Monday, September 12, 2011

Saying Goodbye :(

After raising 8 pups for 8 weeks, it's time to say goodbye to 3 of them.

Velvet was adopted yesterday.

Carol came and took her for her new master.  You can read about it here.

At first I didn't feel that sad.  As in, bawling for the loss of one of my pup.

'Coz I mean, we have already decided a long time ago to give a few of them away, and also, it's only an animal.

But the minute I saw tears in my mom's eyes as Carol and hubby pulled away from the driveway and went to my dad's arm for comfort, I too started tearing involuntarily.

It's not only an animal.  It's my puppy that I've witnessed its birth.

She's my baby.



But when Kay told me her new master decided to retain her name, I felt so much better.  It feels like even though she is gone, she has brought a little part of us with her, and it will stay with her forever.(Melodramatic, I know.)

Plus her new master welcomed her with a collar!

So I'm convinced she's in good hands, and will be as loved as much as we did.  Probably pampered even more ('coz you know, there's only one of her, not eight).

Wong Plus 8

But she will be definitely missed and remembered forever.  Especially when all her other siblings are grown up and up to no good.  We'll be wondering if Velvet too has captured the neighbours' chicken.  Not like I'm implying anything that had happened recently.

My last perfectly imperfect shot with Velvet

And soon, the golden twins, Puput and Puggie will be adopted too.

Don't know if the separation will be as difficult and sad as Velvet, but I think my mom and I are stronger now.  I think.  Or we can just drop by their new masters house ('coz they live in the same hometown too) everyday to say hi.

Here's the last video of all of them attacking me with love.

And in the meantime, I still can have entertainment with the other pups.

Puppies, you will be dearly missed.  And so will by my 198 followers.


Aki said...

akhirnya c bebet diambil sudah oleh durang c Chegu Carol.. tu lah... waktu mula2 tingu tu gambar di blog si Chegu,sa bilang,macam si Amanda jak ni.. tengok2 ada nama ko sana.. hehe.. sa suka si Puput.. ^_^.v..

Lizeewong said...

Adui. Sad juga sia baca ni Manda :( Nasib you posted some happy pics at the end of your post :) Okay, this is totally unrelated but I think your mom is lovely XD (wanted to say hot but nanti lain pula bunyi dia)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Aki: hehe...ada tu sy nmpk ko comment mau minta...ya, si puput pun kiut :D

Lizee: mau kasi sedap hati jg ba tu..hehe...oh,i'm sure she'd be thrilled to hear that! :D

TaQuiLa said...

cute o ko mo gapus all of them! haha

chegu carol said...

Manda's mom is indeed still gorgeous.

Dont worry manda, every time i go my friend's house I make sure to snap photo of Velvet.

Jessie Yong Chui Shan said...

Ya, your mom look stunning! Don't feel sad dy, she is so adorable, I'm sure her new master will be a good person.^^

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Amanda, I like your stylish eloquence describing the parting of your puppies. They are adorable, cute.
Incidentally, what breed are they?
Native born or foreign?
Looks like Labs.

And yes, I can understand how you feel, your mom too having witnessed, helped bring them up to this 'adoption' stage.

Glad to read you, your it them in that photo...all adore dogs.
You stay easy, and keep well. I enjoyed reading this posting, good read, heartwarming too.

AnnieMing said...

Sedihnya the part yang you guys were saying goodbye to the puppies.. Don't worry much, all of them are gonna be in good hands. ;-)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Sheila: hehehe...i so like to do that!

Carol: yes yes yes! that you do :D

Jessie: why is everyone focusing on my mom? the puppy people, the puppy! anwyay, yeah i'm sure is :)

Uncle Lee: Yup, they are a mix breed of labs, except that the lab gene is very prominient. And yes, those are my parents. Thanks for dropping by!

Annie: ya...huhu...i'm feeling a lot better already la :)

VanessaAriane.Norman said...

So banyak your puppies! All cute again summore.. Eeei... Just feel like wanna hug all of them.. :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

VanessaAriane.Norman: hehe...tinggal 6 sdh ba...huhu...:D