Monday, November 7, 2011

How To Feed 6 Hyperactive Puppies

When they were just a few weeks old, feeding time was a joy to due their adorableness.

Then they got bigger.

And bigger.

And they just won't stop growing.

Still totally adorable though.  But they can maul you.  Seriously.  They almost got my bro's jugular.  He could have bled to death.

So you can imagine the mayhem of feeding time now.

But not anymore.

'Coz we have a system now.

Chain.  Feed. Unchain.

Someday when on a whim you decide to get half a dozen of puppies, especially Labs or other hyperactive dogs, this may be your solution.

Behold, the miracle system of feeding six hungry little monsters.

FYI, we decided to keep Puput after all (her supposed couldn't take her due to an unfortunate event).

So more fun for us!

And chances of getting mauled.


DoRa Priscilla said...

wow they grow fast! :D still adorable as always

Amanda Christine Wong said...

yeah,they do n still are! :D