Saturday, November 19, 2011



Time to relax, unwind, watch too much tv shows, play too much Tower Defense games, spend too much time with my dogs, party till black out, shop till I have to owe my dad (again), go sightseeing and take pictures to post on FB just to gloat, hang out with old buddies and NOT wake up at 5 in the morn!

It's gonna be a great holiday.

Minus the part where I need to spend my free time cracking my head on how to prepare my last classes for SPM next year, plan awesome activities for my ELS club, wash the clothes, feed the dogs, sweep and mop the floor and cook.  Ah screw it.

Happy holidays teachers!

Non-teachers, hang in there - your 1 week leave is almost near! :D


debrajill said...

wow! syok o! cant wait for my holiday too~ ehe

Daniel Chiam said...

Haha Happy Holiday Amanda =)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Debrajill: yay!

Daniel: thanks! :D