Monday, August 1, 2011

Maggots In One Of Sookie's Pups

I was so thrilled when Sookie's pups started opening their eyes.

But thrilled turned into horror in less than 12 hours.

Every morning, I'd go to their pen and cuddle and coo with them before replacing their newspaper bedding with new ones, and sanitising the place with a Dettol disinfectant spray.

To my utter shock, one of the pups, Michaelangelo, had three holes on his hind legs.  They were as big as how your fingers would fit in it, and worst of all, it was watery and bubbling.  Like, fucking bubbling over.

Of course, I freaked.

It was not there the day before.  I could swear it on my Jimmy Choos if I have one.  So, trying not to freak, I sprayed the bubbling holes with some anti-septic spray for animal wounds.  With hopes that it would just dry off.

So I went upstairs to my room and did my thing.  Like onlining and stuff.  Well actually googling on 'holes on puppies' as I just couldn't stop thinking about it.  I got nothing.  Thanks a lot Google.

An hour later, I went downstairs to look at Mikey's mysterious wounds.  They were less watery, and then I could see there were bumps all over the holes.  And slight bubbling.

So once again, I went on another search on what could have happened to him.  I still haven't found any pictures resembling it. 

I posted on Facebook on my concern.  So thanks to a few busybodies (like seriously, thanks), some hinted that the holes could contain maggots.  MAGGOTS.  Fuck me.

Luckily, I had my bestfriend around who is an animal lover and isn't afraid of maggots.  FYI, I'm super freaked by 'em, or any distant cousins of them.  I was afraid to see the holes, afraid that what my friends on Facebook suggested was true.  So I made her look at it.

It was true.  The holes were practically brimming with maggots.

The bumps that I saw earlier WAS the motherfucking maggots.  I almost died there and then.

In fact I cried in despair thinking how could I have not seen any symptoms.  And the fact that within the three holes in Mikey's leg, there's a huge tunnel connected under it, with more holes going deeper his flesh.  Half of his hind leg was virtually gone.  I didn't want to tell my mom about this (who was at Penang at that time) 'coz I didn't want her to worry.  But I knew I had to tell her.  'Coz I didn't think Mikey would survive any longer.

I tried to be strong for my mom, and to let her know that everything would be okay.

But I broke down on the telephone.  For a two week puppy.

 After getting advice from her parents, she said that we needed to pour diesel into the raw wound to let the maggots crawl out.  In fact, the only thing we could do to save him was to remove ALL the fucking maggots.  And there's like about a hundred of them.

For three hours, she painstakingly removed each maggot out of Mikey's leg.  Some wiggled out by themselves.  And for three long hours, Mikey was crying in excruciating pain.  It was really a painful sight.  Something I don't wanna go through again.  And as for my friend, well, she was God-sent.

Finally, the holes were clean and there was nothing much we could do till we get him to the vet on Monday.  It was a Saturday.  So I had two unpeaceful nights being paranoid that the wounds would get infested again.

Monday finally came, and my brother went to the vet to ask him to come over to look at Mikey.  However, he was really busy treating other sick dogs, so he gave us some powder to put on the wounds to make it heal faster.  He couldn't give any injection as Mikey is only two weeks old.

Now, I'm feeling so much relieved that we have certified medicine for Mikey and that my mom is around.  At least I don't have to shoulder the fear and burden alone.

I googled once again about Mikey's condition.  And finally, I found it after typing 'maggots in puppies'.  Thanks a lot Google.

Apparently, there's a disease called myiasis.  It is where a fly lays an egg in an open wound and the maggots feed on the flesh.  Which puzzles me a lot as I had been diligently cleaned their bedding.  I guess I should've checked each individual puppy for any open wounds from scratching and whatnots.

Here's some blood curdling photos about my horrific weekend:

Mikey, being his cute and smiley self.  Giving totally no signs of being sick.

But on his back, it was a nightmare.

The black stuff IS the fucking maggots.  Fuck.  Freaks me out everytime I see it.

After removing the horrid creatures, this is what was left.  If you peer inside, you can actually see his hind leg bone.  That bad.

Animal lovers, I'm sure you can feel my pain.

I then decided to browse around for pictures that could've shown me some symptoms.  I found this:

I did notice that there was some kind of dried, wettish patch on his hind leg, but all these while I thought that it was just water and dirt dried on his fur.  Little did I know maggots were having a feast under it.

Now, being utterly paranoid, I would clean whatever patches I find on the other pups.  I just can't, can't go through that ordeal again.

So, moral of the story is, taking care of 8 puppies is harder than I thought.

Michaelangelo is doing swell now.  In fact, he has gotten a lot stronger than his siblings.  He didn't cry a bit when we removed other slight dried patches on him, unlike his siblings.  He did survive being poured diesel into his raw flesh.  He even tried walking now, though his half eaten leg could barely move.  He's such a little hero.

Let's just hope that he would hang in there till his eaten flesh grows and his wounds close up.


Joan said...

oh kesian itu dog also pernah like dat. sometimes kalau ada yang tebal bulu kita tidak perasan tu, just dat sometimes ada the "buruk' smell. then must check under the fur juga.

at home, we always have this, animal iodine spray for wounds like that.yeah, and it works to kill maggots or help the wound dry up.

kesian itu puppy, dia baby lagi bah tu kan and dia masih nda dapat jilat itu luka dia. evil lalat, suka2 saja bertelur and create maggots..

glorialupang said...

kena gigit anjing lain ka tat? my doggie pun gtu ok mum ubat... my doggie di telinga dia...

~KLaRaPaRiS~ said...

eee... kembang bulu saya walaupun baca jak.. huhuhu..Hope mikey gets better soon! My dogs pun pernah kena begitu, and my mum used angkup kasi keluar one by one!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Joan: yup, it was totally unsuspecting. but i guess i didnt think to check thoroughly. huhu.

gloria: nda...i think ada wound dari ntah mana...huhu...ya ka? nasib ok la...

klaraparis: hm...i guess im not so alone huh? thanks :)

Santafire said...

luka on puppies can either happen from papercuts and or wood splints.

I don't have cage for dogs so when we had puppies before, kami kasi box besar n kain seja.

kesian ur mike. my pup never experiencedmaggots so far.

Eric Constantine said...

adui, kesian ur pup. nasib ada ko, if not, the maggots surely would have fiesta moment.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Santafire: yeah, that could be the reason of his cuts too...o gosh,u realy dont want to have that experience :/

Eric: yeaah..but i blame myself for not being too careful as well :(

Anonymous said...

aiyark...sedihnya...although I never have a puppy, but still this is very sad...Hopefully mikey will get well soon... -Ella Chin-

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Ella: thanks :(

NekochanMiruku said...

my gosshhhh!!! reading your post just gave me goosebumps~~ it happened on one of my pup long ago[secondary school].

just like klaraParis's mom did, i picked the maggots out using mom's ruined angkup and i have the same fear as you do...

its a torture for the pup n me as well.. there were even some time that i felt like im about to faint because of those nasty maggots! wuwuwuwuwuuuuu~~ sad... so sad... get well soon heroic pup!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Nekochan: well i applaud ur bravery! coz i myself couldnt do it till i have to ask someone else to do it...