And now Greece has Sausage.

And he's been with the people of Greece ever since.

Fighting along side with his human pack for the same cause (a few pets and treats perhaps?)

And probably sometimes taking things into his own ehem, paws.

Making the people all the more believe in the cause they are fighting for.  'Coz if this mutt cares, why can't the people care?

He's so famous, there are even caricatures about him.

You can read more about him here.

And let your heart melt watching this collection of pictures and videos of him fighting side by side with the protestors.

Now go and hug your dogs 'coz they are the best.  Whether they refuse to take their vitamins or not.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Blob In My House

There's a blob in my house.

It's black and white in colour.

It shows up in random places.

Beside your hand,

...or just blending in the background.

Sometimes it wanders away from its lair.

Sometimes it just hangs with Mother Blob.

Or snuggles with Mother Blob.

And attacks Mother Blob when hungry.

On rare occassions, it will show its face of terror.

Just don't make it angry.  You will definitely die of cuteness.

Don't say I didn't warn ya.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Toast Lesson

If you were ask to give a toast, what would you say?

If you've been together with a group of people for years, and soon, y'all gonna part ways, what would you say?

I gave my kids the chance to say everything they need to say before they sit for their SPM in one month's time, and before they no longer be as a collective.

I'd just like to brag say that I have given the best lesson ever.

As dejected as I am with the crappy things I've gone through the past few months pertaining to my students, there's still a little genius and awesome in me.

To give a toast, of course we need champagnes and glasses.

But of course, I'm still in my right mind to not pump alcohol into underage kids.

So sparkling juice and paper cups were the order of the day.

This activity was to mark the 30 days left before their SPM and to get whatever that needs to be taken out from their system before facing the most important exam of their lives.  For now.

Plus I was sick of marking 42 essays every week.  It's the perfect excuse.  But back to my noble intention.

I was inspired by Erin Gruwell's Toast For Change activity, where her delinquents made promises to themselves to be better.

I was a little bit nervous though, scared it wouldn't turn out as magical as it should.

Plus we received hard stares from teachers passing by as we do look like we were partying at 8.30 in the morning.  In which we were SUPPOSED to do intensive exercises to prepare for the major exam.  But no, not in my class.

I went first.  To be the model, so that they have ideas on what to say.

I notice I make really weird toast faces.  This was the least weirdest.

 So one by one, each student said what was needed to be said.  There were smiling, laughing, sniffing and surreptitious sipping of the juice when I told them a millions times not to till everyone has given their toast.

Then it became a tear fest.

Also, a knee jerk reaction to people getting emotional is to laugh awkwardly.

How can it not when everyone started pouring out their feelings? Apologies were made, best luck were wished, and best of all, friendships mended and now, stronger.  It was classroom magic.

Best lesson ever - giving kids the platform to speak out.

Finally I felt good about being a teacher, after such a long time.  Not one who groans whenever it's time to enter class.

But of course, the good things don't last too long.  There's always a kid who would rather tear his own exam paper (YOUR subject paper) because you threatened to do so if he refuses to submit his paper earlier because he just won't shut the fuck up during exam.

Fuck it.  I'm going back to my happy place.

So yeah, best lesson ever.  Y'all teachers out there could try popping champagne sparkling juice bottles in class some time (when you feel sick of teaching/forgot to plan the lesson of the day)  and let the magic take over.

Remember to bring back the bottles though.  It DOES NOT reflect well on you.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pros & Cons of Exam Month

It's that time of the year again.  I was really looking forward to it.

But as I stared into space, stood and occassionally walked across the classroom with my 3" pumps for 2 bleeding hours, invigilating an exam class which did not provide me with a chair, I thought of reasons why I should hate it instead.  This was when my low battery phone didn't allow me to play Sudoku.  This was 15 minutes after the exam started.  So yes.  Almost went out of my mind just now.

So I have thought of the pros and cons of exam month for teachers - so that I can decide whether I should love it or hate it.

'Teacher' as defined in this post is "a person who has one year teaching experience, absolutely driven and has full of ideas, but breaks down when it comes to teaching demotivated kids with zero-basic English."

1. No lesson planning, no teaching.
2. Will have lots of free time.
3. Sneaking out is almost legal.
4.  It's the end of the semester.  Time to sit back and see how much you have sowed.

1. Invigilating exams is a bleeding bore.
2.  Marking papers after exams could lead to suicide.
3. May need to bring work home due to required dead lines.
4.  It's the end of the semester.  Time to be depressed again seeing how much you have actually successfully sown.

Damnit - it's tied. It's a love-hate relationship for me then.

So teachers.  Do you like Exam Month?

Monday, October 10, 2011


You remember my toydog mutt, Ting Ting?


It's really hard to determine who's the dad...

Because he (it's a male!) looks exactly like mom!

Unfortunately, there's only one of him.

Tempting my mom to keep the pup when she has already promised thousands of people to give Ting Ting's pup 'coz she didn't want to let go of Sookie's pups.

With his little pink feet and tongue sticking out while sleeping...

Can't really blame my mom, right?

It's like having our own little panda cub.  Only it's the size of a hamster.

Well here's to another busy 3 months.

In which we are gladly obliged.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Damn You School Internet!

Betcha heard me complaining how my school of 1500 students and 150 teachers, and is the second runner-up of the best school rank in my town, doesn't have WiFi?

Our boss just wouldn't let us have it.  In fear of us NOT entering class and doing our jobs.

I mean like, psh, if we want to skip work, we would skip work, with or without the Internet.  Am I right?

Anyways.  Recently, one of our I.T. teachers went rogue and installed a router so that we would have Internet.

It was supposed to be a secret. 

But with 150 teacher around, how do you keep such a secret?

So our boss soon found out about it.  Didn't know the shit our brave colleague had to go through, but he made a deal with the boss to compromise with the situation.

It has to adhere to the ministry's policy of having the Internet at the workplace.

That means no social networking websites.

In which I'm totally cool about it.

Then I found out they blocked EZTV.

For being a P2P sharing site.

Fine.  I don't need the school's Internet to download the second episode of Desperate Housewives.  Just wondered if it could.

But then they blocked Youtube.

For being a video sharing site.

I've only seen kitty porn in Youtube, not human porn.


Don't they know that we cool teachers get most of our teaching resources there?

Just when I thought I could bring all my books and resources to school and plan my lessons at school.  They just rendered the Internet useless.

And of course, they blocked most of my favourite websites that I visit daily.

They blocked PerezHilton for being a 'blog' and contains 'adult photos'.  I blame Heidi Montag's tatas.

But luckily they didn't block personal blogs.

Here are the other websites that are blocked for all the stupid reasons:

Collegehumor is bad for government servants because it contains humour.  We government servants must always be serious and grave.  We do not laugh or smile at work.  That's just how we roll.  

And people, I assure you, there are no videos of college girls making out here.  Pictures maybe.  One really epic one.  But it's mainly a humour site.

But even if these websites poke fun at sex, people having sex, or people NOT having sex, aren't we all adults here?  Maybe there are government sectors who hire kids and hormonal teens in their workforce.

They further prove that their sense of humour is non-existent when they blocked this site:

The home of LOLcats. REALLY?!

And finally, this is the best:

Damn You Auto Correct is categorised as "Tasteless".

Well sorry for not visiting 'sophisticated' websites like Utusan and Berita Harian!

I just don't understand why they want to block video/photo/file sharing and social networking sites.  I mean, when we were in teacher's training college, yes maybe - 'coz they think we're young and would do stupid things/easily influenced, but c'mon.  We're adults here.  Sure, they might be slackers out there, but NOT all of us are slackers and will abandon work to play Restaurant City.  Might as well ban the air-conditioner, the cafe, the pantry and the toilet 'coz we would definitely skip work to hang out there.  With or without the Internet.

But most of all, I wish they'd just lighten up a lil bit on the humour sites.  Geezus.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sookie's Pups - 3 Months Old!

 More like 11 weeks actually.

And it's been 3 weeks since Velvet was taken, and 2 weeks since Puggie was adopted.  We still have Puput with us. :D

Her new family has yet to come get her.

But anyways, here are just some puppy updates for you who's suppose to be doing something productive rather than blogwalk or whatever euphemisms you use for procrastinating.

First of all, they are as big as Ting Ting, the adult and heavily pregnant (yes, pregnant! How could I forget to announce that?) toy dog mutt.

Especially Raphael A.K.A. "Bear".

Due to that, the pups LOVE picking on her.

In which she ABSOLUTELY hates.

When they are not picking on Ting Ting, they pick on each other.

I forsee a lot of Scarfaces.  So better dote on them while they are still cute and perfect.

Secondly, they are SUPER active now.  It's impossible to keep up with their energy.

Besides that, each puppy now has developed their own characteristics.  Raphael has the potential to become the Alpha.  Hershey is uber active, playful and truly living up to her name - really kissey! Chokie seems aloof most of the time, but when she wants attention, she'll get it.  Mikey loves to be coddled.  Puput loves being affectionate with the adult dogs, but always get into trouble for it - hence making her really submissive.  And as for Gabriel, he LOVES to be carried around like a baby - and ALWAYS nudges you to carry him.  You can just carry him/put him on your lap for hours and he won't budge.

But the one thing they have in common is...


Feeding time + 6 hungry puppies + 5 hungry adult dogs = Chaos.

Also, they are living up with their breed's special ability - fast learner.  It took me just two weeks (and missing a few days in between) teaching them basic commands like 'sit' and 'hand'.  I gave up on the other basics after 'hand'.  C'mon, there's 6 of them.  I don't have all day.

Some of them know how to play 'fetch' too, without being taught/rewarded.

But of course, if you leave the ball too long with them, the next thing you know is bits and pieces of it will appear in their poop.

And finally, they are still as cute as ever.

No matter in what kind of mischief. 

For now.

Oh, I almost forgot.  As y'all can see, most of them have yellow/greenish eyes like their dad(s).  Even their facial features are almost similar.  Only but one puppy.

Gabriel totally inherited Sookie's round puppy dog eyes!  Even their coat is the same.

Hence the update of my pups.  Do I miss the other two? Sometimes.  Like, I wonder what it would be like if there were still 8 toddler puppies running around the lawn.  But when I change the scenario to feeding time...yeaaah...I'm sure they are happier where they are now.

So we're good with 6 for now.  FOR NOW.