Thursday, March 31, 2011

Let's Poco Poco for Jesus!

You heard me, fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!  Let us dance for the Lord!

Apparently, according to the latest news, the Poco Poco dance originating from fuckidontcarewhere is very "Christian".  How come we didn't know that?! I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the Perak Jawatankuasa Fatwa for enlighting us with such wonderful news! Though now we can no longer do that dancerobic with our Muslim friends as it is now 'haram' for them, we are nevertheless ECSTATIC now that we Christians can call that dance OUR OWN! YAY!

Thank you for showing us blind Christians the light! Now that we know that this dance is "Christian", can you imagine how MUCH we have sinned for NOT incorporating this Poco Poco in our Sunday Masses and prayer rituals?  Why didn't they taught this in Sunday School? And oh the Bible! How can they NOT mention about it?!  Or maybe I should read the Bible more!  So once again, I would like to thank the people who made it possible for us Christians to stake a claim on this holy dance! *touched*

So remember brother and sisters in Christ, whenever we want to worship Jesus/read the bible/receive the holy communion/pray for something, don't forget to get your Poco Poco on with the Lord!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bedroom Intruder

he’s climbin' in your windows
he’s snatchin' your people up
tryna rape em so y’all need to
hide yo kids, hide yo wife
hide yo kids, hide yo wife
hide yo kids, hide yo wife
and hide yo husband
cuz they rapin' errybody out here

Well, my bedroom intruder didn't climb any of my windows.

He just trotted in, leaving foot marks! How crazy is that?

Not so much when he's four legged.  Luckily, no territory was marked.


Have your pets been any sneaky lately?

Friday, March 25, 2011



If you have no idea what song is currently horrifyingly stuck in my head, I present to you, internet's latest victim sensation.

Rebecca Black!

Hate her or love her, she has produced THE ULTIMATE Friday anthem.  'Coz you know, we ALL love Fridays, don't we? And the internet ADORES her!

Are your ears bleeding already? Stabbed your eyes yet? Finally learned the days of the week by heart?

Great! Now let's sing it together again to celebrate this glorious day!


Now to make the most important decision of all time:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Only in Keningau

We have e-recycle.

Now you know what to do with your computers and printers from 2000 B.C.

Aaand I'm back from my short break. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

A new family member!

No, nobody popped out a baby nor dropped by an adoption centre.

But we got a new pet!

Can you guess what that black and white furry thing is under the bench?

Hint: Not a rabbit, guinea pig, kitten nor baby panda.

Yup, you guessed right - IT'S A PUPPY!

Though I do would like to have a panda cub.

People, meet Wong Ting Ting.

Or in short, Ting Ting.  She's a mutt - probably a Terrier, Japanese Spitz and Border Collie rolled into one.

Why doesn't she have an English name like the rest of her siblings - Bubut (Boot), Cody, Toby and Sookie you ask? Well, just look at her face.

 Still not convinced?


The reason we got her is because we thought that Sookie would get too big for Bubut to mate with.  

So we needed a dog smaller enough for him to ahem, mount.

Ting Ting wouldn't be much of a problem as being at almost three months old, she's only slightly bigger than a plastic cup.

She's so tiny, she makes Bubut look like a full grown German Shepard.  And sometimes we wonder if she's too small for him to ahem, hump.

And makes Sookie look simply like a giant.

They are BFFs though.  Which we're really glad - no sibling rivalry.  Bad news is, Sookie is her role model.  Whatever she does, Ting Ting will follow suit.  Even if it means slurping residues of our lunch in the drain.  Yup, this tiny tyke ain't afraid to get down and dirty.  Just like Big Sis.

So beware people, there are now two bitches in the house. 

Not including me.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Holidays are here, but not for Japan

After all the school related carnage I went through for the past few weeks, the day that I have been waiting, yearning and thirsting for has finally arrived.


I have never needed a break so bad.  Wait, hold that thought. Hm. I always needed a break so bad.  Okay, forget I said that.

But anyway, I do feel like I am able to breath out, every ounce of musle in my body could relax and my mind could just stop, stop spinning.

For the past few weeks, I have done more things that I could have ever done in my entire life.  Wait, hold that thought.  Alright! I'm exaggerating! So effing what. 

I feel like I'm Superwoman.  I guess every teacher should have the right to feel like a loaded god complex.

And I would like to go on and on and on about how difficult my life is, as intended for this post, but news broke on how Japan was hit by an 8.9 magnitude earthquake and THE most terrifying tsunami caught on live camera, ever.  Looking at how lives were completely wiped off from the surface of the earth, survivors reduced from agricultural giants to nothingness, and the whole Japan, the most highly technologically advanced country is destroyed - physically and economically.  Last I check, their oil refinery is still burning down with a domino effect.

It humbled me.  Slapped me first, then humbled me.  I'd pop a champaign to celebrate my holiday (yes, that's how badly I need it), but it just doesn't feel right when people not far from here are dying, and those who are not dead are digging out bodies of their loved ones from their premature graves.  I guess being a teacher has made me more empathetic.  Or maybe 'coz it's Lent.

I'd jump and shout for joy for my one week break, but I'd rather tune in to CNN to get some updates.  And to find out whether Philipines would suffer the wrath of nature as predicted.  And you know what that means for us Sabahans. 

My heart goes out for victims of the loss, and those in countries which are predicted to get hit next, especially New Zealand, who is just getting on their feet and Indonesia, whom I believe is truly traumatised. 

Let's be nice for once and remember them in our prayers, shall we?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Debate Competition: Third place - LOUD and PROUD

We got third place!

Or rather, we beat four other schools to get into the semi finals!

Though we didn't win, and people (including those who needed us to win for the sake of the school's name) gave us pitiful and dissapointed glances, we have something to say to them  - SUCK IT!  The last time my school sent a team was like, 7 years ago.   I'm here now, so, you're welcome.

We have never debated in our whole life, so we didn't know a single thing about it.

Knowing what we were up against, we just wanted to have fun.

But what do you know? We beat the crap out of our first opponent.

And of course, we were reminded not to use harsh language in the next round.  One of the judges was my classmate back in university, and he assumed I wrote the script for them.  Ridiculous! They were already bad ass before I showed up.  Or rather, I'd like to think that way. 

Then the second round came, and we lost to a school with faggy blazers.  They have a teacher who was a national debater champion to assist them, so yeah, they had the upperhand.  Who am I but only a newbie.  Plus, we were the Government believing that sex education is the key to prevent sexual immorality.  (For weeks I wanted to shoot myself in the foot for suggesting such controversial topic - but the tendency to inflict harm to myself has ceased).  But worst of all, we lost to a school with faggy blazers.  Come on, blazers should be in dark colour, not the colour of the puke of a kid who was forced to eat vegetables for the first time!

So I was afraid my kids would feel dissappointed, but they were still as uplifted as they were when it was announced they won the first round.

I promised them that I'd treat them at KFC if we won.  Seeing that they already felt like winners, walking tall and proud, I did fulfill my promise.

We were all first timers, the noobs and the underdogs, and we barely had time to train, but we made it to third place, LOUD and PROUD.

And we are going to kick serious ass next year.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So I FINALLY got interviewed yesterday.

And everything went well. Hallelujah!

First of all, I almost screwed my interview.

Complete documents are THE essential thing to land a seat at the er, hot seat.

My documents were well damn ready like, pfft, two weeks ago.

So what could go wrong, right?


There's this interview form to be filled out by our principle, which is noted as SULIT (confidential) that I'm not suppose to see, that should be handed in an envelope to be given to the interview personnel.

The only problem is that I didn't know I had to put it in a darn envelope.

I could've been sent away immediately and to apply this interview again, and wait for another half a year.

Luckily the personnel was nice enough to brush this problem aside.  Or in her honesty, lazy to put up with my whiny crap and near future incessant begging.

If she was one uptight bitch, I would've gouged my eyes and soak it in cyanide for missing a WHOLE two inch paragraph in BOLD script about how important it is to seal the document. *note to self: read EVERYTHING in an official job letter in the future.

So yeah, lucky.

Then she told us something unheard of pertaining the interview.

We were gonna be in a group interview!

It is sweet.  You can plagirise your group member's excellent answers and make it your own.

Or you can screw up as you give an equally wrong answer.

Our first question was:  How many 1000s are there in a million?

Quick, what's your answer?  No changing it once I tell you.

Being a person who studies English, literature, pedagogy and what not for 6 years, and teaching it for 'bout 7 months, I answered 100 000 - confident and proud that I still have that mathematical genius in me when I was in school.

And my group members blindlessly followed suit.  If your answer isn't 1000, go do the maths again.

The interview exclaimed that we would've failed immediately, if this wasn't the prelimenary interview.

To show you how dumb I am in maths now (note that I always got A when in school -I swear!), it took me till the end of the interview to figure out that I was wrong, and that it is not even a 'trick' question.  You know, those questions with ridiculous answers?  Nope, pretty straightforward, my friend.

Then the rest of the interview went well, there were no factual or policy related questions, just him asking general school related questions and him talking most of the time.  Which was pretty fine with us.

So I have a great feeling about this interview.  Hopefully, by the end of the year, I'd be promoted to a full-fledged teaching stick.

On a side note, for future new teachers going for this SPP interview, or anyone going for any interview at all, this would really be helpful for you:

Thank you Collegehumor!