Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Malaysia Day - not 1Malaysia Day, dumbfuck.

I'm all for Jibby's 1Malaysia idea and the pillars it stands for.

But this is really offensive.  SINCE WHEN 16 SEPTEMBER IS ONE MALAYSIA DAY?

Fucking ass kissers.

Also, defecation of our Malaysian flag.

Excrement.  Total excrement.

Guess we can't really blame these producers of national abomination.  Our leaders themselves are confuse on whether our country which has been celebrating independance day for half a century now was colonised or not.

Malaysia, you're still a young country.  You have to go through shit for quite some time before you'll be truly free and prosperous. 

Happy 48th birthday.


Aemy Shamy said...

yeah i agree with you..many things have to be fixed..we're still colonized psychologically. i truly disagree about the "1 Malaysia Day" & the print on our flag.

anyway, happy Malaysia day. :)

Lizeewong said...

Adui. They even printed 1M on the flag?! Sot.

Totally unrelated: Have you seen Jibby's wife singing "If tomorrow never comes" in her own music video? 1Malaysia pun cannot stomach it.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Aemy Shamy: amen sista! Happy Malaysia day to u too!

Lizee: Sot kan. O EM GEE! I saw! I saw! it's a sweet gesture...If she and Jibby had been nice leaders. teruk ba kena hantam di comment. haha

Fadzmie Mohamad said...

Geez. Already started to feel want to vomit everytime I see that shitty logo anywhere. Promo logo ja lebih. Accomlishments teda yang boleh dibanggakan pun.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Fadzmie Mohamad: Exactly. Makin opposite ada la.

J. Izenhertz said...

Makes me think of 'what if?'. What if Borneo never did join Malaysia? What if Borneo became it own country, following Brunei and Singapore footstep? Or perhaps, still be a part of British, a far away state.

Would such scenarios make any difference to our life quality? I don't have ways to go back in time and change history so I can only speculate.

On another note, let pray that Malaysia Day will never going to be officially renamed One Malaysia Day. Dear gawd, even thinking about it make me feel nauseous.

Phoebe said...

I'm really sorry to say this but our country is getting really messed up as time goes by in every aspect.

How many years had 31st Aug 1957 has been hailed as Malaysia's Independence day before people realized that Malaysia was only formed in 1963?

Then there's the colonized/not colonized issue that has recently cropped up.

PPSMI is going to be abolished by 2012 and now some parents are voicing out that they WANT PPSMI and suggest that there be special schools that still implement PPSMI for those who want it. Lord knows what the Govt is going to do about THAT.

Prices of goods rising yet pay isn't getting any better.

Economically, the education system, the history. All of it is messed up.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

J. Izenhertz: Gosh. What WOULD happen huh? i wish somebody would to an in-depth analysis on that. Anyway. yes. when i saw the calender, i felt like puking too. kambang bulu sy.

Phy: RIGHT?! It's as if they are completely oblivious with EVERYTHING around them. We can only pray for a better Malaysia. Or we can just join politics and do something about it :D

Enniebelle said...

Although I'm content to be a Malaysian, I still don't buy the 1Malaysia concept. It's a total junkshit, being peddled around by a certain keris waving S.O.B. Yeah, I am that bitter. One more thing, did you guys noticed the self-elected first lady bought herself a slot in the national TV, displaying her rambut gunung lipat & bloated face and gleefully wishing Malaysians selamat hari raya aidilfitri? On what privilege does she have for buying such slots on a national tv? She's no fucking DYMMSPYDP Agong nor a nation's leader!
I've never seen Michele Obama appeared on tv screens wishing Uncle Sam a Merry Christmas. The previous PM's wives also never acted as bold and tidak tau malu as her royal pain in the ass!
just sayin'..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Ennie: OH! I lOVE your bitterness! I could say the same thing...but I'm a civil servant so I have to exercise my right in a different way. guess Her Royal Highness is just taking advantage of the fame. Rugi la jadi PM wife kalo nda cari publicity. Bad publicity is better than no publicity at all, right?