Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Should Borneo Celebrate The 31st August Independence Day?

...When we only gained independence 6 years later than Malaya?

Ok, I'm not trying to ruin this beautiful, historical day by being all politically correct and shit.

Well actually I am. 

Thanks to our marvellous, undisputably factually correct history books, we grew up believing that today, Malaysia is 54 years old.


Thanks to a handful of learned people out there, probably half of us now believe that this is not true.

Peninsular Malaysia has been independent since 1957.  So they have the right to celebrate it with truckloads of fireworks.

But Borneo was only truly free from the British ruling 6 years later, when Borneo, Malaya and Singapore formed Malaysia on September 16, 1963.

Or is it?  Somebody has to explain the date (31st August 1963) to me though.  Was it just to standardised the celebration?  Before the formation?  Anyone?

Back to the issue, do we Borneons celebrate independence day on August 31st or September 16th?

Supposedly, September 16th should be more a significant date to us Borneons, but do we really celebrate the historical day with much vigor as we do with August 31st?  We get a holiday, and most of us spend that day sleeping in.  Fireworks? Meh.  Zzz.

And only recently that our Prime Minister declares 16th September as a nationwide holiday, whereas for decades, it was only celebrated by us in the East.  That's kinda unfair for our West Malaysian counterparts, isn't it?  So thank you PM for acknowledging Malaysia Day.  Just don't ruin it by renaming it to 1Malaysia Day.  I WILL spend my day sleeping in if you do.

That being said, the politically correct age of Malaysia is 48 years old, not 54.

So is there any harm to wish Borneons a happy independence day, when they came 'late' 16 days?

I think not.  If Tunku Abdul Rahman didn't do his thang, Malaya wouldn't be independent and Malaysia wouldn't be formed (albeit 6 years late).  So the Merdeka celebration should be celebrated by Borneons too, and likewise, Malaysia Day should be celebrated by West Malaysians

In conclusion, to avoid misconception, I suggest we get educated, take our time to read these interesting articles, and open our eyes and mind.

We're still a young country, and we still have a long way to go. 

Happy 54th Independence Day y'all.


✿ Mitchell ✿ said...
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✿ Mitchell ✿ said...

Sabah did gained their independence at the 31st August, but NOT at the year of 1957, is 1963! Which mean we should celebrate for the 48th year of Sabah Independence day.

If you're talking about the formation of Malaysia, it is at the 16th September 1963. So the real Malaysia day should be at the 16th of September 1963 NOT 31st of August 1957..

31st of August 1957 is MALAYA day NOT MALAYSIA day. Please correct me if I'm wrong here. =)

Birthmark said...

There have been confusions all these years where people giving "birthday" wishes on independence day.

I wrote similar thing 2 years back. http://twobirthmarks.blogspot.com/2009/09/happy-52nd-birthday-malaysia.html

Yen said...

idk manda..maybe we should..but idk why i have this feeling..some kind of reluctant or something. -_-

p/s: 1sabah tia buli meh? hehe.

Zen said...

i also wanted to talk about this sorta thing for quite some time now but I fear i might apprehended by certain shady government agency for instigating animosity.

That and the "Perkara 20" entitled to us. I should stop now.

Lizeewong said...

Ya lah. East Malaysians should celebrate Independence Day on Sept 16 ba kan. But then the government suda stick with 31st August...when that happens, there's no way anything could change :/ Biasala, that's democracy in Msia @_@

Btw, the article's really good kan. Everyone should read it.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Mitchell: aah...now the photo makes sense. thanks for clearing that up :)

Birthmark: nice! i would've wrote something like that if people keep throwing 'birthday wishes' to my face.

Yen: hehe...ada sdh kan 1Borneo :D

Zen: You should also add "you didn't hear this from me..."

Lizee: yup2...to change something that has been done for so long, seems almost impossible.

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