Sunday, November 13, 2011


...Till I get married.


Don't tell me you almost believed that.  You're an idiot if you do.

What I wanted to say was...


I know fellow teachers would rejoice with me, but non-teachers would love, love to punch my face right now.


Well, you haters can put a sock in it 'coz we'll probably will be caged in our classrooms longer next year as some genius decide to extend our working hours to 9 whooping hours.

For those who say we deserve it because we 'only work half day' and we have gazillion holidays, well...

I can go on and on and on about the shit we've to put up with in class, at the staffroom and at home, but I choose not too.  My other fellow teachers can do that.  Here's what I can do and say:  FUCK YOU.

SO yes, back to my ecstatic mood before next year when somebody decides that in only 6 months, it is enough to tell whether students and teachers should spend 9 hours at school, I would like to reiterate that I have only 5 days left to wake up at 5 in the morning and probably have a hurricane of a week writing reports, completing datas and playing Angry Birds on my mom's tab during boring end-year meetings.

So yes, have a great final week teachers!

And good luck to all SPM candidates!

And suck it up non-teachers 'coz we gon' have a loooong holiday ahead :D

PS: I apologise to my loyal non-teacher readers if I you feel offended because I love you and I need your traffic (but I'm not sorry to haters.HAHA.)

PPS: IT'S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH TOO! I'll pm my home add to you for those who are on my Facebook :D

Oh yeah, oh yeah!


Zen said...

i'd say that 9-hour thing wouldn't really make a difference. it changes the time of which we punch our cards. but still way the go KPM, thanks a lot. i knew there was a catch when they announced the raise.

and of all people, why teachers?

p/s: i had to go back to the school in the middle of the holidays because it will be my "turn" on watch duty. dammit.

kei-1 said...

5 more days but I'm stuck with SPM invigilation.

My school is chosen as the pioneer for the 9 hours thing, we'll start with it next year.

Last Eid when I had a gathering with all my friends they said the same old thing, "oh so nice to be a teacher, so many holidays."

I don't need to explain stuff, you just offer them this "Come work as one of us for 1 month, then we'll talk again. Savvy?"

Most of the time it shuts them up good.

Lizeewong said...

Yay to the loooong holidays! and BOOOOOOOOOOOOO to the 9-hour thingy! That's just crazy oh. Never mind la Manda, you can worry bout that next year :)

Daniel Chiam said...

Congrats on your wedding xD mihahaha

Punya best jadi cikgu... >.<

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Zen: Yeah, I know some schools have already implemented the 9 hour policy. And yeah, that's prolly the catch :/. well teachers are the most important being of building a nation. or so i heard. lol, why cant u just pay them to take over ur slot?

Kei: I was choosen to invigilate...but i asked kalip to replace me 'coz i'll be going somewhere during the hols. it is a holiday for pete's sake. nice shot man. i think i should use that line the next time someone says the same thing to me.

Lizee: i knooow...yeah, worry about that next year :D

daniel: haha. really? why dont u just try applying for KPLI? :p

floyd said...

I thought with the current work and stuff teachers are doing, you guys are already working on a similar, if not more, number of hours with non-teachers.

BTW, enjoy your long holiday. You need/deserve it.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

floyd: gee thanks floyd! yeah, in fact, there are teachers who are working at that hours now.

Yen said...

best la ko kan friend always told me "jadi cigu ni bab cuti saja yang best, yg len2 semua pun kin panas" btul ka 2?

Ada tu one day i asked her "kalau mo banding time kita kerja private dulu(she's my x-colleague dulu)..mana lagi ok?"

trus dia bilang "ahhh..itu BUDUUHH tu" ..hahaha.

u see?erti dia jadi cigu still much much better dr kerja private kan :p

hehe..but think, biar pun apa durg ckp bab cuti tu la yang compensate semua tu kan.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Yen: yes, that's absolutely true...memang teruk la jadi cigu, but the holidays make it better. so that's why we deserve it! :D