Tuesday, September 6, 2011


 Well actually I found it a long time ago - just kept forgetting to blog about it.

Till I read Carol's recent post on her horrifyingly tick-infested dogs.  Just make sure you're not eating raisins while you read it.  You'll never look at raisins the same way again.

It reminded me of my dogs, and I've posted 'bout my annoyance of these critters.

I knew that ticks and picking ticks is a losing battle, but the adage "know thy enemy" motivated me to do extensive Internet research on how to deal with it.

I finally found the answer: Garlic.

However, there are two school of thoughts on giving garlic to dogs.  Some say it's harmful, some swear by it that it does help prevent ticks, and even help keeps the fur and skin healthy.

You can decide which side you're own by reading this article here.

As for me, trying can't possible kill my dogs, right? I was already out of my effing wits.

So I got this garlic capsules from Watsons.

It was the cheapest too, only at RM18.70 for 320 capsules (there's a free 100's bottle that comes together with it).

I popped two capsules for each dog every day.  Within about three weeks, as its properties started to set in their blood, there were less ticks, and in a month, the dogs were TICK-FREE!

Their ears, armpits (doggy pits?), and in between their paws were cleared off ticks.


Now another burning question, do the dogs want to eat it?  Out of my five (adult) dogs, three of them aren't a problem.  As for the other two, the pills sometimes would slip out of their mouth as their chew (or rather, rolling it in their mouth for fun), and at other times, they'd just spit it out -which is a real nuisance.   But they'll eat it (like they have any other choice) when I mix it with their food.

There weren't any health problems as pointed by several netizens.  The only side effect is that their breath would stink right after eating it.  But it only lasts for a few while.

As Carol had pointed out that it is the dry season where the ticks come out to play, I did find but a few ticks on my dogs.  No more a whole nation of ticks.

So now, I am one of the people who swears by garlic pills.  Try it, if you have tick infested dogs and is sick of taking them to vets for jabs, buying expensive collars, medicines and sprays or picking out ticks for eternity.  And do let me know if it works.

Just hope that ticks don't fucking evolve to be garlic tolerant. 


Yen said...

ohh..ini kan yang ko ckp ari tu kan amanda..teda apa2 jg?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Yen: yup! they're all just fine :)

~KLaRaPaRiS~ said...

I want to try la on my dogs..
murah juga tu garlic capsules :)

Thanks for the tips!

chegu carol said...

bah nanti sia pigi cari di watson. at least lesser cost than buying expensive flea collars. thanks again for sharing.

Lizeewong said...

That's a BIG revelation Manda! My mum in law has 5 dogs and all of them have got ticks. Taula, anjing kampung kan. Nnati la kalau sia balik, sia kasi mkn ni garlic :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Klaraparis: You're welcome :D

Carol: No probs!

Lizee: hehe...ba ok :D

Kurosei said...

Ah yes, that does help. But pets owner should be careful with the dosage. It not really as bad as onion but it can cause hemolytic anemia at high dosage. There is no exact dosage measurement but cats and small dogs daily dose is 500-1000mg and the dose for regular sized dogs is 2000-4000 mg.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Kurosei: Ah, you knew it too. Thanks for the measurements -very handy.

varms said...

Thank you!! It seems like an inexpensive way to prevent ticks! I'll definitely try this one out...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

varms: u're welcome!hope it works :)