Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Review: 10 Things to Achieve in 2011 - And What Have I Actually Achieved

10 more days till 2011.


It feels like I just wrote a post on the 10 things I have to achieve in 2011, then suddenly I wake up this morning realising that 355 days have passed.


Yeah. Time is just a fickle dude.  One moment you feel like jabbing your eyes 'coz your meeting was gonna last for an eternity, and one moment, you're here, 10 days before the end of 2011.


Okay, so back to my 2011 list of achievements and non-achievements.  Let's see how successful I was.

1. Pass my teaching interview (SPP).

Achievement Unlocked!

2. Get my profession certified and promoted to a full-fledged teacher.

My letter of certification will arrive aaanytime now.

3. Make extra money.

I did! But for like, only for a few months.  I got lazy.  I value my free time of doing nothing more than money, it's absurd.

4. Have half of my students in my dumb class pass their SPM.

This goal is pretty invalid as I didn't get to teach this class again this year.  But I did manage to push my Es and Ds students to get Cs, Bs and even As.

5. Achieve flawless, blemish-free skin.


6. Restrain from eating too much oily food and more greens.

I did this...sorta.

7. Go to the gym regularly.

Failed. Only went the first few months, which became less frequent...till I totally stopped. I think it was because of work.  Yeah, that has to be it. Really!

8. Save the world by using reusable bags.

Did it! But I ALWAYS forget to bring dem bags.  But I consider this as done, as it does become a habit, when I don't totally forget about the green bags in my car compartment. Somewhere.

9. Go bungee jumping in New Zealand.

Task failed :(. But I went to the Philippines and Cambodia instead :D

10. Continue to be an awesome teacher.

Despite the shiteous things I went through, I still came out awesome.

All in all, 7 out of 10.  THAT IS AN ACHIEVEMENT, RIGHT?

Had I only achieved 3 goals, well, that's mighty depressing and I'd write cynical posts on how overrated new year's resolution.

But this is actually fun.  I get to see how successful, and unsuccesful I am in life.

Now what shall I achieve in 2012? *holyfuckshititsalmost2012* 

If we don't die, that is?


Lizeewong said...

Hehe..I love your reflection. I failed #7 too, plus other new year resolutions :/ Btw Manda, how did the microdermabrasion treatment go? You never blogged about that.

chegu carol said...

Well done! half of your resolutions ticked bah tu.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Lizee: hehe. we have another year to get that right! yeah, thought of doing it, bila yg ngam2 one year already, coz that's how long the results can be seen. if i still can tahan la. hehe

carol: yup2 :D

TaQuiLa said...

half of those checked suda pun! ok la ba least ada progression.hhehee

anyway, lucky u ooo, coz when u totally stop from the gym's regime but not gained any weight ni!

ba, share ur 2012's resolutions..heeee

Amanda Christine Wong said...

sheila:, but muscle2 yg ada trus jadi flabby ni...kin panas :/