Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Puppy updates!

Can you spot a puppy in this photo?

No? Here's a closer look.

Now everyone say, "AWW..."!

It seems like every other post in this blog is updates about my puppies.

But you know you want some :D

They are now 5 weeks old! They just can't get any cuter than you previously read about.

And they run!

And play!

First, about Mikey.  His wound has closed up entirely! He's a miracle!

And none the less mischievious.

Now that they are all getting bigger, they pee more too.  No matter how often we changed the newspaper bedding, they'd be soaking wet in a matter of hours.  So we decided to remove the newspapers completely.  Which left their legs practically dangling.

After enjoying this little cute tragedy, we decided to make them a bigger pen.  As they really get bigger day by day.  You can virtually see them grow everyday.  Exhibit A:

5 days later, same feeding plate:

So here's their new pen:

With Sookie trying to eat their food as well.

At first they weren't too happy 'bout the enclosure.  They'd cry and scratch the wall when they hear humans around to let them out. 

But soon they got used to it.  Especially with all the toys inside.

Here's a regular day at their pen:

And when we do let them out, you'll see an array of behaviours as this is their period of learning things about themselves and the world.

They quickly developed love for slippers.

Even find comfort in sleeping next/on it.

They soon knew how to live in a harsh environment.

O hai

And found their favourite thing to destroy (my mom's plants) spot.

I have to give them puppy pedicures too from time to time as their claws grow really fast (and incredibly sharp too!)

I'm not complaining though.  They just grow incredibly cute in days.

Choky even knows how to give me a hickey! My boyfriend's never gonna believe it's a hickey from a puppy.

And they start socialising with the other dogs too.  Bubut is the most anti-social dog.  He'd growl and threaten to bite them even when they just walk by him.  Guess he's just showing his alpha maleness.  The twins a.k.a. the baby daddies, are pretty cool towards them.  As for Ting Ting, at first she was terrified of these 8 little blobs crawling toward her.  Now, she's having a blast with them for finally having creatures smaller than her to play with.

Speaking of the twins, one of them impregnated the next door bitch, about the same time Sookie got pregnant.

Resulting a pair of twins next door, which look a Xerox copy of them - a.k.a. the puppies' cousins.

I'm starting to think we're getting a little bit irresponsible here...

But who cares when you have balls of cuteness rolling around your lawn!

Before I end my post, blue-eyed Raphael says hi!


v said...

astaga kenapa cumil betul ni puppy sekalian! my hugs and hugs to them all :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

v: hehehe...yes, i'll hug them for u :D

~KLaRaPaRiS~ said...

yea mikey is all better!! ^^

AnnieMing said...

Ai. Pi mana semua tu migraine saya tu tadi.. Betul2 la ni puppies of yours. Bikin hilang tension sehari-hari. Haha!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Klaraparis: yes he is! :D

Annie: hehe...berkesan jg o kan..hee

Jj said...

kiut2 butul tu puppies oo..tp yg paling cumil p tidur di sebalik daun2..hehe..

Lizeewong said...

Alala c Raphael...So cute, I could drown in those eyes :D

Yen said...

hoowaaahh! super duper cute!!!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Jj: mcm selesa betul o kan :D

Lizee: hehe...with eyes like that, poop pun nda kisah sdh kan...hehe

Yen: teehee!

Eric Constantine said...

punya cute..adui, mau sia paluk2 ni..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

eric: heheh...ada la kena culik ni kan...