Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Damn You School Internet!

Betcha heard me complaining how my school of 1500 students and 150 teachers, and is the second runner-up of the best school rank in my town, doesn't have WiFi?

Our boss just wouldn't let us have it.  In fear of us NOT entering class and doing our jobs.

I mean like, psh, if we want to skip work, we would skip work, with or without the Internet.  Am I right?

Anyways.  Recently, one of our I.T. teachers went rogue and installed a router so that we would have Internet.

It was supposed to be a secret. 

But with 150 teacher around, how do you keep such a secret?

So our boss soon found out about it.  Didn't know the shit our brave colleague had to go through, but he made a deal with the boss to compromise with the situation.

It has to adhere to the ministry's policy of having the Internet at the workplace.

That means no social networking websites.

In which I'm totally cool about it.

Then I found out they blocked EZTV.

For being a P2P sharing site.

Fine.  I don't need the school's Internet to download the second episode of Desperate Housewives.  Just wondered if it could.

But then they blocked Youtube.

For being a video sharing site.

I've only seen kitty porn in Youtube, not human porn.


Don't they know that we cool teachers get most of our teaching resources there?

Just when I thought I could bring all my books and resources to school and plan my lessons at school.  They just rendered the Internet useless.

And of course, they blocked most of my favourite websites that I visit daily.

They blocked PerezHilton for being a 'blog' and contains 'adult photos'.  I blame Heidi Montag's tatas.

But luckily they didn't block personal blogs.

Here are the other websites that are blocked for all the stupid reasons:

Collegehumor is bad for government servants because it contains humour.  We government servants must always be serious and grave.  We do not laugh or smile at work.  That's just how we roll.  

And people, I assure you, there are no videos of college girls making out here.  Pictures maybe.  One really epic one.  But it's mainly a humour site.

But even if these websites poke fun at sex, people having sex, or people NOT having sex, aren't we all adults here?  Maybe there are government sectors who hire kids and hormonal teens in their workforce.

They further prove that their sense of humour is non-existent when they blocked this site:

The home of LOLcats. REALLY?!

And finally, this is the best:

Damn You Auto Correct is categorised as "Tasteless".

Well sorry for not visiting 'sophisticated' websites like Utusan and Berita Harian!

I just don't understand why they want to block video/photo/file sharing and social networking sites.  I mean, when we were in teacher's training college, yes maybe - 'coz they think we're young and would do stupid things/easily influenced, but c'mon.  We're adults here.  Sure, they might be slackers out there, but NOT all of us are slackers and will abandon work to play Restaurant City.  Might as well ban the air-conditioner, the cafe, the pantry and the toilet 'coz we would definitely skip work to hang out there.  With or without the Internet.

But most of all, I wish they'd just lighten up a lil bit on the humour sites.  Geezus.


Daniel Chiam said...

I have to agree and disagree a bit with you. You do know that not adult is really adult enough to resist the temptation of whatever sites that is actually beneficial but for some reason and some idiots they just use those sites for their own personal pleasure and neglect what they were paid to do.

Well, it kinda happened in some big company that my friend work with. No internet = productive. Internet = start slacking.

Get a smartphone with a data plan... settle... haha XD

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Daniel: I guess there's probably more bad seeds than the good ones huh :/...mana puas pakai smartphone :p

Birthmark said...

Don't know if it's a good, or bad thing for you now.

I remember some years ago, at a so-called ad agency where I used to work, there is no Internet. Being a creative, reference books aren't enough. Imagine the hassle we have to go through for a little research. Not until I left years after they had it online.

Lizeewong said...

Okay that REALLY sucks. So your boss decides what's ok and what's not? Or does it all come under the Jabatan's system?

The only sites banned at my workplace are adult entertainment sites and of course FB. Other than that, everything else is accessible.

J. Izenhertz said...

There always a way. Change your own DNS configuration, use proxy, google translate website, domains ip instead of address etc. Personally I use VPN.

Read this article. :-)

With VPN such as Hotspot Shield, Ultrasurf, UltraVPN or any other you should be able to bypass the router restriction. The installation and configuration is pretty straight forward. I use VPN to bypass Celcom block.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Lizee: apparently.coz the pengets is the head of the jabatan. yeah, it should be that way. just ban porn n fb. ergh.

J. Izenhertz: yup, done and done :D. thanks for the info though. it could be useful someday.

Santafire said...

Mari beli broadband from me then. Maxis paling laju in Keningau :D

nobody can block your access now!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Santafire: sempat lagi advertising huh :p...well i got my problem fixed already :D. but thanks!

chegu carol said...

We have many Internet sources at work. Two wireless Streamyx account; one for the admin, one for the teachers. Plus, several wireless connection from the teachers' flat. Whoaaa, we are blessed with abundant Internet access.

zewt said...

and i tot the govt is trying to promote critical thinking... oh sorry, we are talking about the bn govt.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

carol: punya best :/

zewt: soon we'll be china :/

nc said...

pun kena block? adadaaaa

my place encourage internet :) the right ones la. bcos it helps us connect with the students (^_^)

bos pun ada fb. jgn add sja la. hehe

Amanda Christine Wong said...

nc: haha...i dont even add my colleagues!