Friday, September 2, 2011

The Story of Stuck Puppy and Back Up Puppy

Once upon a time, there was a puppy who wanted to get into the house, just like her mom.

However, puppies aren't allowed inside the house, 'coz unlike Mom, there are EIGHT of them.

But  she tried anyway.

And got her head stuck.

So Stuck Puppy called for back up.

Back Up Puppy then used Puppy Dog Eyes.

It didn't work.

Back Up Puppy used Glamour/Mind Control.

It didn't work.

Back Up Puppy used Lick.

It didn't work.

Back Up Puppy used Bite.

It didn't work.

Back Up Puppy got frustrated.  Back Up Puppy attacked Stuck Puppy.

Stuck Puppy felt sad.

So Stuck Puppy went to sleep.

The End.

PS: Stuck Puppy, Back Up Puppy and Puput will be given away soon. So enjoy this last bit of them. :(

PPS: I decided not to give Hershey away, even if it means I'll get rotten elbows.  Like, how can you not, right?


♥BelLa Ace♥ said...

Too bad I can't have puppies as pet husband is a guntalou (penakut)guy..

chegu carol said...

eh, my earlier comment tida masuk.

anyways, sungguh gerigitan sia tingu si hershey lari2...and those gumuk2 pups...if only they all stay with you...i can pretty imagine the chaos they will create kalau sudah besar oh hahaha...but still, they are adorable!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Bella Ace: Aw, really? Puppies don't bite :D

Carol: I KNOW! Skrg pun mula sdh kasi headache e.g. eating my mum's plants...but their just too adorable to be mad at...but nda lama kena rotan2 jg tu...hehe

Lizeewong said...

Adui..CUTE gila oh si Hershey! No wonder la ko nda sanggup bagi :) chubby lagi ba, that's why extra adorable hehehe

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Lizee: hehe...i had to come up with a perfect excuse not to give her up ni...heh...

lilies.john said...

aduiiii... kiut owh... mau p pungut tu puppy tengah jalan la.. he he

v said...

Aiyayaiiii beyond cuteness!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

lilies.john: dia lari tu :D

v: teehee!