Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Teacher's Dirty Secret

We all have secrets. 

Mild ones like, it was you who farted in the elevator; and serious ones like, uh, murder.

And when you have a "noble" profession like a teacher, those secrets could become dirty.  Like, you don't mind that your friends and family know about it, but it would be suicidal if your boss, colleagues AND students know about it.

I have one.

It's more like an embarrassing one, not dirty.  So I'm not talking about my sex tape.  Not that I have one.  I swear.  Moving on.

And thanks to Youtube, my students have found out about it.  And made fun of me EVERY TIME I enter class.  I could kill them, but I'd be charged with first degree mass murder.

For those who are familiar with TV show How I Met Your Mother, I call my outted secret as the Robin Sparkles Situation.

For those who aren't, Robin is a cool, sexy, funny and intelligent adult.  But when she was young, she did something embarrassing, and she kept it a secret.  Till her friends found out about it:

Since half of my school knew about my 'situation' already, I figure, why don't I just pull out the bandage, let the whole world see, and get it over with?

World, I present to you my short stint in a music video. Oh gawd, I'm going to regret this.

I didn't think they'd find this video, till oh, I don't know, maybe 5 years after the band make it real big?

Can you imagine the mean things my kids say to me? :/

P/S: This is my cousin's band, I got paid 50 bucks, and I only watched this vid twice -once when it came out, and another time when contemplating on blogging about it.  Creeps me out every time.  If you like what you hear (not see! not see!), 'like' them on their Facebook page.  They are doing pretty well in our local Sabah scene. (yes, I'm totally distracting you from the horrors of what you have just seen)

So, what other things do you think students shouldn't find out about their teachers?


Shamimi Haniza said...

Whatever they said about u, u know i am d first person who really proud. :-) btw, i really hope dat my students wont find our theatre vid on ur utube. Or else, i will be like u. ;-)

Miss Jess_Lyne said...

hahaha! that's a pretty fun video babe. At least you have been in one! It's something to be proud of and i bet the students mesti ikut-ikut your 'talk-to-the-hand' punya gesture kan? :D

Cynta said...

When u mentioned Robin Sparkles, I couldn't relate 'till I saw the music video..baru sia faham hahaha..

It's not that bad. Ok pun ;-)

v said...

They're good (as in reaaaal good!) Two thumbs up for the vid and your fabulosity! :D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Mimi: OMG! our theatre videos lagi! haha..well, i sangat2 love u :D

Jess: Oh gosh, if i layan lagi dorang tu...*cringe*

cynta: haha...nasib bukan sy yg nyanyi...hehe

V: yay! focus on the band :D

de engineur said...

The video clip is not bad at all, cikgu!
I know the local industry is never short of talents

Akue Achik said...

i am not even yet a teacher, but once my students know about my secret (in the future), it may be hard for them to trust me as their noble teacher..hahaha

but still, past is past..i don`t give a damn to it anymore.

Daniel Chiam said...

sa pun mau jadi femes!

Shamimi Haniza said...

U know i love u forever.

Melancholic Fool said...

Amanda Christine Wong,

U were a video babe!!!!

u know, every time i watch a music video i would wonder who's the babe sitting in the video being the vocalist lost/newfound/reconciled GF...

This time i know the babe!!

Its just;


sorry for calling u a babe three times...

nc said...

so what did u tell ur students? hehe..aiya..siok nya kalu sa dpt tease teacher sa..hehehe..

nyway, u look great.
ada part merajuk n pujuk2 o kn.. :)

karulann said...

LOL.... "Talk to my hand" move tu bah.. But the song is kinda nice to hear oh.. :) If I saw a vid of my teacher, seriously I would be having a blast teasing them about it.. And if I were your student, I would keep on using the "talk to my hand" move :P

chegu carol said...

Boleh saya ketawa dulu?

*ketawa sambil tutup mulut*

Tu part yang ko merajuk bah...Hahaha!

But Amanda, you did well there! If I didn't know you, I think you have done great job in acting. Tidak weird ni nampak. And your cousin's band is not bad at all. Siok juga dingar dorang punya lagu tu.

lilies.john said...

wow! nice one!!! not that bad bah pun ko sini.. plus, siuk tu lagu dia.. got 50 buck maa... appearance fee ka tu? he he
sy p like dulu durang d fb la! he he

Lizeewong said...

FUNNY!! hehehe...The sulking part tu ba yg funny...mcm kau berabis mau tahan ketawa ni hehehe...Btw, you look so tall in the video.

Definitely something to be proud of ba Cikgu glamour ^__^

Amanda Christine Wong said...

de engineur: ya think? well thanks :D

Akue Achik: haha. yeah, u shouldnt give too much thought on it. unless ur boss knows.

Daniel: haha..ba! p la cari band :D

Azhar: LOL. I can add that to my resume aye?

nc: oh nancy, pls dont remind me of the events in the clip ;p. haha. i just tell my students to shut it :D

Karulann: hahah...kasi kena balik kan...good idea!

carol: jahat o kauuu...lol. hm, kalo masuk tv ni kan i dont know la what will happen...

lilies.john: haha...cheap labour ba tu...ba, ngam la ko p support dorang :D

Lizee: oh gosh, the shoot was killing us! mau ketaaawa ja ni...yeah, at least when im old and wrinkly i can look back n say, hey, i did that! haha

J. Izenhertz said...

*Bwahahahacough~hackhaha* Hmm, it's not nice laughing at others mortifying moment but I can't help it.

At least your mum didn't discover the joy of blogging and spread your baby pictures all over the internet.

The, uh, scenes could have been better. I closed my eyes and listen to the lyrics and I've to say it sound okay.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

J.Izenhert: yeah, laugh all u want :P. at least i have nothing else to hide! maybe.

germaine said...

So thats you in the vid? Hee~ Nice!

ps: watched robin.. funny.. hehe

Amanda Christine Wong said...

germaine: im afraid so! yeah, robin rocks!

Blackcurrant said...

The scene at 1:01. Cool. Talk to the hand? XD

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Blackcurrant: oh gosh, dont remind me!