Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sookie's Puppies: 3 Weeks Later

So you must be wondering how Mikey has been doing and how cute the other pups got. 

No? Whatevs.  You know you want to.

Anyways. Let's talk about Michaelangelo first.

He's sooo much better now!

We got some dry dressing powder from the vet, which contains medicinal value to help heal his wound.  However, the powder being harmful to Sookie if she licks it off from Mikey too often, we decided to put him under an ICU watch.  We had to separate him from his siblings in fear of infection and we let him sleep upstairs with us for us to keep watch - in case he wakes up in the middle of the night searching for milk.

He even had his own teddy to keep him company/warm.

So far, his wound is healing quite nicely.

As I've mentioned before, there were three holes on the surface of his skin but underneath those holes is one huge hole. The skin connecting the holes had died so after cleaning it up, what was left was a huge, deep hole.  But day by day, his tissue started growing filling the hole, and now it just looked like serious scraped skin.

When we compared him with the other puppies, he is comparatively smaller.

So we started giving him solid food in mush so that he'd catch up with the other puppies growth.

So hopefully, he'll grow into a healthy, happy puppy soon, not that he's any less active.  In fact, he's the most active among the rest.  While the other pups sleep on the grass, he'd be sniffing and wondering around like the back yard is his oyster.  And he's getting a bit spunky lately, and showing early signs of dominance among his bigger siblings - he growls! Aaaa...

 Mikey staring into your soul to let him out to play

As for the rest of the puppies, they're getting so much bigger and twice the cuter!

They even start play biting with each other already.

And so much stronger now that we can do this to them:

 We also start feeding them solid mush too, and we let them off on the grass (to enjoy the sniffing galore and poop).  Their cuteness is beyond words, so here's some photos in all their cuteness glory.

 Feeding time!

Feeding frenzy


Can you handle this? I thought so.

She passed out licking the remains.

They all did one by one.

And so we put them back in their pen.

Later, they'd still suck Sookie dry.

In which they're getting too big for ALL eight of them to teat at once.

Here's a couple of videos of them for you to further squeal on:

Meanwhile, on the other side of the yard, somebody's getting busy.

Ting Ting's on heat and now the most ignored dog has become the most wanted.  And she hates it.  They'd go into that little cage of hers if they have too.

Hence the life of my dogs and I.

Which makes all the problems in school seem so far away :D


~KLaRaPaRiS~ said...

omg cuteness attack! Yeah Mikey getting better.. He'll catch up, I have faith in him.. haha.. Looking at all the picture makes me miss Bamboo :( they look kinda alike except Bamboo don't have that long tail..

check him out here ^^

Amanda Christine Wong said...

alalalaaa...PUNYA KIUT! white with pink nose lagi tu! sorry for ur loss...must've been hard. anyways, yeah, i hope mikey would make it too :)

Momo said...

My God!

Cuteness overload much? :D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Momo: My pleasure :D

TaQuiLa said...

sa paling suka tinguk the pix with all the pups! cute!!!!!!

Joan said...

SO COMEL all the puppies.. Macam jaga anak bah kan mau jaga de puppies especially kalau ada yang sakit.

Mesti ko pandai rindu juga sama de puppies when you are at work tu kan?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Sheila: therapy kan :D

Joan: tu la tu. jadi nurse ni for one week..and yeah,SANGAT!especially when i have a shitty day...hehe

Yen said...

ohhh..kiutnyaaa amandaaa..:D

AnnieMing said...

Cute cute cute!

Kalau dekat rumah ko sama mine, asal sa balik kg saja sa terus pigi cuddle sama durang ni tau. Silap2 sa yang keberatan mengangkat durang sebab macam heavy ni sa tingu from those pics :D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Yen: kaaan....hehehe

Annie: heheh...makin berat ba dorang! susah sdh mau angkat dua satu kali..hehe

StellaClaire-Richard said...


Amanda Christine Wong said...

StellaClaire-Richard: yes they are :D

Jj said...

punya kiut itu puppies!!! :)

Aki said...

kiut2 oh anjing2 ko.. hantar sikit sama si Aki.. Hehehehe.. :-).. Bulih ba kan?? si Aki pun mo gambar anjing si Aki........punya kawan la ni.. :-p..

Lizeewong said...

CUTE GILA oh. Tp susah sia mau differentiate the pups yg same colour. Anyway, I love how you introduced each and every one of them in the video. Hehehe..You are so adorable in the video...And sexy :P

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Jj: hehe... :D

Aki: haha...mcmana mau hantar? ;p

Lizee: too at first. but when u hang around with them more often, lama2 can tell already. though i do call their names wrongly at times :D. oh gosh, lizee, when i watch the video i cringe listening to my baby-cutesy voice! the pups just melt me into goo :D

Kurosei said...

Aw, they are so adorable. That a lot of puppies. It gonna be hard on the wallet to keep them fed.

Out of curiosity what kinda breed are those two dogs in the 2nd last photo? And is my eyes deceiving me or is that brownish dog look somewhat short? I likes short legged dog.

Pity my apartment don't allow any canine. Oh well, least I can still keep kitties.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Kurosei: oh, yeah...that's why cant keep em all :(. yup, they are small, short legged breeds. they're so mixed, i cant even tell from what lineage. well i think u still can keep small dogs. just have to bring them out for walks though :)

v said...

Ahhh cute little Ara would have fallen in love easily with one of them (if it's a male) :D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

v: we have 3 males :D