Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cheapest Solution For A Slippery Cheap Phone

I am not a techie.

I don't go crazy for the latest iPhone7, Blueberry, and Androidholyfuckrobotsaremakingusslaves.

It's because my wallet's empty a week before my next salary comes in it just doesn't appeal nor occur to me to buy the latest gadgets fresh from China factories with a billion dollar corporation label on it.

I buy only what's practical, and what's practical for me is this phone:

It's a Samsung E2652W Champ.

I like it 'coz it's a dual sim card phone with WiFi features.  The only things I need.  I no longer have to lug two phones with me ('coz I have two numbers if you're a bit slow) and always miss calls and reply messages late when I forget to bring either phone with me.  Plus it's cheap. Below RM400 - for a fully touch screen phone.  And it's sleek too.  All in all, a sweet deal.


Being sleek AND cheap has its drawback.

It easily slips from your hand and down it goes into three pieces. 


It has no grip at all.  Eff.

Once, I was about to take a call while ordering my food at KFC and it just effing slipped out of my non-greasy hand.  One part landed near my feet, the other on the counter, and the last part almost went into the fried chicken grill rack.  The cashier kindly returned pieces of my handphone to me.  I bet her phone's waaay sophisticated than mine.  Because she gave me that smile.  Psh.  I bet she doesn't have a car loan.  Psh.

Even though I dropped it accidentally slips out of my hand and breaks apart all time, it still works well.  'Cept for the alarm.  It can creepily set off at midnight without me ever setting it.

So I just can't throw it out! 'Coz it still works.  Another principle I live by is to not waste things.  I'm still wearing my Maybelline eyeshadow which have expired 3 years ago 'coz there's still tones of it.  I need to get the sty on my eye checked though.

Back to my problem.  Since it is an el cheapo phone, they don't sell accessories for this type of phone, say a rubber casing, rubber side grip and whatnots.  Not even on Ebay.

So this is what I do:



DoRa Priscilla said...

Getah sayur! Works every time!

Amanda Christine Wong said...


Daniel Chiam said...

Hahahaha... its the fastest solution EVER! and most importantly it works like magic!

glorialupang said...

Hahaha...bala 3!!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Daniel: that's why!

Gloria: Ko pun nmpk sdh kan...haha

chegu carol said...

mana sudah itu sony z610 tu? hehehe

Aki said...

ko pikir,ni nokia 3310 si aki,pakai getah sayur juga ba.. nda slippery juga,cuma dia punya housing tebuka2 suda.. ^_^.v..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Kay: itu banyak rusak sdh..keypad la, speaker la, mic la...etc2..so it was time. 4 tahun jg la dia berkhidmat :')

Aki: hahaha...ngam laitu!

Lizeewong said...

How practical! Hehehe..lain lain kaler lagi tu.

I'm like you la Manda! I don't really give a hoot about the lastest iphone/blackberry. Jealous juga tgk org pakai tab but not jealous enough to get one ^__^

debrajill said...

yeah! asal ada kan! wa i didnt know that the samsung is dual sims..nice~! and wifi too! hehe

Amanda Christine Wong said...

lizee: that's coz tu ja yg dijumpa di drawer dapur...hehe...yup, maybe if we have a couple of grands to throw around, baru blh beli kan :D

debrajill: adaa...samsung ja yg brand bagus sikit ada dual sim. yg lain is CSL. but the wifi pun limited features jg la...huhu

Lizeewong said...

Iyaba..If I had the $$$ lama suda sia beli yg canggih2 :D

One of my colleagues at the office likes to place ALL her apples on her desk before she starts work. Kena susun lawa2 dulu baru dia buat kerja. Ipad, Iphone & Macbook. Hijau mata sia tgk :/

J. Izenhertz said...

Haha, why don'cha just sellotape it together? I got that one. It's not so bad. Nowaday I use it to piggyback wifi.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Lizee: LOL! kejam jg dia tu...or it could be for kamu punya motivation jg ba tu. to put it nicely!

J. Izenhertz: I need the grip. it's to slippery :/