Monday, October 24, 2011

Sausage The Riot Dog

Think your dog is a rebellious mutt?  Who protests being collared, shooed out of the house, or be given its medicines?

Well for those who don't know it yet, I'd like you to meet Loukanikos, or 'Sausage' in Greece.

He is Athen's world famous Riot Dog.

He is only a stray, but he's at almost every major protest in Greece since 2008.

But Sausage isn't the first Riot Dog in Greece.  He is the successor of the first Riot Dog, Kanellos.

Kanellos had been 'attending' riots since the 90's.  He appeared in photographs of general assembly of students in the occupied National Techical University of Athens, as a puppy.  Can't imagine how awfully cute that would had been.  But he died in 2008 of possibly old age.

And now Greece has Sausage.

And he's been with the people of Greece ever since.

Fighting along side with his human pack for the same cause (a few pets and treats perhaps?)

And probably sometimes taking things into his own ehem, paws.

Making the people all the more believe in the cause they are fighting for.  'Coz if this mutt cares, why can't the people care?

He's so famous, there are even caricatures about him.

You can read more about him here.

And let your heart melt watching this collection of pictures and videos of him fighting side by side with the protestors.

Now go and hug your dogs 'coz they are the best.  Whether they refuse to take their vitamins or not.


nGiau said...

such a lovely dog! :D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

ngiau: indeed!

Birthmark said...

I'd always like dogs.

Every now and then it came into my mind of getting one. The Pair recently got a toy poodle. Some more with your recent pups postings. And now this...

The only thing that is stopping me is my time. I'm rarely at home due to work.

It's a big commitment. Like raising a child, as I was told...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Birthmark: definitely. but u can google for low maintainence dogs,those aren't that needy. or the once so small, u can bring it to work :D

Birthmark said...

Nah. Bringing it to the office is not an option. Not in Malaysia.

I don't know, but I prefer larger dogs. Don't start with the breed. Make me more blur.

The other day, I followed Zoky back to her hometown. She has 2 dogs. While she was busy with her daughter-mother thingy, I was at the porch playing with them.

Spent hours massaging them. Especially the female, Yoyo. When I stopped massaging her face, she would grab my arm with her front leg. Like telling me not to stop. So cute! With those innocent eyes!

They are just strays. But very well-groomed. Clean. Does not smell. Even their fur looks great.

Birthmark said...

Maybe I should write something about that, too.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Birthmark: Cute. my dogs do that too. they paw me when i stop rubbing their bellies. like humans leh. yeah, maybe u should. that would be interesting.