Friday, December 30, 2011

2011: The Year That Was

Yeah, I had to jump onto the 2011 summary/highlights/recap bandwagon.

It's like making you read my whole year's blogposts once again.

But I'm sure you have no qualms with that right? If you do then just skip this shit out.

First, the shitty things.

1. Learned that kids these days are pretty damaged and there's a thin chance you can fix them.

2. Learned that being a teacher sucks.

And now, the awesome things.

1. Got myself a ride. LIKE A BOSS.

2. Went to the Philippines and Cambodia.

3. Passed my uber important interview.

4. Sookie gave birth to eight bouncing puppies! And Ting Ting too!

5. Celebrated my 25th birthday like a rock star.

6. Learned that being a teacher can sometimes (read sometimes) be one of the best decisions I didn't make.

Hm, looks like 2011 has been good to me after all.

Happy new year people. May the apocalypse be postponed.

P/s: How was your year? :D


de engineur said...

Wishing you a prosperous new year and happy teaching! Keep up the 'absolute wickedness', it's unique.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

de engineur: thanks! happy new year to u too :D

Lizeewong said...

Happy New Year wicked Manda! Keep writing awesome posts for us and making videos that make me laugh to tears :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Lizee: heheh...thanks! you too! :D