Thursday, August 4, 2011

I threw a kid's bag from the first floor, and he spitted on the floor

Aah. Yup, just another day in a teacher's life.

Am I brutal?  Was it uncalled for?  You decide.

As usual, Monday is the day that I dread the most.  I have four classes, and even a class out of school period.

And my first class is the baddest one.

Since the first day I entered the class, it's been difficult to make them say the 'good morning' greeting properly.  They'll just don't give a fuck.  Most of the time, I'd make them repeat the greeting till everyone has stood still.  Which would take about 873 times.

Then there was this kid, who was completely oblivious to his class monitor's command to stand and do the greeting properly.  He wasn't just sitting down, no siree.  He layed on the desks as if they were made from Dunlop.  Not giving a fuck.

No, that didn't make me toss out his bag yet.  As you will read on, I am highly tolerant of jack ass behaviours.

I just asked him to stand up and do the greeting properly with the rest of the class.  Nicely.  He did it.  Then I allowed the whole class to sit.  He sat down.  I started my lesson.

Two seconds later, half of his body was sprawled on his desk as if he died being shot at his desk.  Not giving a fuck on the lesson, I assume.  I then asked him a question in which I was discussing with the class.  I asked him the meaning of 'occupation'.  At 16 years old, he has no idea what it is.  I asked him to look up the meaning in the dictionary.  A centuries later, he found it.  Yet, he gave me the wrong definition.  In which he was like, whatever.

Being the nice person that I am, I still find it in my heart to tolerate it.

As I get the class to do their work, I noticed he was sharing a chair with his classmate.  So I asked him to sit at his own place.  Nicely.  He did, reluctantly.

Then, his friend asked for his dictionary. 


That hit my boiling point.

Still, nicely,  I asked him to pick it up.  He refused.  He ordered his friend to pick it up instead.  In which his dumb friend did. 

I grabbed the dictionary from his friend and I threw it back on the floor and asked him to pick it up again.

He refused.

I threatened to throw his bag away if he still refused.  He challenged me to do it, as if he doesn't care.

Ms Amanda 101 - "Don't challenge the teacher."

Guess he didn't know that. 

One school bag went flying over across the balcony.

Startled, he collected himself, spitted on the floor and stormed out to get his bag. 

He entered the class back even when I said he can't, but I didn't give a fuck anymore 'coz I know I had already broken his pride.

It's only the first day of work and I already have to deal with shit.

Before I left class, I told him to see me, or else his name will straight away land on the principal's table.

He did come and meet me.

With an ego as huge as Jupiter, he had the balls to ask me why I wanted him to see me. 

To cut story short, I went on and gave him a mindfuck of a lecture - went all touchy with my feelings, how he made me felt after all the things I did for him; prodding his feelings and psyche - till I won this psychological warfare.

I made him tear up.  YESSS!  And I let him go after he apologised.  No disciplinary action needed to be taken.  See I'm that cool.

I'm really getting good at this.  Mindfucking, that is.

He was not all this bad actually.  He was one of the good ones (naughty but still do their work), till recently, he was behaving like a total ass.  He would be deliberately rude to me and pretended not to listen.  In which was so transparent that he wanted extra attention.  Something must've been up in his broken family.

Anyways.  I practiced what I went through as a kid as my mom teaches me few life's lesson.  She'd beat the crap out of me with any apparatus that is long and thin till I was all bloody, teary and sore.  Then she'd made me understand why she did the things she did.  And so I learned my lesson well, and never hated her.

Hence, as brutal as I am with my kids, I always make them understand why I did the things I did.  And make peace with them.  Even apologising if I had hurt their feelings (a great mindfuck strategy, and of course, after they apologised first).

In the next class with him, he stopped being an ass.  He didn't look me in the eye though. Don't know whether it's hatred or shame.

In which I was, like, whatever.  I win.


Christy Gwen said...

Kalo sy.. dri awal sdh sy umban smthing tu sma dia hahahaha..

Eric Constantine said...

hahaa.. hilarious.. champin kama ko amanda. absolutely wicked in ur own style. my style, biasa2 saja, sia suruh dorang bow mcm korean style and say annyeong ha se yo berpuluh2 kali sana corridor but i haven't come to the point of throwing bags, unless i have transformed myself into dragonball mode. lol

Momo said...

I wish I have your tolerance. I made my kid transferred out of the school. He's a bright kid and also an athlete. All-rounder, you might say that. Harapan mau dapat straight As dalam PMR next year tapi kurang ajar mau mati.

AnnieMing said...

Bagusnya ko Manda. I have a lot of craps like that here in my school.. I'm not sure if calling them after class to see me personally will change them to better persons. I never did that.. Tapi tergerak juga hati sa mau buat gitu lepas sa baca post ko. ;-)

Lizeewong said...

Yay! I knew there was going to be a happy ending. What you did was really cool - threw his bag, made him apologise and got him to behave. Hihihi. He'd remember that for the rest of his life, no doubt. Kalu sia, kena suru lumpat katak suda tu budak :P

Yen said...

wooowww..what a scene...nangis ko kerja kan budak tu? hebatnya ko amanda..apa ko cakap?

Jj said...

cool! padan muka tu student ko kan. tp ko jg la paling manang :) misti dia ingat seumur hidup dia tu..hehe

chegu carol said...

Well done Amanda. Kasi saiko sikit ni budak2...

kei-1 said...

you fucking rules Amanda. I never had students like that in my class yet but being a warden I've handled drugged kids already and pretty much used to your procedure too. But last I did that, I had parents storming into my dorm prying for answers.

I hope the kid learn his lesson.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Gwen: hehe..kalo ikutkan hati, mau jg. tapi tau la skrg parents are so leceh, sikit2 buat polis report.

Eric: that's funny! guess ur kids are still bearable...hehe

Momo: WOAH. you are hard ass! well done!

Annie: heheh...yeah, u could try. if masi nda dpt pa2, at least u've done everything u could.

Lizee: lompat katak lagi tu...haha...haih, dont know la after this macamana. kalo masi jg sama, imma have to write him off.

Yen: hehe...these kinda of kids kan, dorang ni damaged ba actually n they build a wall to protect their ego. so im guessing when u try to talk about feelings with them, sana la dorang hancur. my theory la :D

Jj: aih ntah. bagus la kalau betul2...ngehehe

carol: hehe...ya, harus tu :D

K: was that a good thing or bad? well yeah, i do hope too.

Santafire said...

what a small world, we're the same type of mind-effers. Except that I MF my own peers and the best thing is, they least expected that I was a stronger breed than they are. which is hell yeah for my part.

Bravo to you! But I wonder, ada ka org lain (cigu2, oth classes) perasan ada beg melayang?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Santafire: hehe...HIGH FIVE! hm, ada kali, the opposite class :D

nc said...

woohooo..coolest teacher baini kn,, way to go :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

nc: hehe...thanks :DD

zewt said...

keep it up i say...

we all grow up with such teachers (at least i did) and look at us today... we are tough and understand what is discipline.

kids are so spoiled nowadays, they need to face the music.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Zewt: yeah thanks. i hope i can keep this up too.

Vicki A. Davis said...

I know you called your blog absolutely wicked and I guess you had a good reason. Do you know that if your personal life becomes a distraction at your school that you can lose your job? Teaching is tough but teaching is a noble calling. The students (and admin) need to trust you and you are talking behind their back in the worst sort of way!

You are a teacher. We can have a personal life. We can do as we wish on ournown time, but you have put the label "teacher" on this blog and thus are representing yourself as as teacher. If you were writing on your own time about whatever and used profanityband typos thatbis your business but you are writing about your profession, your students, and your school.

I am sure your readers will likely cuss me out and be unkind. That is ok. I would like to ask you to please rethink what you are doing here.

Tons of teachers are fighting to keep their jobs. People say teachers are sorry and don't care about the kids. Teachins is tough. It is hard. Kids act childish because they are kids! They are childre. We are adults or at least we are supposed to be.

It is easy to be in-famous by doing not son good things. It is harder to be noble. Please, there are manybof us fighting to encourage and help teachers garner the respect teachers deserve. Look at how people who are enemies of today's teacher will view your words. Look at how your kids and parents will view your words. Reconsider, please. Think twice on this course. There is still time write well and think about your actions. As one who has been around the blogging world a while, this sort of teacher blog rarely ends well for the school or the teacher.

Thank you in advance for reading my comment and knowing that I do not condemn your right to free speech. I do, however, totally disagree with how younare writing about teaching and about your students. It is disrespectful.

Vicki A. Davis said...

Sorry, I typed that on my iPad and I had typos as well. :-)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Vicki A. Davis:

First of all, hello and thanks for dropping by. And secondly, I do appreciate your comment as you have given me a different point of view to look at things, and I do understand where you're coming from, and I believe that your intention meant well. So here's my two cents on your view.

I have no issues in my personal life, and being a teacher who is a civil servant to the government in Malaysia, our job's pretty secure. Unless you really, really, really screw up. Say, commit heinous crimes.

I believe I am not backstabbing people who trust me 'coz I am merely telling my difficult experience, and how I handle it. I'm sure there are hundreds of teachers out there who face this similar problem, whom I believe, is still searching on miracle ways to deal with it. So by sharing my experience, teachers old and new can decide whether to agree on it or whether it would be applicable in their classroom. Plus, my story didn't end with just how badly I treated my kid. As you can read, I follow up with a heart to heart talk, we made peace. At the end of the day, we all learn something new.

I agree that kids are kids. That's the reason of mischief. I'm a new teacher and I'm forever finding ways to deal with them. I've tried being soft and rational, hard and crazy ass, and now a combination of both. I'm sure you are an experienced teacher and I would like to hear your thoughts on what would you do if you are in my situation. Note that in Malaysia, there is no such thing as detention.

I understand your concern, but this is not a teaching blog, nor do I recommend students to read my blog (hence the content warning). And even if they found out about my writing, I'd like to them to know that I keep things real, and this is a real issue that we teachers face everyday. Instead of blaming us for being bad teachers, they could just open their eyes and realise how hard we work to fix their kid. And this is my way of fixing. And I fix because I care. If I don't give a shit about that kid, I'd just ignore him till he finishes secondary school. I get paid monthly, and he gets nothing. So I believe that parents and admin would want me to care rather not care. If they are not happy, fine. Give me a restraining order so that I can't get close to the kid to help educate him. I'll just leave him at the corner as he wastes his life away.

So there. Thanks for your concern and advice, and I'd like to say, to each her own :)

Vicki A. Davis said...

Thank you for responding back. I had no idea what would happen when I commented. I think that probably one of the biggest things is the profanity - for me at least, it makes it hard to read what you are saying. Also, I don't think you can "fix" kids. Perhaps there is a cultural difference between us in the US and Malaysia in this way.

You see, I look at your fourth paragraph about your first class and it makes me wonder why you are teaching. It hurts me to see that in writing.

For what it is worth, realize that your writing does have implications for you and your school - even if your job is secure. The internet has no borders nor does the teaching profession. We all reflect on each other. There are people who think teachers are not noble and look for every reason they can to disparage us. I don't see nobility in the dialog or writing here and it is sad. Of course, it is your right. I guess we'll just agree to disagree on this one and leave it at that.

Words always count and they always have repercussions. Just hoping you had a more tempered way of sharing your thoughts that gives you and your students the dignity and respect you both deserve as human beings.

Best wishes,

v said...

Hahaha omg. Bravo and salute! I'll keep the mindfuck theory in mind :D (manatau can be put to good use in future) tee hee~!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

v: hehe..thanks!yeah, u should, when all things fail :D