Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sookie's Pups - 3 Months Old!

 More like 11 weeks actually.

And it's been 3 weeks since Velvet was taken, and 2 weeks since Puggie was adopted.  We still have Puput with us. :D

Her new family has yet to come get her.

But anyways, here are just some puppy updates for you who's suppose to be doing something productive rather than blogwalk or whatever euphemisms you use for procrastinating.

First of all, they are as big as Ting Ting, the adult and heavily pregnant (yes, pregnant! How could I forget to announce that?) toy dog mutt.

Especially Raphael A.K.A. "Bear".

Due to that, the pups LOVE picking on her.

In which she ABSOLUTELY hates.

When they are not picking on Ting Ting, they pick on each other.

I forsee a lot of Scarfaces.  So better dote on them while they are still cute and perfect.

Secondly, they are SUPER active now.  It's impossible to keep up with their energy.

Besides that, each puppy now has developed their own characteristics.  Raphael has the potential to become the Alpha.  Hershey is uber active, playful and truly living up to her name - really kissey! Chokie seems aloof most of the time, but when she wants attention, she'll get it.  Mikey loves to be coddled.  Puput loves being affectionate with the adult dogs, but always get into trouble for it - hence making her really submissive.  And as for Gabriel, he LOVES to be carried around like a baby - and ALWAYS nudges you to carry him.  You can just carry him/put him on your lap for hours and he won't budge.

But the one thing they have in common is...


Feeding time + 6 hungry puppies + 5 hungry adult dogs = Chaos.

Also, they are living up with their breed's special ability - fast learner.  It took me just two weeks (and missing a few days in between) teaching them basic commands like 'sit' and 'hand'.  I gave up on the other basics after 'hand'.  C'mon, there's 6 of them.  I don't have all day.

Some of them know how to play 'fetch' too, without being taught/rewarded.

But of course, if you leave the ball too long with them, the next thing you know is bits and pieces of it will appear in their poop.

And finally, they are still as cute as ever.

No matter in what kind of mischief. 

For now.

Oh, I almost forgot.  As y'all can see, most of them have yellow/greenish eyes like their dad(s).  Even their facial features are almost similar.  Only but one puppy.

Gabriel totally inherited Sookie's round puppy dog eyes!  Even their coat is the same.

Hence the update of my pups.  Do I miss the other two? Sometimes.  Like, I wonder what it would be like if there were still 8 toddler puppies running around the lawn.  But when I change the scenario to feeding time...yeaaah...I'm sure they are happier where they are now.

So we're good with 6 for now.  FOR NOW.


DoRa Priscilla said...

aww... so fast, they are huge..
Gabriel reminds me of my dog, so manja!every time when I sat down somewhere, she would climb to my lap, even when she is all grownup and she can't fit her body on my lap, she would keep on trying.. haha..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Dora: hehe..ya kan...mcm tu la kali si gabriel tu nanti :D

chegu carol said...

odoiiiii dogo! punya besar sudah si raphael...they are overweight manda! LOL! si velvet pun grow up so fast dia bilang her new master. havent got around to ask for her latest photo.

v said...

They are so cute. I know I always use the word cute but what else can depict such cuteness? May God bless your dogs with good health always. :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

carol: hehehe...i hope they're not?! big boned ba tuu...hehe. ya, ada dia message sy di fb...she's 7 kgs! mcm si raphael jg! but that was like two weeks ago..10 kg sdh kali now @_@. ba,next time la when u visit them again :D

v: uh, super duper cute? hehe...thanks! :D

Yen said...

ahaha...kiuuuuttt.. :D